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Medical Neuroscience explores the functional organization and neurophysiology of the human central nervous system, while providing a neurobiological framework for understanding human behavior. In this course, you will discover the organization of the neural systems in the brain and spinal cord that mediate sensation, motivate bodily action, and integrate sensorimotor signals with memory, emotion and related faculties of cognition. The overall goal of this course is to provide the foundation for understanding the impairments of sensation, action and cognition that accompany injury, disease or dysfunction in the central nervous system. The course will build upon knowledge acquired through prior studies of cell and molecular biology, general physiology and human anatomy, as we focus primarily on the central nervous system. This online course is designed to include all of the core concepts in neurophysiology and clinical neuroanatomy that would be presented in most first-year neuroscience courses in schools of medicine. However, there are some topics (e.g., biological psychiatry) and several learning experiences (e.g., hands-on brain dissection) that we provide in the corresponding course offered in the Duke University School of Medicine on campus that we are not attempting to reproduce in Medical Neuroscience online. Nevertheless, our aim is to faithfully present in scope and rigor a medical school caliber course experience. This course comprises six units of content organized into 12 weeks, with an additional week for a comprehensive final exam: - Unit 1 Neuroanatomy (weeks 1-2). This unit covers the surface anatomy of the human brain, its internal structure, and the overall organization of sensory and motor systems in the brainstem and spinal cord. - Unit 2 Neural signaling (weeks 3-4). This unit addresses the fundamental mechanisms of neuronal excitability, signal generation and propagation, synaptic transmission, post synaptic mechanisms of signal integration, and neural plasticity. - Unit 3 Sensory systems (weeks 5-7). Here, you will learn the overall organization and function of the sensory systems that contribute to our sense of self relative to the world around us: somatic sensory systems, proprioception, vision, audition, and balance senses. - Unit 4 Motor systems (weeks 8-9). In this unit, we will examine the organization and function of the brain and spinal mechanisms that govern bodily movement. - Unit 5 Brain Development (week 10). Next, we turn our attention to the neurobiological mechanisms for building the nervous system in embryonic development and in early postnatal life; we will also consider how the brain changes across the lifespan. - Unit 6 Cognition (weeks 11-12). The course concludes with a survey of the association systems of the cerebral hemispheres, with an emphasis on cortical networks that integrate perception, memory and emotion in organizing behavior and planning for the future; we will also consider brain systems for maintaining homeostasis and regulating brain state....

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2021년 1월 14일

This course was a great opportunity for me to understand the world of neurology and helped me to clear all the ambiguities regarding the complex mechanisms that are happening in our beautiful brains.


2018년 11월 21일

I leant so much without even realising it until I got to the final exams and all this knowledge was making sense. Amazing lecturer with so much wisdom in the area. The course is very well delivered.

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교육 기관: Ruth H

2017년 11월 22일

fantastically taught course. so well structured..thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and has motivated me to learn more in the field of neuroscience.Prof White is an excellent teacher.

교육 기관: Raúl E P

2017년 3월 16일

Very nice course. I enjoyed and learned a lot! Just to give some comments to improve it, it will have been nice to have more clinical cases during the course. But, I like it a lot.

교육 기관: Dengrong J

2018년 7월 17일

Very comprehensive and in-depth! Dr. White explains things nicely. A wonderful part of this course is that it always links the science of nervous systems to the clinical symptoms.

교육 기관: Emma S

2017년 8월 31일

This is a very detailed and well-taught course. Prof White's enthusiasm for both the subject and teaching is apparent, and it's hard not to be infected by a love for neuroscience.

교육 기관: Eva P d A R

2017년 6월 17일

Amazing course, I am deeply grateful for having the opportunity to enroll in Medical Neuroscience and learn so much. Thank you very much, professor White and the rest of the staff

교육 기관: Renato B B

2019년 5월 12일

Excellent Professor , excellent course, I learned a lot, improved my knowledge, evolves a lot. I'm very grateful

Renato Bestetti , MD , Ribeirão Preto , São Paulo State , Brazil

교육 기관: Sharvaree D

2020년 5월 1일

Excellent course.

