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If you work in marketing, sales, or advertising, you already know that effective communication is a requirement. This can be even more difficult when expressing your ideas in a persuasive manner in English. In this course, you will learn to use English more efficiently while joining successful global professionals around the world. Develop your skills along with authentic characters that work in marketing and also work hard to improve their communication skills. Learn from your successes and failures, reflect on your own style, strengths, and improvement areas. After taking this course, you will be able to: · Express your ideas through efficient emails, reports and persuasive presentations · Learn words and phrases related to market research, branding, direct marketing, advertising costs, etc. · Get instant feedback about the efficiency of your business communication skills in English from sales and marketing professionals from around the world · Become part of a global community of business professionals who are developing their English communication skills...

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Apr 06, 2018

Excellent course. High quality presentation skills. I really enjoyed learning! Thank You so much.


Mar 13, 2017

The was the best part of the specialization !\n\nHighly recommend it

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교육 기관: Andras N

Mar 13, 2017

The was the best part of the specialization !

Highly recommend it

교육 기관: Durbar D

Apr 06, 2018

Excellent course. High quality presentation skills. I really enjoyed learning! Thank You so much.

교육 기관: Teertha U I

Jan 10, 2019

A very amazing experience

교육 기관: Babak K

Feb 16, 2019

it is a very informative course. you'll learn so many important aspects of sales and marketig. Not only it's a perfect course for common sense, but it also affects your daily life and how you see things around you regarding marketing and businesses.

교육 기관: Anas A

Mar 12, 2019

nice course

교육 기관: yusra Q

Dec 22, 2018

that was great and useful

교육 기관: Tania A A

Jan 07, 2019

A very completed course, more complicated that the one of leadership but amanzing! I love the lessons, videos and all the additional material

교육 기관: Bhanu S

Jul 13, 2018

very informative

교육 기관: Alexandr T

Aug 08, 2018

Excellent and very useful course

교육 기관: KHATIA K

Mar 10, 2018


교육 기관: Jacinthe N

Jun 21, 2018

Very informative and practical

교육 기관: Chang S S

Jun 11, 2018

well organized and most

교육 기관: Lorena P

Jan 27, 2018

Excellent course. Fantastic!!

교육 기관: Suziley C

Aug 04, 2017

The teachers are really amazing and passionate about teach! The content of the course is very comprehensive. I am glad I did it. Thank you for sharing so much knowledge.

교육 기관: Arnithia K

Jul 09, 2018

I learnt a lot from this course!

교육 기관: Lasha T

Dec 01, 2017

excellent course

교육 기관: Artem K

Feb 16, 2018


교육 기관: Markus H

Jul 28, 2019

Nice course - You´ll have a good overview for the main ideas and principles afterwards, which definitely work out for you in your future while pitching your prospects!

교육 기관: UMER F

Jul 03, 2019

Excellent Course and Learning Experience

교육 기관: Rakesh R

Jul 05, 2019

One of the best courses for improving your presentation skills in sales and marketing. In course, they provide you with practical tools you can use in the sales pitch and presentation.

I enjoyed learning throughout the course.

교육 기관: Kacper G

Jul 09, 2019

i lern a lot

교육 기관: Abdelrahman M I T

Jun 11, 2019

Great Course

교육 기관: Hanan S E A

Oct 21, 2019

It's an excellent course

교육 기관: Tairyn E R S

Oct 25, 2019

es tan reconfortante terminar este curso , me siento orgullosa de mi

교육 기관: Andrei S

Oct 25, 2019

Thank you!

It was very helpful and interesting