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機械学習の歴史を皮切りに、ニューラル ネットワークがデータ サイエンスのさまざまな問題でうまく機能している理由をご紹介します。次に、教師あり学習の問題を設定し、勾配降下法を使用して適切な解決策を見つける方法について説明します。これには、一般化が可能なデータセットの作成も含まれます。実験に対応するため、繰り返し使用できるデータセットの作成方法について解説します。 コースの目標: ディープ ラーニングが注目を集めている理由を理解する 損失関数とパフォーマンス指標を使用して、モデルの最適化と評価を行う 機械学習で発生しがちな一般的な問題を軽減する 繰り返し使用可能でスケーラブルなトレーニング用、評価用、テスト用のデータセットを作成する...
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Launching into Machine Learning 日本語版의 9개 리뷰 중 1~9

교육 기관: Amin K

2019년 10월 6일

This one of best hands on course to start Machine Learning. It is a good combination of theory which is to the point a beginner needs to know and practical example with TensorFlow playground.

With two hands on labs in GCP environment to delve into the real world problems and 3 quizzes on the course made it a solid starting point. It would be good for some one who already know some linear equation staffs and bigquery. However, it isn't must. Just follow the course is enough and repeating where it becomes difficult. It needs time. I need to pause and pen and paper to take notes many places. There are lots of technical terms we need to remember. So better review the course again after completing it would be great make the understanding more sustainable.

교육 기관: Pierre L M

2019년 9월 21일

Good course, liked the historical part, good to set up the context, explanations are good, labs are interesting but I need to learn a bit of SQL syntax

교육 기관: Muhammad U A

2019년 1월 6일

This is best course on learning basic of machine learning and splitting data on GCP using big query

교육 기관: Chiharu M

2019년 10월 13일


교육 기관: Hiroshi Y

2019년 9월 28일











교육 기관: Yoshiyuki K

2019년 8월 29일

TensorFlow PlaygroundやBigQueryに触れることができたのは有益だった。数式が当然のように出てくるのは少し辛いかもしれない。。。

교육 기관: Yasuma O

2021년 5월 22일



교육 기관: Nobuyuki S

2019년 1월 14일

StanfordのMachine Learningをやっている方には既知の情報が少なからずあります。

Big QueryのHands Onができることがメリットかと思います。

교육 기관: B J P

2021년 5월 4일

Why do I not see English language in all parts of this course?

Only Japanese in some parts (especially quizes)

You are dumbasses or con-artists - pick one.