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In this course, you will learn how to build your team, improve teamwork and collaboration, and sustain team performance through continuous learning and improvement. Specifically, you will learn best practices for composing a team and aligning individual and team goals. You will also learn how to establish roles, build structures, and manage decision making so that your team excels. This course will also help you manage critical team processes such as conflict resolution and building trust that have a profound impact on your team’s performance. You will discuss some of the best ways to harness the productive potential of teams while mitigating the risks and traps of teamwork. In modern organization, most of work is done in teams, yet the results of teamwork are exceptionally mixed. Many teams are poorly designed and structured, fraught with dysfunctional conflict, experience coordination breakdowns and serious motivation challenges. As a result, many teams fail to realize their potential and frequently underperform even individuals working on similar tasks. After completing this course, you will acquire a set of tools and practices that enable you to effectively set up, run, evaluate, and continuously improve your team. Such insights will both make you a more effective team leader but also a standout contributor in team settings....

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2020년 7월 20일

This course was really very informative gave me lots of new idea. I decided to create a working environment of mutual trust and respect with my fellows. I recommend this course to my friends as well.

2016년 2월 3일

Great course. Everything I learned is applicable to what I'm working on. Great insight and I would recommend it to anyone interested in trying to make their work more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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2020년 6월 30일


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2020년 2월 17일


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2017년 8월 22일


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2016년 3월 1일


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2016년 1월 31일


교육 기관: Thiago G d S M

2016년 1월 11일

very good

교육 기관: Katia V C

2021년 1월 19일


교육 기관: Davron T

2020년 9월 17일


교육 기관: Mundher S A

2017년 6월 19일

love it

교육 기관: Salem A S T A

2020년 6월 28일


교육 기관: Md. R Q S

2020년 8월 22일


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2020년 7월 16일


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2019년 8월 16일


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2017년 10월 5일


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2021년 5월 10일


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2020년 12월 31일


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2020년 5월 2일


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2017년 3월 19일


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2020년 9월 11일


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2020년 9월 2일


교육 기관: Oxana M

2016년 2월 15일


교육 기관: Gregory T

2017년 1월 31일

The course is very useful in helping you understand team dynamics and their roots in structures and, I feel even more importantly, the norms and behavioral practices that we develop in groups. There are very good leads onto how to put it into practice. My perception was that the last quarter on team performance and learning (which might be critical for actual success) was rather superficial in comparison to the other topics covered.

교육 기관: Ricardo O

2016년 1월 17일

Overall good course but the course instructors should made the slides for the lectures available. It would be very important, with the capstone course coming soon, and having the need to review all courses that the slides for all courses cold be made available. Wharton, Illinois, Yale make the slides available in their top tier courses, and it is very important.

교육 기관: Filipe G

2016년 1월 4일

Quite good approach to the topic.

This is a topic that runs the risk of being thought via cliches and banalities (it's important to inspire people, leading is about motivating, be responsible and have accountability, etc). But this course did a good job in going beyond these. I enjoyed it and the written assignments force you to think through the issues.

교육 기관: Petr M

2018년 4월 20일

Great intro for team psychology. Some topics are explained in details, but team goals are just touched. But if you did a course for motivating individuals, you get more details which can be used also for teams. It is explicitly mentioned in the course. Because you need to work extensively with people, detailed course about feedback would really helpful.