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In course 1 we talked about open source software and the motivation and methods of using it. In course 2, we will introduce you to Linux systems, and help you feel comfortable working at the command line: What Linux is Linux history How to separate the kernel from the entire operating system Making contributions to the kernel Graphical system, and how it works Working at the command line Filesystem layout, partitions Monitoring utilities You will learn what it’s like to work on Linux system, and get a good understanding of the essential skills you need when you work on a daily basis with Linux systems....

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May 15, 2020

Nice course for the newbie in Linux world. I really got to know very new things from this course while working with ubuntu. Thanks to The Linux Foundation for this wonderful course.


Oct 02, 2020

This course is the best and amazing course I have ever attended but, I found that the week 5 must be placed as week 1 and all others be followed by it. Thank you for great course

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Linux for Developers의 164개 리뷰 중 126~150

교육 기관: Deshdeepak

Aug 29, 2020

Best course for Linux beginners. But would have been better with more practical tutorials than theoretical.

교육 기관: Ka P ( Y

Oct 15, 2019

Some contents seem to be missing in the course. For example, there is not lecture about how to start GNome.

교육 기관: Paarth S D

Jun 12, 2020

The course was super informative and great, though it lacked a little more content that could be added.

교육 기관: Aaron

Apr 23, 2020

I learned a lot about the overall Linux structure and was able go between different flavors of Linux.

교육 기관: NAMIT V

May 27, 2020

The content was sufficient but could have been extensive for deep understanding linux in one shot

교육 기관: Visvamba N

Feb 13, 2020

Just the right amount of depth. But it would be good to have more structured assessments.

교육 기관: Rahul k

Dec 18, 2019

teaching techniq is to bad... very difficult to understand

but thanks for your supports

교육 기관: Ayaz K

Feb 23, 2020

Although it is a good course, but can be made more attractive with more demo videos.

교육 기관: THENUKA S S

Jul 26, 2020

This course was really helpful and I learned a lot from this course

교육 기관: Aleksandra R

Mar 31, 2020

It is very nice, but I expected more in-depth information.

교육 기관: FALIH P

Sep 25, 2020

covers almost all topics

linux user can understand easily

교육 기관: nirbhay s

Oct 10, 2020

Very Good Course for beginners and for developers

교육 기관: Chukwu E

Jul 18, 2020

You can tell Jerry Cooperstein knows his stuff.

교육 기관: SN G

Jun 08, 2020

it was very good for a beginer like me in linux

교육 기관: Ashwani

Jun 03, 2019

Some topics could be explained more.

교육 기관: Ankesh S

Dec 18, 2019

thanx 4 ur support and coperation

교육 기관: Joao M A d C

Jan 14, 2019

very good explain, easy to follow

교육 기관: Sergey B

May 24, 2020

Better then first one

교육 기관: Paweł J

Aug 03, 2019

Cheers and Thanks!!!

교육 기관: Nawnita D

Jun 16, 2019

Best for beginners !

교육 기관: Guruprasad

Jun 10, 2020

It is a good course

교육 기관: Babasaheb D B

Sep 19, 2020

well linux heros

교육 기관: Ankur K

Sep 13, 2020

nice and tough

교육 기관: PROTIC S

May 08, 2020

That's great

교육 기관: basanta b

Sep 28, 2019

it was good