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When do governments deserve our allegiance, and when should they be denied it? This course explores the main answers that have been given to this question in the modern West. We start with a survey of the major political theories of the Enlightenment: Utilitarianism, Marxism, and the social contract tradition. In each case, we begin with a look at classical formulations, locating them in historical context, but then shift to the contemporary debates as they relate to politics today. Next, we turn to the rejection of Enlightenment political thinking, again exploring both classical and contemporary formulations. The last part of the course deals with the nature of, and justifications for, democratic politics, and their relations to Enlightenment and Anti-Enlightenment political thinking. In addition to exploring theoretical differences among the various authors discussed, considerable attention is devoted to the practical implications of their competing arguments. To this end, we discuss a variety of concrete problems, including debates about economic inequality, affirmative action and the distribution of health care, the limits of state power in the regulation of speech and religion, and difficulties raised by the emerging threat of global environmental decay....

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Sep 17, 2015

excellant work dont by Dr Ian Shapiro and staff on putting such a mind turning,thought provoking MOOC on a complex and ever controversial subject known as POLITICS!..I hope to see more from them soon


Jul 02, 2020

The lectures are easy to understand, the reading materials informative. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and any beginner will be able to grasp the technicalities of Moral Politics after this Course.

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Jul 07, 2020



Jun 24, 2020


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Jun 23, 2020


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Jun 16, 2020



Jun 14, 2020


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May 24, 2020


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May 20, 2020


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Apr 26, 2020


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Mar 21, 2020


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Mar 18, 2019


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Mar 07, 2019


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Mar 05, 2019


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Sep 05, 2020


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May 29, 2020


교육 기관: James M J

Oct 22, 2015


교육 기관: Manoj J

Nov 14, 2015

It is an excellent course. Amazing teacher who explained complex things using appropriate example. It is worth to have more course from this teacher. Somewhere I felt contents presented in manner that it place some premium to the ideological preference of west in general and US in particular. Echiman Problem was interesting example that teacher employed through out the course. But it could have been offered a balanced view, if teacher used "whiteman" problem i.e. exporting and imposing democracy across the world justifying all kind of violence

Manoj Joseph, India

교육 기관: Winston Y J H

Jul 29, 2020

I had no prior knowledge about any form of politics or political sciences at all, before I engaged in this course, only the utmost basics, such as Utilitarianism and Kantianism. I understand that the course stated right in the beginning that no prior knowledge was required at all to progress through the course. However, I've struggled quite a little trying to comprehend all the terms Professor Shapiro was using. Therefore, I still think that this course is more of an advanced course rather than the very basics.

교육 기관: Lloyd A

Apr 09, 2016

Really enjoyed this course, although it was like a whistle-stop tour of political philosophy. That is probably the one thing I would change about it - the title. Foundations of Modern Political Philosophy might be more appropriate as morality was only briefly touched on. But it was jam=packed with information and education, really good, Professor Shapiro was excellent, and whilst the students were a little infuriating at times, I guess that adds to it too. Thank you.

교육 기관: Arpitha R

Jul 08, 2020

I started this course with zero knowledge of politics and the like. Now I think I have understood the working of governments and why laws are made the way they are, according to history. I have basic knowledge and can now start forming my opinions on politics and the economy. Prof. Shapiro was a delight to listen to as well. Very knowledgable and graceful. Thank you

교육 기관: Stella L X T

May 28, 2020

A little complicated to grasp for a non-American, but I managed to get a basic understanding of how politics were shaped through the many theories over the years, and try to apply my understanding to my country's governance situation. An insightful course that required quite a bit of thinking to keep up. Thank you Prof and the 2 students, for all the effort!

교육 기관: ravi t k

Oct 25, 2015

This is a great course to start. Although I am an Engineer by profession, i grew up following different political systems all over the world. I always amazed by the contradictory views of them. Finally, this course helped me to get a sense of different political theories and raised my interest much more. Thanks!

교육 기관: TMinsk

May 30, 2016

I'm glad I took this class; it was confusing and dense while being fascinating and thought-provoking. How's that for mixed feelings? It feels like a class I should take twice, the first time was prep and the second will be to learn the material and think through the ideas.

교육 기관: Faisal B K V

Jul 13, 2020

Thanks a lot Coursera.

It would have been better if a different face had appeared as instructor during the course of study of some weeks. The same instructor in most of the weeks' courses and leading discussions made the course a little monotonous.

교육 기관: J. D

Aug 21, 2016

Overall a good course. Although maybe a little bit short/quick on the Marxism side of it. There's more information about some of the theories of Marx (and how they are thought to be false), instead of the political side of it (stop exploitation).

교육 기관: Airton M

Jun 24, 2020

I'm from Brazil. I'I had more work to read, translate and understand some of the issues addressed in the lectures. I am reading the texts slowly. I am returning to see some classes to better understand them.