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Imagine if there were an organ in your body that weighed as much as your brain, that affected your health, your weight, and even your behavior. Wouldn’t you want to know more about it? There is such an organ — the collection of microbes in and on your body, your human microbiome....

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2017년 2월 10일

Very informative! Everybody should take this course, to know more about their own microbiome...

The first lessons are not so exciting, but hang in there! The most interesting parts come later ;)


2018년 6월 30일

It was a good experience, and while I'm not too big on microbiology in general, I was intrigued in the role our microbiome plays in our lives. The summer I did this changed my life in a way. :)

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교육 기관: Arxel E

2020년 4월 26일

The course was presented in a very systematic manner with recent studies involved in the discussions.


2020년 8월 28일

loved the videos.. The course provided a basic introduction on the gut microbiome . Very informative

교육 기관: Kandauda T I d S

2020년 7월 7일

This is an excellent course for anyone who is expecting to gain knowledge on human gut microbiome.

교육 기관: Chris A

2017년 2월 24일

Excellent course, and I enjoyed it, although it went much deeper into the subject than I expected.

교육 기관: JM B

2016년 7월 17일

So far, exactly what I hoped the course to be! Very excited to follow through with the rest of it.

교육 기관: Bertan A

2017년 4월 1일

Excellent course ! For those wandering about how our microbes affect our lives in many aspects...

교육 기관: Cesar S

2020년 10월 31일

Excelentes instructores, muy buen nivel de contenidos

Podría ampliarse para una segunda edición.

교육 기관: Claire C

2016년 9월 11일

most interesting course and well worth doing this course if the subject is of interest to you.

교육 기관: Ericka P F B

2020년 6월 13일

The course has an excellent technical level and very complet topics to understand the subject

교육 기관: Anna A

2016년 10월 16일

Very informative course that changed my perspective on food and our dependence on microbes.

교육 기관: Jakub F H

2016년 5월 30일

I'm quite impressed how good these course is. Big thanks for giving us so much knowledge :)

교육 기관: Alex S

2019년 12월 2일

Thanks for the course, it was interesting for me, and I am in the biology field at all!!!

교육 기관: Leigh-Ann S

2017년 4월 27일

Great introductory course to the bacteria, the microbiome and essential research methods.

교육 기관: Susan G

2017년 4월 28일

Interesting course in gaining insight on recent studies in the world of the microbiome.

교육 기관: Alefiya

2021년 4월 15일

It is an amazing course, eye opening, mind boggling and very informative and crucial.

교육 기관: Ann K

2016년 8월 7일

Enjoyed the class! Makes me feel good that I am not crazy about too much cleanliness!

교육 기관: Lucille R

2022년 3월 10일

​informative! Excellent videos. The lectures via video were on target and thorough.

교육 기관: Diana S

2020년 4월 4일

This is an excellent course. Well designed and delivered with valuable information.

교육 기관: Jack M

2018년 5월 19일

Very informative. The information is presented in a very understandable way. Thanks

교육 기관: Leandro C

2017년 1월 9일

This course was excellent and it made me change the way i see myself and the world.

교육 기관: Blanca I M R

2020년 10월 19일

I think is an excelente course. It was so interesting and dynamic. I leaden a lot

교육 기관: Claudia L

2016년 11월 29일

Very good course. Interesting and get to know the important people in this field.

교육 기관: Liwei F

2016년 9월 20일

I really like the content, the instructors talk about the very recent research.

교육 기관: 潘朝智

2016년 4월 20일

Very interesting course on human health from the aspect of microbial viewpoint.

교육 기관: David W H

2015년 8월 21일

This course was absolutely great. I learned a lot more than I thought I would.