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In this introductory course on Ordinary Differential Equations, we first provide basic terminologies on the theory of differential equations and then proceed to methods of solving various types of ordinary differential equations. We handle first order differential equations and then second order linear differential equations. We also discuss some related concrete mathematical modeling problems, which can be handled by the methods introduced in this course. The lecture is self contained. However, if necessary, you may consult any introductory level text on ordinary differential equations. For example, "Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems by W. E. Boyce and R. C. DiPrima from John Wiley & Sons" is a good source for further study on the subject. The course is mainly delivered through video lectures. At the end of each module, there will be a quiz consisting of several problems related to the lecture of the week....

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Jan 13, 2020

The course is correctly paced. The lectures are extremely good and carries lots of details. Overall, the course is very well organized, extremely thankful to the instructor and others for the support.


Jun 14, 2020

An excellent platform for the subject knowledge. Coursera teaches the different types of learning methods .in this couse I learned about differential equations applicable to physical concepts

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Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations의 143개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Edisson I R P

May 31, 2020

This course of Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations was very interesting, I enjoyed it and I learned what I need to expand my Knowledge

교육 기관: Edward C

May 07, 2018

A very useful lesson for those students wanting to take a step further than AP/ALevel and freshmen that are struggling with math classes.

교육 기관: Zhenyu W

Jun 10, 2020

Very helpful and practical. Best match to whom wants to know how to solve some specific kinds of DEs. I love it. Thank you professor.

교육 기관: Eric H

Jan 06, 2018

It's a really amazing course. Really glad that I take. Some of the video has little sound, but overall it's really good and clear.

교육 기관: Dr. S C

May 13, 2020

Really learnt alot from this course specially application part. Thanks for your support. Really very hard working instructor.

교육 기관: DEMAULO, A T (

Jun 09, 2020

This course is very helpful especially for college students who want to learn more about differential equations.

교육 기관: GONZALES, J D (

Jun 04, 2020

It is very informational to all of us students regarding differential equations and its properties. thank you

교육 기관: ABHIRAM G

Apr 18, 2019

wonderful course with the best teacher and his teaching, by this i come to know a few topics in mathematics

교육 기관: ENIOLA S B

Jun 05, 2020

thanks to Coursera management for giving me the opportunity to study at ease and receive my certificate.

교육 기관: MAJEED A

Feb 20, 2019

Very nice course offered.This course improve my knowledge and skills.I hope that will help me in future.

교육 기관: Shounak D

Mar 02, 2018

good course for beginners..discusses the fundamentals of solving differential equations analytically.

교육 기관: Deleted A

Mar 18, 2019


교육 기관: Yuhan Z

Oct 07, 2018

Great course - very clear and practical. I appreciate the professor's teaching as well as the exams.

교육 기관: ULLURI U S

Jun 09, 2020

Improve knowledge

Improving skills

Developed our listening skills

Improve eye contact

Good learning

교육 기관: Catalin M

Feb 08, 2018

Clear explanation of each concept and then each concept is reinforced with associated exercises.

교육 기관: Sidarth M

Mar 16, 2019

I got my all the doubts cleared and some of the basics also. the explanation is also very good.

교육 기관: Mekrami A

May 09, 2020

The course is good organised and usefull to study many other topics of mathematics and physics

교육 기관: R M

Dec 17, 2019

Very nice experience.I refreshed my knowledge of differential equation ,Thanks to Coursera.

교육 기관: Dr. L n S

May 27, 2020

This is very nice online course to learn and practice Ordinary Differential Equations

교육 기관: CONTAWE, C J (

Mar 14, 2020

I love it!! Simple explanations and the professor doesn't make it look complicated!!

교육 기관: Subbar P

Jul 02, 2020

The contents and concepts are very good and examples are very useful in real life

교육 기관: Chandra K

Sep 29, 2018

The one of the course of its kind. Very helpful to students and very informative.

교육 기관: Vrahant N

May 01, 2020

this course teach me so much about differential equations and there application

교육 기관: Aishwarya T

Nov 04, 2018

I learnt all the basics I wanted to very properly, the course was very helpful.

교육 기관: SABINO, E (

Mar 19, 2020

I have learned so much in this course and the videos are very informative.