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권장: 4 weeks of study, 6-8 hours/week...


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Course을(를) 수강하는 학습자
  • Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
  • Controllers
  • Accountants
  • Program Managers
  • Process Analysts

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AccountingCostInvestmentAnalysis Of Variance (ANOVA)
Course을(를) 수강하는 학습자
  • Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
  • Controllers
  • Accountants
  • Program Managers
  • Process Analysts

다음 전문 분야의 7개 강좌 중 2번째 강좌:

100% 온라인

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권장: 4 weeks of study, 6-8 hours/week...


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Course Overview and Relevant Information for Decision Making

18개 동영상 (총 55분), 7 readings, 7 quizzes
18개의 동영상
Fundamental Concepts2m
Sunk Costs3m
Opportunity Costs3m
Common Mistakes2m
What We've Learned in Lesson 1.144
Learning Objectives and Overview1m
Keep or Drop a Product Line6m
Make or Buy8m
Replace or Retain Equipment6m
Additional Considerations2m
What We've Learned in Lesson 1.237
Learning Objectives and Overview1m
Sell "As-Is" or Process Further4m
Accepting a Special Order7m
What We've Learned in Lesson 1.340
Module 1 Review39
Like this course? Learn more with the iMBA! (Optional)1m
7개의 읽기 자료
About this Course: Ratings and Reviews10m
About the Discussion Forums10m
Getting to Know Your Classmates10m
Module 1 Overview10m
Module 1 Readings1시 20분
6개 연습문제
Orientation Quiz10m
Lesson 1.1 Practice Quiz10m
Lesson 1.2 Practice Quiz10m
Lesson 1.3 Practice Quiz6m
Module 1 - Conceptual Quiz20m
Module 1 - Quantitative Analysis Quiz10m
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Budgeting for Planning and Control

25개 동영상 (총 84분), 2 readings, 6 quizzes
25개의 동영상
Basic Terminology4m
What We've Learned in Lesson 2.139
Master Budget Overview1m
Sales Budget2m
Production Budget4m
Component Budgets11m
Budgeted Income Statement3m
What We've Learned in Lesson 2.256
Financing Budget Overview1m
Cash Budget - 13m
Cash Budget - 24m
Cash Budget - 36m
Extending the Example2m
What We've Learned in Lesson 2.337
Capital Budgeting Overview1m
Example Scenario4m
Accounting Rate of Return3m
Time Horizon and Implications4m
Discounted Cash Flow and Net Present Value7m
Internal Rate of Return5m
What We've Learned in Lesson 2.446
Module 2 Review46
2개의 읽기 자료
Module 2 Overview10m
Module 2 Readings2h
6개 연습문제
Lesson 2.1 Practice Quiz6m
Lesson 2.2 Practice Quiz8m
Lesson 2.3 Practice Quiz6m
Lesson 2.4 Practice Quiz8m
Module 2 - Conceptual Quiz20m
Module 2 - Quantitative Analysis Quiz10m
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Standard Costing and Variance Analysis

13개 동영상 (총 78분), 2 readings, 6 quizzes
13개의 동영상
Cost Variance Classification and General Framework10m
Causes of Variances5m
An Example Scenario and Direct Materials Variances10m
Direct Labor Variances7m
Variable Overhead Variances3m
Fixed Cost Variances7m
Production Volume Variances5m
What We've Learned in Lesson 3.21m
Fundamentals and General Framework6m
An Example Scenario11m
What We've Learned in Lesson 3.340
Module 3 Review53
2개의 읽기 자료
Module 3 Overview10m
Module 3 Readings2h
5개 연습문제
Lesson 3.1 Practice Quiz8m
Lesson 3.2 Practice Quiz8m
Lesson 3.3 Practice Quiz6m
Module 3 - Conceptual Quiz16m
Module 3 - Quantitative Analysis Quiz10m
완료하는 데 2시간 필요

Performance Measurement and Evaluation

13개 동영상 (총 62분), 2 readings, 4 quizzes
13개의 동영상
What We've Learned in Lesson 4.154
Why is Financial Performance Measurement Important?4m
Return on Investment4m
The Underinvestment Problem8m
Residual Income6m
What We've Learned in Lesson 4.253
Non-Financial Measures4m
Strategic Performance Measurement Systems8m
Performance Measurement Issues7m
Subjective Performance Evaluation4m
What We've Learned in Lesson 4.31m
Module 4 Review49
2개의 읽기 자료
Module 4 Overview10m
Module 4 Readings10m
4개 연습문제
Lesson 4.1 Practice Quiz6m
Lesson 4.2 Practice Quiz8m
Lesson 4.3 Practice Quiz8m
Module 4 Quiz24m
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Managerial Accounting: Tools for Facilitating and Guiding Business Decisions의 최상위 리뷰

대학: ASOct 7th 2017

Enjoyed this course as part of the Online MBA from UIUC. The concepts are solidly explained with examples and plenty of practice exams that you can re-take unlimited times to test your understanding.

대학: JNDec 13th 2018

Great course and great professor. I learned exactly what I hoped to learn and more. The professor is very clear in explaining and provides easy to follow examples that drive home the concepts.



Gary Hecht, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Accountancy
Department of Accountancy, College of Business

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이 강좌은(는) 일리노이대학교 어버너-섐페인캠퍼스의 100% 온라인 Master of Business Administration (iMBA) 중 일부입니다. 전체 프로그램을 수료하면 귀하의 강좌가 학위 취득에 반영됩니다.

일리노이대학교 어버너-섐페인캠퍼스 정보

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a world leader in research, teaching and public engagement, distinguished by the breadth of its programs, broad academic excellence, and internationally renowned faculty and alumni. Illinois serves the world by creating knowledge, preparing students for lives of impact, and finding solutions to critical societal needs. ...

Value Chain Management 전문 분야 정보

The purpose of organizations is to produce and deliver goods and services of value to customers while generating a surplus for owners. Value chain management focuses on understanding what different customers value, measuring inputs and outputs to assess value, and generating higher value for customers and greater surplus for organizations. In this Specialization, you will gain competencies that are critical for managers in any functional area. You will learn to create, model, analyze, and maximize value in accounting, operations, and marketing. This Specialization is part of the University of Illinois iMBA Program. Each course fulfills a portion of the requirements for a University of Illinois course that can earn you college credit. When you complete the Value Chain Management Specialization, you will: · Understand how to apply a financial perspective of accounting for costs, understand how financial and non-financial accounting information facilitates strategic performance measurement, and integrate this information to continuously improve strategy. · Understand the role of operations management and process improvement, synthesize information to make decisions for organizational initiatives, and apply analytical techniques for tactical operations and process improvement decisions. · Understand how marketing works in the business world and how various marketing elements interact to create value for consumers and ultimately maximize value for your organization....
Value Chain Management

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