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In this course, you will learn best practices for selecting, recruiting, and onboarding talent. You will also learn about the key approaches to measuring performance and evaluating your employees. In addition, you will learn how to develop and coach your talent so that they can realize their full potential at work. Altogether, you will gain a thorough understanding of the complete cycle of managing talent and creating a robust talent pipeline for your team and organization. Managing and developing talent is one of the top 3 issues on the minds of CEOs from around the world. In fact, CEOs cite managing and developing their leadership talent as the issue that is most important to the future success of their business but that their organizations are least capable of addressing effectively. This course will provide you with the insights, frameworks and tools to effectively manage and develop talent in your teams and organizations....

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2020년 4월 5일

A very illuminating course. Have started applying two key concepts already. Glad I took the course. Every HR practitioner should take the course as part of their own development. Thank you.


2017년 5월 11일

Great lectures, important thinks pointed out. Not always is clear how important is taking care of employees. Without good HR management, whole business can struggle and not grow as could.

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교육 기관: Victor L

2020년 1월 6일

I think it would be very interesting that in the certificate, for example to add in linkedin, its show that the course was created by University of Michigan because I think in this university there is a high level of teaching.

교육 기관: Ana C

2016년 4월 10일

Great course, great content. If I were allowed to do the quizzes without paying, I would have completed the course and most likely gotten the certificate. I can't commit to a course and pay for it before I experience it.

교육 기관: Amy M

2017년 4월 19일

This is a great course: very insightful and delves deeply into different levels of who is included in the Talent Pipeline! A great expanded view. The only thing I would change is the filming of YouTube videos (

교육 기관: Edgar C

2022년 3월 19일

Un muy buen curso para actualizarse en el rubro de los recursos humanos, atracción y gestión del talento. La expositora es muy clara, el curso es ameno y muy sencillo de seguir. Lo recomiendo.

교육 기관: Micah L D

2019년 11월 12일

Great course, I just wish there could be actual instructor feedback on assignments. It's great that it is peer graded, but it would be useful to have instructor feedback as well.

교육 기관: jermilla s

2019년 9월 25일

The course was extremely useful. Only one suggestion is that we have to wait until we get peers to review our assignment and because of that course duration gets extended.

교육 기관: Adolfo M

2016년 4월 11일

Good course, really enjoyed it!!! A lot of tips and very complete process, before recruiting, recruiting, selecting, onboarding and developing talent.

교육 기관: Yousef M

2017년 2월 22일

I found this course useful theoretically overall, but to me in terms of practicality only "managing performance evaluation and feedback" was useful.

교육 기관: Abdur R F

2016년 1월 7일

I really loved it so much as it gives a very accurate information that can not be acquired through theoritical practice, but through practical one.

교육 기관: Toy R V

2016년 1월 5일

I'll have to re-listen to the videos before the course locks. I expect to use a lot of the tips provided in this course to retain talent and to dev

교육 기관: Júlia M

2015년 12월 21일

Very interesting topic and great classes, but it might be a bit hard to apply the skills to your life if you are not inside that management world.

교육 기관: Tamar S

2020년 4월 16일

Good course, but one of the lecturers was repeating herself too much. Most of her part was unnecessary. Could spare at least half of it.

교육 기관: Eugenii S

2019년 4월 25일

For the first week seems that tutor is kind of unnatural. And the description of the methods is not detailed with a lack of examples.

교육 기관: Ehab E D

2020년 7월 6일

I am really so happy with this course, and I wish i can continue to study the whole package.

Thanks Coursera and Michigan University.

교육 기관: Shelley W

2018년 5월 20일

Overall class was great. Wasn't a fan of the video assignments though since they weren't pair graded just got credit for submission.

교육 기관: Harini

2019년 7월 18일

The course was engaging and enriched my knowledge as a HR professional. Course material was apt and well structured.

교육 기관: Jagdish S

2020년 4월 20일

The course covers major aspects of managing talent and cross-checks learning through interesting assignments.

교육 기관: Gladryl O

2020년 11월 8일

A bit heavy in workload but has interesting insights that is definitely worth taking the course for.

교육 기관: Bruna E

2020년 5월 11일

Nice course, but I didn't like the video exercises. It too complicated for MOOC course

교육 기관: Bertrand K

2016년 11월 6일

Really good course about the do's and don'ts of the day to day management of a team.

교육 기관: Konstantin K

2017년 11월 29일

HR's stuff (half of the course, first and last weeks) is quite inflate and unuseful

교육 기관: Carolyn B

2020년 7월 21일

The video submission was my least favorite part. I would consider removing it

교육 기관: Chude, C C

2016년 2월 10일

Interesting and educative course. Recommended for every management staff.

교육 기관: Alexandre M

2017년 8월 10일

Good course, I have already apply some coaching principle at our office.

교육 기관: Jerry O D

2016년 5월 3일

I was especially encouraged by my progress in this course