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Learn how to think the way mathematicians do – a powerful cognitive process developed over thousands of years. Mathematical thinking is not the same as doing mathematics – at least not as mathematics is typically presented in our school system. School math typically focuses on learning procedures to solve highly stereotyped problems. Professional mathematicians think a certain way to solve real problems, problems that can arise from the everyday world, or from science, or from within mathematics itself. The key to success in school math is to learn to think inside-the-box. In contrast, a key feature of mathematical thinking is thinking outside-the-box – a valuable ability in today’s world. This course helps to develop that crucial way of thinking....

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2020년 6월 29일

It has help evaluate what I put into decision in any applicable context. Since I've noted what decision I make and how outcome can be made to vary when I consider all components in a isolated manner.

2019년 11월 23일

It was an amazing course! Lots of interesting content. The content is also explained really well, i found it really easy to understand. The assessments are a little challenging, but reasonably sized.

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교육 기관: Edij

2021년 8월 2일

A​ wonderful course!! There're plenty of beautiful lessons on how mathematics can solve the world problems by thinking. As a bonus, there'is insight about communication. And the Professor is very generous and humorous.

교육 기관: Henry L

2018년 7월 4일

A detailed and thorough course presented in an understandable fashion. It helps you develop critical thinking and problem solving skills by getting you to think in different ways as a mathematician. Highly recommended.

교육 기관: Srivibhavan B

2019년 9월 26일

I found this course a great refresher and it helped me fill a lot of gaps that had developed in my ability to understand advanced mathematics. The course helped me move faster with my study of ML and AI algorithms.

교육 기관: Deepak S

2017년 7월 8일

This course really helped me notice the subtleties of simple mathematical things in nature and even in daily life which we take for granted or assume to be true. This was my first course and it was a good decision

교육 기관: Chaitanya K

2020년 5월 10일

A fantastic course , professor Keith was extraordinary , I am currently pursuing my Bsc. in Mathematics and this is one course that I recommend for all the students who see their future in fields of mathematics

교육 기관: Yechen H

2021년 7월 11일

E​xcellent Course. It's very well structured and I feel like learn a lot about "Mathematical Thinking" and hence have more confident in learning more advance Mathematical Materials. Thanks very much Professor!

교육 기관: Ravi N

2017년 3월 15일

This was a really good course, making you "think" in general and in particular about mathematical proofs. The professor's exposition was outstanding. The explanation of evaluation of proofs was really nice.

교육 기관: acate j

2019년 1월 5일

I wish I had a class like this in high school. It would have been a great class between algebra and calculus. Should be required for every high school student. I plan on reviewing this class many times.

교육 기관: Maja A F M

2021년 4월 5일

Somewhat stressful and difficult to complete. But worth the effort in the end. It was time-consuming and it takes time to understand the matter. So not a good idea if you're in a rush, but great learning.

교육 기관: Lee D H

2020년 6월 1일

Exceptionally good course, one of the best online courses I've completed. Really feel that I have learnt some valuable skills, and more importantly a better way of thinking about mathematics. Many thanks.

교육 기관: Eugene P

2020년 2월 14일

This course was really useful. I learnt so much! I could appreciate why mathematics is such a beautiful subject by the end of this course. Definitely glad to have taken this course, and would recommend.

교육 기관: Andrew D

2020년 8월 17일

This is an excellent course, which provides insights into how mathematicians think about proofs. The exercises are not hard, but they do require careful thought. This is a well constructed course.

교육 기관: M.M.H. S

2020년 7월 16일

Top lecturer and top lecturers. Must admit, i had to work harder this time for it to really understand. Happy I took the energy to find again my passion for mathematics in a way i really enjoyed.

교육 기관: Mohan N

2021년 6월 25일

This is an amazing course if you want to start with advanced mathematics especially want to improve in proof writing. which is one of the most important skills required for a graduate program.

교육 기관: Joshua T K W

2020년 7월 31일

Started off fairly simple, but as you progress throughout the weeks, it gets challenging. This course has taught me critical thinking, and skills that can be applied to other subjects/modules

교육 기관: Volodya T

2019년 12월 8일

Great course! Highly recommend it to all my friends interested in math. Devlin is a talented teacher, not just a mathematician (as it usually happens with someone who happen to teach math).

교육 기관: Technophobe01

2017년 4월 6일

I have to say I enjoyed the course and the reading materials. My advice would be to take the course it will make you think. It is a great refresher / introduction to mathematical thinking.

교육 기관: Reinaldo L d O e C

2018년 3월 5일

It is nice to see connections among mathematical theories, and this course it is very well designed to accomplish this. I highly recommend if you want to improve your mathematical skills.

교육 기관: zeyad e

2017년 1월 17일

i just had taken this course in the college and i don't understand a lot of things but after i started in the course a lot of thinking going to be more clear , thank you for this course .

교육 기관: viola

2018년 4월 24일

With the help of this course, my grade for fundamental mathematics at school raised from C to A. Really thankful. This course truly helped me better understand the abstruse conceptions.

교육 기관: Fabio M

2020년 4월 20일

Great course to learn how to develop proofs and mathematical / logic arguments. The course very start seems too basic, but there are many interesting concepts being developed further.

교육 기관: Keagan R

2020년 5월 6일

We are still in the early days of MOOCS. Prof. Devlin Makes sure that you get the best possible education despite the limitations of the platform. You'll really learn something here.

교육 기관: Akash v

2019년 9월 27일

One of the best online course i have ever taken. Thanks to Keith sir for explaining all the concepts so engagingly and in detail. Looking forward for course's like this on coursera.

교육 기관: Artem M

2020년 3월 11일

This course actually changed my life. It gave me the courage to start studying mathematics at a university. Thank you so much, Dr. Keith Devlin and the team at Stanford University!

교육 기관: Vladimirs R

2017년 5월 6일

The course is a really good introduction into the world of mathematical proofs and the logic behind them. Really, everyone will benefit from the way of thinking the course teaches.