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This course highlights the importance and role of software product management. It also provides an overview of the specialization, as well as its goals, structure, and expectations. The course explains the value of process, requirements, planning, and monitoring in producing better software....

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2019년 1월 10일

The course was very interactive, useful and interesting. I can definitely apply the knowledge that I gained out of this course to my day on day work on Software Management. Kudos to the production and

2018년 2월 18일

Though it is an introductory course, it is packed with great information about managing a software product. I enjoyed the course, and I am moving on with the next course on the SPM specialization.

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교육 기관: CCC E

2020년 11월 8일

I appreciate this course because it was a well-thought introduction to the specialization.

교육 기관: Hardik R

2018년 9월 19일

It's really very nice initiative for me and it meets my needs, solving real life problems.

교육 기관: Mohammed W

2018년 2월 16일

Well organized course that serves as a very good brief introduction to product management.

교육 기관: Aigerim Z

2017년 12월 22일

Very interesting course with good quizzes and tests which help to track your own progress!

교육 기관: Yogesh Z

2016년 1월 13일

Excellent course for understanding Software Product Management. Excellent tutorial videos.

교육 기관: Rakesh M

2016년 1월 4일

Excellent Course Material and very well explained. The Course Notes are very good as well!

교육 기관: Anupam B

2015년 11월 1일

Great content delivered in a lucid way ! I am hooked to all courses in SPM specialization.

교육 기관: Rodrigo D l F

2020년 8월 13일

Fast and concise, the course teaches you the initial steps of software product management

교육 기관: BIBHUTI M

2020년 1월 17일

Very Good lesson for a person who is dealing with IT developments in his/her job profile.

교육 기관: Angelina C

2019년 3월 26일

I really enjoyed the course. It was a great introduction to Software Product Management.

교육 기관: Antonius H

2015년 11월 10일

Good introduction. Concise. To the point. Looking forward to the rest of the course in th

교육 기관: Temitope O

2021년 7월 29일

Thank you to all the tutors for this course. I found it very insightful and explanatory.

교육 기관: Ravel K

2020년 7월 8일

very informative, beautifully designed course structure, easy to understand.

thank you..

교육 기관: Dhivya C

2018년 7월 6일

A structured and organized course! There can be no better way to deliver online course.

교육 기관: Jia F

2018년 1월 25일

Need a bit more explanation and comments to distinguish those terms.

Curse of knowledge.

교육 기관: Sherif A

2017년 8월 2일

great course, hope i can continue the courses of the specialization with financial aid.

교육 기관: Lionel C

2016년 3월 20일

Excellent lessons and course content to get an overview of Software Product Management.

교육 기관: Venkata R K R P

2015년 10월 15일

The course is very practical and the faculty and the discussion forums are very useful.

교육 기관: Surya O

2018년 12월 17일

Simple and concise, delivering valuable insights that can be implemented in real life.

교육 기관: Olexander R

2018년 12월 10일

Thank you very much! The knowledge you are sharing is structured and learner friendly!

교육 기관: Robert B

2018년 7월 19일

Great intro course I found it to be very valuable in my day to day work. Thanks Kenny!

교육 기관: Lauren N

2018년 2월 23일

This was a great overview into some of the foundations of software project management.

교육 기관: Samuel O

2017년 10월 16일

Well taught out...well structured and easy to understand.

Love the in-training quizzes.

교육 기관: Igor K

2016년 2월 1일

Very interesting and informative course! I`ll study all courses of thi specialization!

교육 기관: Alfredo L T

2020년 11월 17일

All the concepts are well explained. I notice the experience in field of the teachers