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In this course you will learn what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, explore use cases and applications of AI, understand AI concepts and terms like machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. You will be exposed to various issues and concerns surrounding AI such as ethics and bias, & jobs, and get advice from experts about learning and starting a career in AI. You will also demonstrate AI in action with a mini project. This course does not require any programming or computer science expertise and is designed to introduce the basics of AI to anyone whether you have a technical background or not....

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Apr 09, 2020

The course design is excellent specially for beginners to study and understand the basic concepts in Artificial Intelligence. The lessons and course material are perfect and apt for this course-level.


Jul 07, 2020

This course content was wonderful. I have learned more idea of A.I. with the latest applications. I wish to move forward with an A.I. career. Thank you for such an excellent certification course.

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)의 846개 리뷰 중 451~475

교육 기관: Soumyajit P

Jun 14, 2020

Nice course for AI Enthusiasts.

교육 기관: Amol T

May 08, 2020

Nice course for AI Introduction

교육 기관: Attiyya A

Jan 26, 2020

Great Introduction and insight.

교육 기관: SWETHA V

Dec 13, 2019

Best course for an AI beginner.

교육 기관: Madhan k K

Oct 18, 2019

Excellent Course for beginners.


Jul 06, 2020

Excellent course for learning.

교육 기관: Bijoy R

May 29, 2020

Excellent Course and insights.

교육 기관: Xander C

May 27, 2020

Easy to follow and understand.

교육 기관: Flora F d A

Apr 27, 2020

Very good for an introduction.

교육 기관: Rodney W

Apr 23, 2020

Good clear introductory course

교육 기관: Jahnavi k

Mar 24, 2020

creates interest to learn more

교육 기관: Patrick S C H

Nov 18, 2019

Good intro to AI. Informative.

교육 기관: Nguyen D K

Oct 16, 2019

This is very help full course.

교육 기관: Aditi K

Oct 10, 2019

Learnt a lot from this course.

교육 기관: Majidha F K M

Aug 11, 2019

Excellent videos and materials

교육 기관: 龚子轩

Jul 28, 2019

Excellent introductory course.

교육 기관: Abdulelah A A A

Jun 30, 2020

Amazing course I recommend it

교육 기관: katta p

Jun 10, 2020

very good and i learnt a lot

교육 기관: Ashish P

Jul 19, 2019

Nice Course Amazing overview.

교육 기관: Luis G R

Jul 14, 2019

Very good introductory course

교육 기관: Suyash S P

Jul 06, 2020

Very Interesting course here

교육 기관: Akash S D

Jun 22, 2020

Osssam and good for beginner

교육 기관: Gadah A

May 12, 2020

Very much enjoyed the course

교육 기관: GADE K K

Feb 06, 2020

Thanking you .well and good.

교육 기관: Abhijit A

Feb 04, 2020

Excellent interactive course