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Understanding who your customers are and what they need and want is at the heart of successful marketing strategies. In this course you will explore how to identify and classify customers and the different methods that marketing professionals use to shed light on how they make purchase decisions. The course will cover the following: 1. Marketing Fundamentals 2. Product, Pricing and Channel Decisions 3. Building Strong Brands 4. Communication Strategy...

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May 02, 2017

Good understanding of methods to know what customer think and how they think.\n\nUseful for anyone doing market related activities. No indepth background needed to get into this course.


Dec 28, 2018

It is good course for any Marketing fresher who want to know more about practical things in current market.

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교육 기관: Laureen S

Oct 11, 2016

the course outline really equips an individual on how marketing is a core part of business

교육 기관: Ahmed B

Jan 01, 2018

Thank you professor.

Thank you IESE School.

Thank you Coursera.

교육 기관: JULIO V

Nov 11, 2018

It was a kind of confuse and lack of bibliography.

교육 기관: Gema G

Dec 29, 2017

Good course

교육 기관: Aabid A S

Jun 13, 2016


교육 기관: Guillermo M T

Oct 26, 2016

This is not a bad quality-price course but after working Accounting and Finance IESE courses I have to say that this one does not have the same level. To improve specially content organization: firt week is very heavy comparing with the others. The first and the last videos of the course, in Starbucks, in a very windy day, they have a very bad audio. The fourth week exam doesn't offers the pdf of the results. In final exam results they say 3,8 is 45% of 15,3 ¿?... Anyway, I expect more quality in the next course of the program "Managing people"...

교육 기관: Joao A V F

Jul 01, 2018

This course is on the weak side, the exercises are dull and it is just a lot of concepts with very limited case studies and applications. Maybe the course would be better if there were fewer concepts explained in more detail in practical applications. (Or if the course was longer)

교육 기관: Mohamed M A Z A

Mar 10, 2019

It's a general course about marketing giving very basic points about what is marketing, consumer needs and marketing process. It's a good start for beginners but the curriculum is very basic.

교육 기관: Carolin M

Jun 05, 2019

I was missing summaries at the end of each lesson and the case should rather be part of the quiz in week four since I read it before week 2 but didn't need it before end of week 4

교육 기관: Riana G

Feb 05, 2018

Great content. Easy to grasp. Make sure to stay ahead of the schedule to avoid not completing the final peer-graded assignment on time.

교육 기관: Elisa H

Oct 17, 2016

The course content was mostly great and clear, but on occasion it lacked proper elaboration and definition of subjects discussed.

교육 기관: Patrick K

Mar 11, 2019

Even after recapturing the content, I have the feeling I only got a loosely coupled heap of markting lingo. I'm not sure I could use the given information in any practical scenario. The concepts are clear, but I'd have liked to get more examples and additional literature to go a little deeper.

교육 기관: Melody K C

Jun 25, 2019

Too many concepts not explained in depth. I had a hard time doing the final exam as there was an expectation that we understood beyond what was shared.

교육 기관: David V R

Feb 17, 2017

Teacher has difficulties speaking English and is really distracting that has bad audio in some of the lessons. Poor quality overall.

교육 기관: Riccardo D

Mar 12, 2019

Very interesting topic but the lectures did not live up to it. A bit monotone and not engaging. I had to push through it.

교육 기관: Cristobal C

Apr 02, 2018

Did not provide me with the knowledge that

교육 기관: Graham W

Mar 19, 2018


교육 기관: Moaaz S E A

Jul 14, 2016

bad coarse unclear one

교육 기관: Javier

Nov 24, 2016