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How can you tell if the bold headlines seen on social media are truly touting the next big thing or if the article isn't worth the paper it's printed on? Understanding Medical Studies, will provide you with the tools and skills you need to critically interpret medical studies, and determine for yourself the difference between good and bad science. The course covers study-design, research methods, and statistical interpretation. It also delves into the dark side of medical research by covering fraud, biases, and common misinterpretations of data. Each lesson will highlight case-studies from real-world journal articles. By the end of this course, you'll have the tools you need to determine the trustworthiness of the scientific information you're reading and, of course, whether or not your Facebook friend is wrong. This course was made possible in part by the George M. O'Brien Kidney Center at Yale....

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2020년 8월 1일

Excellent course for physical therapists wanting to learn how to critically review the research literature. For those of us who completed physical therapy school > 15 years ago, this course is a must!


2021년 9월 27일

I used to be in a statistics career field and use some of that knowledge for this course. I absolutely feel like it's easier to spot fraud and will help me have a critical eye for so many other areas!

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Understanding Medical Research: Your Facebook Friend is Wrong의 553개 리뷰 중 201~225

교육 기관: baljit

2021년 6월 8일

t​his course was extremely interesting and was taught by the tutor in a great way. The material was easy to understand and I throughly enjoyed taking the course,

교육 기관: Kristy H

2021년 3월 17일

Very informative course! The instructor kept me entertained and engaged with use of humor, examples and enthusiasm. Will definitely take another Coursera course.

교육 기관: Anne G

2021년 1월 5일

I am so thankful to have taken this class. Much of my other coursework was put into a new context and as a result the concepts make more sense. Thanks so much!

교육 기관: Teele K

2020년 12월 24일

Great course! Very good for revising statistical concepts but I also gained a lot of new knowledge. Different examples made harder points easier to understand.

교육 기관: Allyson V

2022년 8월 5일

This is not the course that I expected, but its way beyond my expection. I enjoy every video and its easy to comprehend for a hard concept, thank you so much!

교육 기관: Joanie

2021년 5월 4일

Interesting, well made and engaging. Easy to follow and understand. I personally don't like the part that says: "Your Facebook Friend is wrong" in the title.

교육 기관: Rae R

2020년 7월 24일

Dr. Perry was AMAZING! He really made this course fun to watch. I enjoyed the videos very much.

Fantastic instructor. Wish they were all like Dr. Perry.

교육 기관: Lauren S

2021년 2월 14일

Very informative and helpful in understanding the breakdown of medical research! I look forward to applying this information in my everyday job. Thank you!

교육 기관: Susan H

2020년 9월 8일

This course was factual and fun. Even if you are not a science nerd, you will still enjoy it. Huge thanks to Dr Wilson and the team for making science fun!

교육 기관: Rob O

2020년 7월 21일

Brilliant course, fantastic tutor who manages to make even the more mundane topics interesting (and sometimes even funny!). I highly recommend this course.

교육 기관: R. S S

2020년 12월 26일

Closer to a 5 than a 4. You can't explain everything to everybody, and you can't fix all the problems of science in one course, but Perry came darn close!

교육 기관: Anna H

2020년 7월 29일

Truly great course! Absolutely recommended for everyone interested in understanding medical studies. It was a lot of fun and new, well-explained material.

교육 기관: Filipe P

2020년 7월 19일

The course is excellent, Dr Wilson really simplifies and clarifies these complex concepts in a way that makes learning them a lot funnier than usually is.

교육 기관: Şensu D

2021년 1월 4일

The best course I have encountered. Thanks for your effort. Maybe you can add some additional quiz lie an end term exam to consolidate what we learn.

교육 기관: SYED W U H

2020년 6월 3일

I really hope I get to work with Dr. Wilson one day. He was an inspiration and an amazing teacher. Thank you so much for imparting your wisdom to me.

교육 기관: Jesus M O K B

2020년 12월 19일

Thank you for this module It tells me that medical research is not intimidating after all. Now I know the basics , its now easy for me to understand

교육 기관: Mong Y F

2020년 8월 31일

The course is intriguing and interactive. The course contents are well designed and interesting to learn! Hope to see a sequel to this course!!!!!!!

교육 기관: Jeanette H

2020년 6월 11일

Massively informative and entertaining. Thank you, I am indebted to Professor Wilson, his team and Coursera for giving me this knowledge, for free.

교육 기관: Yasmine K

2020년 6월 4일

Great presenter.

Very imformative & well orchestrated.

Towards the end, a little too much for the ordinary person to need.

That's why I had to dropout.

교육 기관: Sylvain P

2020년 8월 12일

Very interesting content, i highly recommand it for any person looking for more methods when seeking information on medical science. Thanks a lot

교육 기관: John H

2021년 2월 21일

A fantastic overview of medical literature and research for the layperson, or even for the practicing clinician who's a bit rusty on his stats.

교육 기관: Nobody A

2020년 7월 25일

This course is accessible to laypeople who want to get a better understanding of the health headlines that promise more than they can deliver.

교육 기관: Kabakov B

2020년 6월 17일

It is the best 101 to Medical Research I ever see. It is also good for repetition if you are knowing something about Medical Research already.

교육 기관: Sabbitan B

2021년 5월 18일

I truly benefited from this course. Certain concepts in statistics were simplified do that it would make more sense. Prof Perry was AMAZING !

교육 기관: Dr N N P

2021년 3월 28일

Extremely enjoyable course. Gets into the depth of analysing a medical research & shows how to be vigilant with the medical research results!