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This course will help non-native English speakers improve their listening and note-taking skills for the purpose of listening to academic lectures. You will learn techniques for improving your understanding and skills for taking more effective notes, and you will get lots of practice in using these. If you're planning to attend college classes in English, then this class is for you. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Understand and follow a lecture 2. Take better lecture notes 3. Discuss courses with classmates and professors 4. Give an effective academic presentation Please note that the free version of this class gives you access to all of the instructional videos and handouts. The peer feedback and quizzes are only available in the paid version....

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Dec 11, 2018

It is very useful and very interesting course i learned a lot of skills from this course and these skills which i learned from this course will help me in my whole life regarding my studies


Aug 11, 2017

This was a very informative course. It taught me a lot as a student and since I took it, I have improved a lot at school.

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Academic Listening and Note-Taking의 71개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Muhammad A A

Nov 28, 2017

Great Course

Thank you

교육 기관: Agnes K

Jan 23, 2017

The course was really great: the lessons are very well-organized, build up very logically and most of all, they really help by note-taking and listening. I enjoyed the content, and found the mesure of free (optional) and fix contents very well-balanced. I learned a lot outside my field of research. The skills (e.g. time management) are very useful for me (and actually for everyone). To sum up: I loved the course and I can just recommend it for everyone!!! Thank you very much again! Ágnes

교육 기관: Adda D

Oct 18, 2017

Know it is much better for me listening and taking notes

교육 기관: Mostafa M

Sep 13, 2017

perfect and very useful course

교육 기관: Fahd A

Sep 06, 2017

This course provided me with what I needed and that was to write fast enough in English when listening academic materials... and some other skills like knowing what to write and what's not... but my main goal was to write faster and I achieved it thanks to this

교육 기관: Neha R B

Sep 07, 2017

thank you for providing such wonderful course and great service. looking forward to get e

교육 기관: sandiso

Aug 11, 2017

This was a very informative course. It taught me a lot as a student and since I took it, I have improved a lot at school.

교육 기관: Sylvia S

Jun 27, 2018

I like this course, and I think it helped me a lot. I have learned efficient ways to do academic listening and note-taking. Thanks a lot.

교육 기관: Hakan A

Jul 27, 2017

great site to improving ability

교육 기관: Sebastian L R

Dec 22, 2016

Really good course!

Totally recoemended!

교육 기관: rudraraju v

Oct 02, 2017

good to learn in English language and note taking

교육 기관: Raed M

Mar 16, 2017

Very interesting and beneficial.

교육 기관: Amrit B

Jan 02, 2017

very useful program

교육 기관: Olena

Jun 12, 2017

Thank you so much for the opportunety to study on this course. It helps me to understand English speech. I try to listen and catch the meaning even despite speech speed.

I become more confident in speaking English. I made a part of my report on scientific conference in English.

교육 기관: Jayeon Y

Oct 03, 2016

This course helped me a lot! Very useful and meaningful! Every week assignment made me a little bit busy and crazy, but those were also meaningful works for me!

교육 기관: Jimmy Y S

Apr 26, 2017


교육 기관: 李会玲

Nov 15, 2016


교육 기관: Quỳnh P D

Nov 02, 2016


교육 기관: ImadEddine S

Apr 20, 2018

It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot in this course

교육 기관: Danilo J L B

Oct 26, 2016

Definitely this course helped me to improve my listening skills which was the goal I had in mind. Of course there was some troubles for me, but I ended up having a great time listening the lectures. It's all a matter of practice and the techniques I've been taught are definitely useful for most academic lectures.

Now I believe I have a sharper hearing!

교육 기관: Eman a e s

Apr 10, 2019

Very Good

교육 기관: Hyller V R

Apr 12, 2019

Not only helped me absorb the fundamental aspects of taking notes, but also explained how this process is important to increase your understanding during a lecture.

I am really glad to have had the opportunity to participate in this course.

Congratulations to everybody that helped build this course.

교육 기관: Debora D N L P

May 14, 2019


교육 기관: rafael o

May 17, 2019

Excelent course

교육 기관: Abdulaziz S B

May 16, 2019

That's a good training .