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The development of online education has brought opportunities and challenges for traditional teaching and learning. Nowadays it’s very important to learn about online education, which can help us study better and more easily. This course focuses on 5 themes: 1.interpreting online education 2.discussing why online education is needed 3.explaining the current status of online education in colleges and universities 4.predicting the future of online education, 5.sharing online education practices and experiences from a large number of excellent teachers Follow us on Facebook Page and Twitter (@TsinghuaX)....
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MOOC and Blended Learning의 10개 리뷰 중 1~10

교육 기관: Robert J M

2020년 12월 9일

Professional discussion is observed and acquired. Hope more from Tsinghua University. Helpful especially, due to restriction of face to face classes

교육 기관: Jian O

2020년 8월 19일

That is a good course!

교육 기관: GLORIYA V

2020년 8월 1일


교육 기관: Sandra A

2020년 11월 8일

This course is an interesting one for everybody but especially for teachers who love to update their teaching skills .I hope its can be directly translated to English too ,because the subtitle goes fast and grasping some of the concept is difficult .Again some things shown on the screen cannot be watched as you will be trying to read the subtitle at the same time . In all I have learnt a lot irrespective of the challenges . Thank you.

교육 기관: Kuan S H

2021년 4월 4일

Great content, well designed. But the system can still be cheated easily. Overall I learn a lot from this course.

교육 기관: Zhang X

2020년 10월 1일





교육 기관: Didik H

2020년 4월 3일

In general, the course of MOOC and Blended Learning offered by Tsinghua University is quite-well structured, delivered by qualified lecturers, and provided with some interesting examples, case studies, and teaching strategies for online education. One thing that still leaves a small hole for the next improvement is the language barrier since the course is originally set up in Chinese, thus it is very essential to establish the English translation completely and properly both in video narration and PowerPoint slides in the video.

교육 기관: Jennifer R

2020년 2월 21일

I would like to have feedback about my mistakes on the quizzes.

교육 기관: Maria A S

2020년 2월 21일

El curso debería ser por lo menos doblado al inglés en su totalidad. Leer subtítulos en inglés todo el tiempo y con una redacción que contiene errores hace al curso poco atractivo y bastante cansado. El curso no habla de las herramientas tecnológicas o plataformas que se utilizan para clases online, como por ejemplo Zoom, Jitsi, etc. Las pruebas "Homework" contienen errores en forma y contenido. Algunas preguntas o alternativas de respuesta están mal elaboradas y/o redactadas y cada examen por lo menos tiene una pregunta que no tiene respuesta correcta, a pesar de haber revisado los videos y notas varias veces. Es una lástima, pero no recomendaría este curso a nadie.

교육 기관: Yvonne P

2020년 2월 21일

The course offered very little of everything it says an online class should have. The translation to English is poor and the tests have many mistakes: questions that are not clear or are too general and in most of them there was a question with no correct answer. Additionally, feedback was never provided in order to learn what my mistakes were. For the cost, I expected a lot more from this course and feel completely unsatisfied with the outcome.