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This course will get you up and running with MongoDB quickly, and teach you how to leverage its power for data analytics. We'll start by mastering the fundamentals of MongoDB, including MongoDB’s Document data model, importing data into a cluster, working with our CRUD API and Aggregation Framework. These topics will be taught through a demo application which will give you a great first encounter of how simple and practical it can be to build applications with MongoDB. In addition to these essential topics, you will also learn and work with useful MongoDB tools and services. You will work with Atlas, MongoDB's database as a service, MongoDB Compass, a schema visualization tool, as well as many other useful command-line utilities....

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2020년 5월 7일

Excellent course to start MongoDB, I never thought that I could get so much practical exercise in Introduction course. it's really awesome and learned bundles of key concept than my expectation.


2019년 6월 1일

A great introduction to MongoDB basic concepts, CRUD operations, a taste of the aggregation framework, the Atlas DBaaS service, and the official Python driver.

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Introduction to MongoDB의 191개 리뷰 중 126~150

교육 기관: Nicolas S

2020년 5월 1일

Great intro to MongoDB. Some exercices required some debugging 1st, However (for example the final exam.)

교육 기관: Anil U

2020년 4월 18일

It would be better to force participants to write more queries and to be in interaction with the db more.

교육 기관: Gabriel S G M

2019년 10월 9일

Requires more review in order to keep updated all excercise and not just workarounds or quick fixes

교육 기관: Akhilendu c

2020년 5월 22일

Really good content, you can Follow along every code that is going to be executed in videos

교육 기관: Shivam M

2020년 8월 10일

Not up to date. However good course for getting core knowledge of how mongodb works.

교육 기관: Raghavan C

2018년 5월 31일

easy to follow. good instructors. good examples. good coverage of topics

교육 기관: Anusha P

2019년 5월 5일

Setup can be a pain when you begin, but its easy afterwards.

교육 기관: Gabriel C C

2019년 5월 26일

More examples like the quiz ones would be good!

교육 기관: Visali A

2020년 5월 16일

it was informative and knowledgable session

교육 기관: Angel A C C

2019년 4월 29일

Buen curso para conocer Mongo.

교육 기관: Marco D G

2020년 8월 6일

I had problems with exercises

교육 기관: Pritesh S

2018년 12월 16일

Good introductory course !!


2020년 5월 23일


교육 기관: Shiva K

2021년 4월 10일


교육 기관: Andrew M

2018년 6월 29일

The course does offer a good introduction to Mongo but it can be frustrating in places. Several of the coursework questions are very vaguely worded, leaving you to spend time trying to figure out what wording they're looking for, despite knowing the answer. This can be quite a pain with the 3 attempts every hour. If you're in this situation I'd recommend heading to the forum's right away for advice as you won't be the only one with this problem. Overall a good place to start though, covering a good range of introductory topics and more niche uses.

교육 기관: Ricardo V

2021년 5월 23일

Most of the topics are good for an introductory course, but some videos look outdated, as well as the MongoDB version that is being used. In some cases is not intuitive when to connect to the database specified in the notebook, when you were working with the database that you set up before. Finally, I felt the plotting section in the last week more like a python course than a MongoDB course, because you didn't even asked me to write a single query in the final exam.

교육 기관: GUZMAN S A

2020년 4월 24일

I had troubles in the final quiz because I had to uninstall Python 3 for some libraries that did not work for this version. Had to install python 2. Maybe there is a work around this but that way was the one I used.

Also, this course is a little outdated and you have to work a little more for the instructions to accomplish the first steps and the final quiz. This course requires some troubleshooting from your part.

교육 기관: Shravan Z

2019년 3월 16일

OK given me a chance to begin with the course prospectus request which I thought was bit disordered, And Second for this course i had to struggle for python environment issue which is not the point in a mongoDB course because i don't know python but still i mange to complete the course which gives me certainty to go for more courses and challenge myself.

교육 기관: Manoj K

2020년 6월 12일

GUI is completely changed, please update or add notes time to time to stay in sync. Secondly please stop moving fingers on the screen, this disturbs in focusing on the content. Instead use cursor to highlight anything. I believe this will help immensely.

Otherwise it is amazing course to learn the basics. Thank you!

교육 기관: Troy F

2022년 7월 28일

It is a good course but is outdated. It helps you with critival thinking skills to try and figure out how to import or run the lessons because of it. Taught well just in need of an update though!

교육 기관: Kristoffer H

2018년 1월 23일

Your told to use MongoDB 3.6.x but MongoDB 3.4.x set up commands taught, your told to use Python 3 until suddenly you need to uninstall it and use Python 2, Course given code often doesn't work.

교육 기관: Pratyush K S

2020년 6월 9일

the course needs to be updated according to the new mongodb version, mflix.movies file is not same as displayed in the course due to which mflix app faces problem to work

교육 기관: Aman C 1

2020년 4월 20일

Course imparted a really good knowledge on importance of data analysis, but instructor's way of delivering and teaching concepts was far below from satisfactory.

교육 기관: Darren C

2022년 1월 20일

The course is outdated but due to this, I was able to carefully review the documentation of MongoDB 5.05 and believe that I learned it in greater detail.

교육 기관: Alessandro P

2021년 3월 12일

Topic super interesting and professor very good in teaching, unfortunately, the course has a number of 'errors', especially in the assignment part.