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This course covers a wide range of tasks in Natural Language Processing from basic to advanced: sentiment analysis, summarization, dialogue state tracking, to name a few. Upon completing, you will be able to recognize NLP tasks in your day-to-day work, propose approaches, and judge what techniques are likely to work well. The final project is devoted to one of the most hot topics in today’s NLP. You will build your own conversational chat-bot that will assist with search on StackOverflow website. The project will be based on practical assignments of the course, that will give you hands-on experience with such tasks as text classification, named entities recognition, and duplicates detection. Throughout the lectures, we will aim at finding a balance between traditional and deep learning techniques in NLP and cover them in parallel. For example, we will discuss word alignment models in machine translation and see how similar it is to attention mechanism in encoder-decoder neural networks. Core techniques are not treated as black boxes. On the contrary, you will get in-depth understanding of what’s happening inside. To succeed in that, we expect your familiarity with the basics of linear algebra and probability theory, machine learning setup, and deep neural networks. Some materials are based on one-month-old papers and introduce you to the very state-of-the-art in NLP research. Do you have technical problems? Write to us:

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2020년 8월 2일

It's a comprehensive course on NLP. The instructors clearly explain both the traditional/classical approaches and modern approaches such as neural networks in NLP.

2019년 12월 17일

One of the best courses I took from coursera. Good mathematical knowledge, resources provided are related to current research. Assignments are more than expected.

필터링 기준:

자연 언어 처리의 202개 리뷰 중 76~100

교육 기관: Stamatis M

2019년 8월 25일

The best course in this specialization so far, and also Mrs Anna Potapenko is the best instructor on this specialization in my opinion.

교육 기관: Dipo D

2020년 6월 27일

The content was really deep and up to date with the latest research and practice in the real world. Assignments were really good also.

교육 기관: Xuan W

2019년 1월 29일

Very good course with broad introduction of the state of the art technologies for NLP. Well designed and interesting homework as well.

교육 기관: 刘尧

2018년 12월 27일

It's a little hard to complete all the courses and homework. But it's worth your time and hard work. I learnt a lot from this course.

교육 기관: Abdul Q A

2018년 3월 3일

An excellent course for the students who really want to learn the process of understanding how the intelligent machine works.

교육 기관: Keshav V J

2019년 1월 26일

Extremely good teachers and content was up to date with current research. Definitely one of the best courses on Coursera.

교육 기관: Niraj B

2020년 7월 8일

Course content tends towards more advanced level and people need slightly greater understanding of nlp to get into this.

교육 기관: Timothy G

2019년 10월 14일

This class of NLP came in handy for my current position. I recommend this class to others that real want to learn NLP.

교육 기관: KAIBI I

2021년 1월 6일

A useful course in terms of the number of concepts discovered that you absolutely need to benefit from your research

교육 기관: Nikhil S

2020년 11월 21일

Great course but do remember you would need a ton load of prerequisites and self-learning throughout the course.

교육 기관: Bhavesh K

2019년 9월 26일

This course was really helpful to me in understanding and being aware of the state of the art techniques in NLP.

교육 기관: Christian G

2019년 1월 31일

Awesome course, I really learned a lot and the projects are really interesting, especially the final project!

교육 기관: Zorana V

2020년 9월 30일

Course is really great and intuitive and it gives you a lot of knowledge both practical and theorettical. :)

교육 기관: Nimish S

2018년 6월 6일

One of the best NLP courses. Project Assignments are really worth the time and add lot of value to learning.

교육 기관: Grishma S

2020년 6월 21일

Very good course, come to know lot many new skills. Thanks to all teachers and technical assistants.

교육 기관: Siwei Y

2018년 4월 3일

这是门很棒的课,那位女老师尤其教得好。虽然 technical dependencies 有点多, 但是总得来说是可以接受的。 题外话: Docker 简直就是个病毒, 能把你的电脑搞得莫名其妙。

교육 기관: karthik s

2019년 6월 23일

This course is perfectly structured with all necessary contents to develop your knowledge on NLP.

교육 기관: Кладов Е А

2018년 7월 22일

A very interesting course, an excellent presentation of the material and challenging assignments.

교육 기관: George G

2018년 10월 22일

The best NLP course on the WEB. Especially when you count in the great support from the Staff!!

교육 기관: Alex

2018년 3월 25일

Very good lectures, video materials.

Covered interesting topics and have some challenging tasks.

교육 기관: Deleted A

2019년 3월 31일

I have the best experience ever with the learning methodologies.

all over it was quite awesome.

교육 기관: Hendra B

2018년 7월 12일

This is the best course to study NLP with practical programming experience.Highly recommended!

교육 기관: Sameera H S

2021년 9월 24일

In depth theoretical explanation of every topics. Practical assignments are very helpful.

교육 기관: Irphan A

2018년 11월 2일

Very well planned course and team support specially Anna Ma'am. Thanks Team coursera !

교육 기관: Amulya R B

2018년 3월 4일

Great material, well taught, a lot of fun. The best specialization on Coursera for AI.