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How do we make decisions as consumers? What do we pay attention to, and how do our initial responses predict our final choices? To what extent are these processes unconscious and cannot be reflected in overt reports? This course will provide you with an introduction to some of the most basic methods in the emerging fields of consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing. You will learn about the methods employed and what they mean. You will learn about the basic brain mechanisms in consumer choice, and how to stay updated on these topics. The course will give an overview of the current and future uses of neuroscience in business....

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2020년 6월 23일

This was truly a deep and research-oriented course. This helped me in getting ahead with so much knowledge and skills. Thank you, CBS for coming up with something so creative and innovative like this!


2020년 7월 15일

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. A total new dimension for me, as far as marketing in concerned. Very well organized and demonstrated by the Instructor. The reference will help me in further studies.

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An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing 의 706개 리뷰 중 226~250

교육 기관: Shaurya s

2020년 7월 3일

A great course and an amazing faculty. Gained a lot of insight towards consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing. thank you

교육 기관: Sonja S

2016년 12월 27일

Great course. Well structured, easy to follow and to understand. Please offer more about applied Neuromarketing like this.

교육 기관: MARIANA P

2021년 10월 3일

He entendido de manera muy explicita cada concepto dado y puesto en practica al momento de realizar las diferentes tareas

교육 기관: SAMRAT M

2020년 6월 8일

Great learning. The insights, interviews and case studies were really practically put forward. Very well balanced course.

교육 기관: Deepak K

2017년 8월 28일

One of the best courses I have ever seen. This is really a value addition. Awaiting the next level of the same course.

교육 기관: Liz O

2021년 12월 5일

Great course, content and instructions. Love the amount of materials that are available. Highly recommend the course !

교육 기관: Chiara B

2021년 4월 7일

Very informative, useful and practical. It relates to practice as well as academic research. I definitely recommend it

교육 기관: An S

2020년 9월 27일

Excellent introduction to the basics of consumer neuroscience! Especially appreciated the extensive selected readings.

교육 기관: KARAN N R

2018년 7월 25일

Amazing Insights by Prof. Ramsoy! I highly recommend all the students to pursue this course and enrich the learnings.

교육 기관: Meritxell P J

2017년 9월 20일

I really liked it! There is a big part of Neuro, not just Marketing which was lovely! I really enjoyed it, thank you!

교육 기관: Yuri K

2016년 10월 24일

It's the future of the marketing foundation. This course makes soft introduction with science-based approach. Thanks!

교육 기관: Monica D

2022년 5월 2일

Thoughoughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Thank you Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy for a wonderful learning experience.


2017년 1월 5일

Very good insights. Awesome paperwork materials and excellent videos! It makes a great introduction to the subjects!

교육 기관: Jose F A O

2016년 12월 4일


교육 기관: Jagdish N

2020년 4월 24일

its always better to learn the Second side of the coin when you are speaking to your customer .

Amazing Insights and

교육 기관: Fabiano A

2018년 8월 15일

Nowdays I Work with retail systems and the course came along with my expectations, I highly recommend this course.

교육 기관: Dr. A D L

2022년 4월 29일

Great course! A fairly new and cutting-edge education system of consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing course.

교육 기관: Génesis M

2021년 7월 17일

U​n curso extraordinario, sin duda la mejor decision de este mes fue aprender un poco mas sobre el Neuromarketing

교육 기관: Robbie M

2020년 6월 2일

Interesting, well tailored for beginners and very informative. A great start for anyone interested in the field.

교육 기관: Ulises C Á

2019년 2월 13일

This course is a very interesting way to introduce in the Neuroscience and Neuromarketing field, very recomended.


2018년 12월 23일

the most interesting online course i ever learned!

excellent real-life examples, great topics and very interesting

교육 기관: Ernesto C M

2020년 1월 15일

Excelente course. Its been an honor tu attend such a prestigious academic standard. Thank you for the oppotunity

교육 기관: Sundaram J

2018년 8월 29일

An extremely useful course for both beginners and professionals in marketing to know the future of this industry

교육 기관: Sarychev A

2017년 5월 24일

It is a very informative and essential course of Neuroscience and Neuromarketing including precious interviews o

교육 기관: Lorena S D

2020년 6월 11일

Very complete, specific and a lot of papers that complement the videos. I reccomend this cours with close eyes.