A bit difficult though.all credit to Prof Leonard White for making such diff course interesting and understandable.

Thanks to the entire team of DUKE UNIVERSITY.

교육 기관: beatriz a c

2016년 10월 26일

Amazing course and very complete. I do not advise it to beginner students, since it goes very deep into the study of the brain. But I totally recommend for high degree students.

교육 기관: Srinivas

2020년 5월 17일

Big Thanks to Dr. White , Ellen Vos-Wisse & his team. This is the best course experience I ever had with MOOCS and offline-classes I attended. My heartful regards to Dr. White

교육 기관: AP

2019년 9월 19일

Amazing. This is what my medical neuroscience course in graduate school SHOULD have been. Dr. White is an excellent instructor, and the supplementary materials are excellent.

교육 기관: Hermenegilda K

2016년 7월 21일

Wonderful. You need a lot of motivation beacuse it is full of (great) content, so the "lazy days" may come, but even if you fail to finish this course it is totally worth it.

교육 기관: Яшанина А А

2021년 9월 8일

Thank you so much for the opportunity to study !!! It means a lot to me! I discovered many new resources and became more confident! Thanks to Ph.D White. You are awesome !!!

교육 기관: Sina K

2021년 3월 10일

Best course on Neuroscience. If you are a medical student and among all the parts of the body, you are interested in brain I would really advice you to take this course .

교육 기관: Rogerio d L e S

2017년 6월 9일

Excelente curso, superou todas as minhas expectativas. Recomendo a todos o desafio de superar a si mesmo dedicando aos estudos. Curso "Qualidade" de 1º Mundo. Recomendo.

교육 기관: Alkandor

2021년 12월 5일

If you want to complete the course with full understanding, hard days and nights are waiting for you. its an excellent course for who wants to dive neuroscience field.

교육 기관: David C G

2016년 10월 16일

The best course I have ever studied through internet. I quit due to a matter of not enough spare time to devote. I hope I will be able to finish it in the near future.

교육 기관: Jessica P E

2020년 9월 6일

I love the way Prof White explains the materials. It was not boring at all and I was able to understand easily. Thank you so much Coursera for providing this course!

교육 기관: Sushmitha

2016년 9월 26일

Four months back, I barely knew few terms in the context of Brain. And today, I'm capable of diagnosing neurological disorders. Immense amount of knowledge gained!

교육 기관: Khristine P

2020년 5월 8일

Very good course. Dr. White and his team did an excellent job making this seemingly daunting course into a more understandable and a more relatable one. Thank you.

교육 기관:

2018년 10월 6일

Excellent course! Dr. White taught the neuroanatomy in a clear way and everything makes sense! Really wish that there are more materials for neuropathophysiology.

교육 기관: Justin Z

2020년 6월 11일

Prof. White set the bar high for online courses. Solid teacher. Seems like a kind dude. And I learned a ton of stuff in a field I just started exploring recently.

교육 기관: Bernarda X G B

2020년 11월 24일

An excellent and very challenging course, I have learned a lot and it has motivated me to keep me learning. Thanks Prof. Dr. Leonard White and Duke University.

교육 기관: Felipe B

2020년 8월 17일

The best ocurses I have ever taken! The quality of information, teaching and curiosity that is provided is what makes this course (and Neuroscience) wonderful!

교육 기관: Sanjoy B

2020년 6월 14일

Amazing content and seriously informative. Anyone who is curious about functioning of brain and its structure must take this course. It's very serious stuff.

교육 기관: Vivian Y L

2017년 6월 18일

It took me a lot of hard work to complete this course. But it's really a great course and I'm very glad that I make it to the end. Thank you Duke University.