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Whether you are an advanced law student looking to review the basics, or an aspiring law student looking for head start, this course will help you build the foundation you will need to succeed in law school and beyond. This course will introduce you to terminology, concepts, and tools lawyers and legal academics use to make their arguments. It will help you follow these arguments—and make arguments of your own. This course consists of a series of short lectures and assignments. A reading list complements each lesson, providing you with a roadmap to help you explore the subject matter more deeply on your own. Although the lessons may cross-reference each other, they are modular in nature: you should feel free to approach them in whatever order fits your schedule, interests, and needs....

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2016년 3월 28일

I enjoyed this course but you really need to have some legal background to get the most out of it. The assignments were worth the time they took and I learned a lot trying to grade my fellow students.


2018년 10월 14일

The course is gorgeous!!! Although I am an experienced lawyer in my country it was an excellent training for my brains, more over, the lectures were really very interesting!!! Strongly recommended!!!

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2018년 2월 24일


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2017년 3월 25일


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2022년 5월 1일


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2020년 6월 7일


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2020년 4월 12일


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2017년 10월 6일


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2017년 1월 12일


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2019년 11월 10일


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2022년 1월 30일


교육 기관: Ian L

2016년 2월 7일

This was a very good intro course.

Some additions that could be applied may include: describing different types of motions (interrogatives, cross motions); types of judgments (proscriptions, summary judgments, enjoinment), types of memoranda, or even a FOIA request.

Maybe a look into work product privilege, protected documentation, principles of discovery. And finally, a little intro into the art of using case law as an event or test, for example; in "Miranda", "Keller", "Brown", or the "McDonnell Douglas test".

I understand this is just an intro, but if these things could be fit in somehow that would be cool.

교육 기관: Nuria L

2016년 9월 19일

The course presents interesting topics about law in a concise way and invites reflection. My background in law was quite limited and even though I struggled to understand everything the first week, I now comprehend the principles of common law and have the right tools to approach legal decisions. Doing this course has been a very enriching experience for me because not only have I learned more about key concepts in law, but I have also improved my way of writing and summarizing information.

교육 기관: Beatriz H

2020년 1월 27일

I really enjoyed this course! The professor is extremely well spoken and engaging and makes easily understandable analogies to picture what he's saying. My only criticism is that some assingments didn't have clear questions, which made my ( a seventeen year old with English as a second language ) understanding of said assignments a bit confusing. Other than that, I recommend this course to anyone who's starting law school or is interested in the topic!

교육 기관: Joseph H

2020년 5월 22일

An excellent introduction to legal thinking, with concise lectures and a well curated (and extensive!) reading list. I have a learned a lot from this course. My only criticism is that some assignments were not clearly described and, similarly, the purpose of prescribed reading material wasn't always explained/it wasn't always clear what part of provided documents needed to be read.

All in all though, I would highly recommend this course.

교육 기관: Tommy V

2019년 1월 29일

The course does a pretty good job on giving a primer in legal concepts that may be useful if you consider following a law degree, or just if you are interest in law. The chunks are so that they tackle one or a coherent set of concepts in 10 to 15 minutes, which is ideal to study it in between other activities you may have.

교육 기관: Konstantinos A

2019년 10월 2일

Very interesting and well structured course. Its content undoubtedly cannot be found in every Law school. However, every person willing to enroll in this course must keep in mind that this particular course focuses primarily on American law and thus many a thing may be inapplicable to their homeland's special law.

교육 기관: alex s

2016년 1월 25일

Okay class. Could deal more with terminology, how to break down a case to read it and obtain information. How to's of it all. From getting the case on my desk, breaking into segments, how to make a claim and finding laws to support it. What is a theory versus what is a developed idea.


교육 기관: Philip P

2016년 9월 13일

Fascinating. A lot of depth, with so much supplementary reading you get out what you put in, but it felt rushed and with so many unassessed topics some seemed inconsequential. I would have preferred it to have been spread out over another week with a couple extra assessments overall.

교육 기관: Jan Z

2017년 4월 28일

Good overview for law beginners, interesting lectures and useful tips.

The downsides are the peer-review system of grading (sometimes you get a bad grade and there is no explanation why) and the fact that the links to recommended and mandatory literature are not working.

교육 기관: Fernando M M

2020년 11월 29일

An essential resource for a student interested in the field of law in the US. It shall introduce you to the various conceptual legal dichotomies and relevant jurisprudence and prepare you with an excellent head start to a formal education in law school.

교육 기관: METTA S

2020년 1월 9일

This course is really nice for anyone who want to start law school. But it is completely in US context. Though the concepts remain the same across common law countries, Indian students and non Us students probably find it difficult to do the course.

교육 기관: Kaira R

2021년 11월 6일

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and definitely learned a lot. As an international student, I do feel like this course was very America centric. But no complaints, since it provided an insight into the system that I did not previously have.

교육 기관: Phoebe C

2020년 8월 17일

The course was particularly helpful introducing me to legal terms and concepts. There were times I felt that this could have been explained better, but overall would recommend. I enjoyed the quizzes and assignments.