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The capstone project will consist of three options, and you will complete one of them as part of the course. The first option is working with senior-level executives to help them solve their most pressing leadership challenges. Two (2) senior-level executives from leading organizations will provide detailed descriptions of ongoing leadership challenges that they are currently facing within their organizations. The challenges will be real and current. You will be asked to help the executives think through how best to approach and address their respective leadership challenges. Specifically, you will be tasked with drafting a memo to one of the executives outlining your recommendations for how best to address the leadership challenge. To offer effective advice and counsel, you will need to use course concepts and frameworks to (a) diagnose the fundamental issue(s), and then (b) develop a coherent set of solutions or recommendations. The memos will be evaluated based on how effectively you apply course concepts to diagnose the problem and how well you link your proposed solutions to the diagnosis. The best submissions will be sent to the executives for their review, and each executive will offer feedback that will then be shared with the entire class to advance everyone’s learning. The second option is to identify your own leadership challenge (e.g., at work, at school, in your local community). You should be directly involved in the challenge, and the challenge must align with at least one topic from the specialization. You will develop a presentation where you use course concepts and frameworks to (a) diagnose the core leadership challenge and barriers to effective performance, and then (b) develop a coherent set of solutions or recommendations for your own leadership challenge. The third option asks you to interview an executive of your choosing. In this interview, you will ask questions about the challenges faced by that executive with respect to leading people and teams, as well as the practices used by the executive to address his or her challenges. In your written submission, you will use course concepts to organize the major leadership challenges faced by the executive, highlight the strategies and practices used by the executive to address the core leadership challenges, and then to evaluate the effectiveness of the executive’s practices related to leading people and teams. You can expect to receive staff feedback on your assignment 4 to 8 months after you submit your assignment....

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Jul 21, 2017

I have really enjoy this spealizaton. There has been rewarding journey in equipping my self with the tremendous knowledge from great coaches such as Dr.Scott DeRue and Dr.Maxim Sytch


Feb 05, 2019

I considered all that i learned from this MOOC from the University of Michigan time well spent! Enlightening, educational, complete and meticulous! - deokumar gandharry

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Leading People and Teams Capstone의 37개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Juan P V P

Jul 15, 2019

Excelent project

교육 기관: Ankitkumar S

Jun 13, 2019

It was great experience. Really admire entire faculties and team to design such a beautiful course.

교육 기관: Martin N M

May 23, 2019

I really enjoyed option #3 (interviewed a leader within my organization). Overall the course was very informative.

교육 기관: VijayaKumar K

Feb 14, 2019

I felt happy for competing this course and it is

교육 기관: Deokumar G

Feb 05, 2019

I considered all that i learned from this MOOC from the University of Michigan time well spent! Enlightening, educational, complete and meticulous! - deokumar gandharry

교육 기관: Iván C S R

Jun 25, 2018

Thanks for providing an amazing project to apply the leadership knowledge acquired on the course. Looking forward to hear the feedback of the faculty.

교육 기관: Joshen V

Apr 03, 2018

Amazing specialization.

교육 기관: Alexandre M

Jan 22, 2018

Greate course, great teachers

교육 기관: Idilia C

Jan 04, 2018

A great ending to a wonderful specialization! I had the opportunity to interview a leader I admire and to review and utilize a lot of the notions and information covered during all of the courses. Thank you Professor DeRue and Professor Sytch for the knowledge you have so generously shared with us and for the opportunity to keep learning you have given us through the Capstone Project.

교육 기관: Dainius M

Dec 12, 2017

Preparing the Capstone allowed me to deepen my understanding of material and lessons I've learnt throughout the four courses in the Specialization. Made me more reflect and try to come up with actionable and applicable solutions for the real leadership challenge at one of the biggest worldwide companies. I must say, that I greatly enjoyed the whole Specialization, the material was great, the instructors was just awesome. I'd be waiting for more courses from the University of Michigan in the future at Coursera!

교육 기관: Linda C

Oct 22, 2017

A good learning experience, but it would have been made even better with feedback after completion of the capstone assessment.

교육 기관: M. B

Oct 12, 2017

Marvelous choices for us students, a great finish of this course.

교육 기관: Jessica

Aug 20, 2017

Great course - good information. TBH I was a little bored at times but most of the lectures were engaging.

교육 기관: Gihan I

Aug 12, 2017

Very professional course very well structured and presented!

교육 기관: Timothy W C

Jul 28, 2017

Really Great Course!

교육 기관: Ayoub A

Jul 21, 2017

I have really enjoy this spealizaton. There has been rewarding journey in equipping my self with the tremendous knowledge from great coaches such as Dr.Scott DeRue and Dr.Maxim Sytch

교육 기관: Bret S

May 30, 2017

*** Update Below*** In the course description, it states that capstone projects will be evaluated by the faculty and feedback will be provided within 1-4 months of submission. I submitted my completed work in the middle of November 2016 and have yet to receive any feedback (posting on May 23 2017). Based on the forums, my fellow classmates also have not received feedback. I have contacted Coursera via chat and provided the information for them to evaluate; unfortunately it appears they have little control over the faculty's adherence to the promises made in the course description. I also reached out to one of the professors via that individual's posted email address with the school. It has been a few weeks now and I have not received a reply from the professor either. The promise of having my work evaluated by real university faculty was a major factor in my decision to take this course over other online options. As an alumnus of U of M, I am very disappointed by the lack of follow up to a product on which they have put our Block M.

***Update as of 5/30/2017. I did end up hearing back on the delay. It appears that there was significantly more demand than the faculty had anticipated. They are in the process of working through all of the submissions.

교육 기관: Sara J

May 04, 2017

I really enjoyed taking this course. Especially the interviews with business leaders were helpful for me because it showed me how strategies and practices were applied in the business world.

교육 기관: Herson N M

Apr 17, 2017

Nice Course, A lot of learning and challenges!

교육 기관: Clara B

Apr 15, 2017

I feel robbed. I did not get any feedback on my work. Only a classmate gave their ok "yes, there is something written".

I did not follow the course to get a "certificate" but to learn and to revceive feedback. If you don't have a special purpose for the certificate - don't pay a cent for this.

교육 기관: Dmitriy B

Feb 25, 2017

Great and useful course

교육 기관: Max S V C S S

Feb 07, 2017

Great opportunity to learn new skills

교육 기관: Jose G

Feb 06, 2017

great course, all the knowledge can be aplied to work environment and change the vision for teams and people management.

교육 기관: Agustin C

Feb 05, 2017

Great way to close out this specialization, combining the different modules into one.

This has helped me a lot as a first time manager.


교육 기관: Manuel L

Nov 21, 2016

Good opportunity to review and test what you have learned over the specialization.