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This lesson is part of a full course, Speak English Professionally: In Person, Online & On the Phone. Take this lesson to get a short tutorial on the learning objectives covered. To dive deeper into this topic, take the full course. In this lesson, you will review professional conversational vocabulary....

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2022년 4월 11일

Simple stragiht forward guidance on how to better communicate with others. It was nice.


2020년 6월 7일

Gives good tips on how to start improving my communication skills through small talks.

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교육 기관: Arifa S

2020년 7월 19일

Its a amazing way to talk the another person... I just love to learn it


2020년 9월 13일

This lesson is good for you, if you want to learn english

교육 기관: Dwenielle M R L

2020년 6월 8일

Gives good tips on how to start improving my communication skills through small talks.

교육 기관: Ping C

2021년 9월 14일

hi! I did everything, is that all? how can i be completed?

교육 기관: Pratiksha K

2020년 7월 13일

I cannot view the contents of the lesson. Only the video is accessible. Nothing is shown in the readings section. I tried unenrolling and re enrolling. Nothing changed. This sucks because i was really excited for this one. Help me out please.

교육 기관: Gretchen O

2020년 6월 5일

I have completed all required tasks in the course but unable to check this course as "complete". There isn't much interactions between the instructor and students in the forum. I am not sure if this course is being supervised by any instructor.

교육 기관: Dharmendra S

2020년 6월 6일

I have good experiance with coursera

교육 기관: Agnieszka K

2020년 10월 25일

Very poorly done. You can only do 1st lesson, other lessons are not there. I have seen on the forum that everyone for quite a while has been having this problem and it has not been fixed till now. Very disappointing.

교육 기관: Fırat A

2020년 10월 31일

It is just 1 week lesson and too limited. The quiz at the end of the lesson is with just one question.

교육 기관: Rahaf E

2020년 8월 3일

It simple course but I learn alot .now, I can start any conversation by easy and simple words . And I love the course and the way that I get the information.

교육 기관: Manuel a g

2020년 6월 14일

Dificult to work , because i don´t undertand the web

교육 기관: Peter O

2022년 4월 12일

S​imple stragiht forward guidance on how to better communicate with others. It was nice.

교육 기관: Francisco J C A

2020년 5월 23일

Excellent course 100% recommend!!!

교육 기관: Nikolay S

2021년 2월 28일

too short, contains only 1 lesson, it's actually a demo-course

교육 기관: Deleted A

2021년 7월 6일

​its misleading....we dont get any certificate here

교육 기관: Ayisha

2021년 7월 2일

I'm so done. I'm done just in a few seconds or few minutes. I seriously reccomend this to those who wants to be more fluent in english. i'm going to enroll on her courses again. But this is no help for me whatsoever, but maybe for those who isnt fluent in English first. Maybe it's because i already no the basics an I am more in Advance. I suggest that you make a course where you can learn grammar essay writing, professional talks because that is the most needed in the english world.

교육 기관: Pradip M

2020년 12월 10일

Keeping it clear & simple

교육 기관: Abdelilah E M

2020년 7월 16일

Very good

교육 기관: Ekta S

2020년 7월 2일


교육 기관: Tarun

2020년 4월 25일


교육 기관: Muhammad G

2020년 5월 26일

very simple

교육 기관: SAI S N

2020년 7월 30일


교육 기관: Wita K

2022년 1월 16일

This course helps me to understand what is the meaning of 'small talk' actually, in an easy way. It also improved my ability in making conversation. There will be definitely benefit to be earned from this course.

교육 기관: Onur A

2022년 4월 1일

Thanks for your kind input and contribution. it was realy very useful. it was great experience for me.

교육 기관: Oscar M G

2020년 8월 30일

It is a very usefull course, it is interesting how I can start a conversation with someone.