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How do you lead your organisation when today’s work environment is so competitive and complex? When you become responsible for leading an organisation, your most important leadership challenge will be enabling your organisation to deliver on its strategy while ensuring it remains sufficiently agile. This course will prepare you to tackle this challenge. You will examine what organisational culture is, the primary organisational structures, and what we mean by ‘systems’, before building on your foundational knowledge and taking a more strategic perspective. The structured learning activities that complement this course (video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts and written assessments) will not only prepare you to take your organisation forward in a more strategic direction, but to make better decisions along the way....

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2021년 8월 16일

Well-structured and logical syllabus and delivery. I did boarden my perspective and knowledge about key organizational elements and how they interact with each others to achieve business vision &


2020년 4월 26일

This course has really helped me broaden my skills and knowledge in Leadership and organisational structures and also how to apply in my field of study, so grateful, but the stress was worth it

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교육 기관: Yelizaveta S

2022년 5월 8일

Thank you so much for this course. I have found it very structured, useful, and practical. It's easy to bring gained knowledge to my work experience. However, I do recomend to think about home taks (assignments), utilization of peers interaction, etc. This part of the course is not developed properly, conversations are not practical and interactive. Maybe you can arrange some interactive webinars, or apply some other solutions

교육 기관: Elif L B

2020년 6월 23일

I benefitted from this course's unique approach tremendously. The variety of content (lectures, videos, articles, news and talks) allowed me to see different perspectives and broaden my knowledge in the area of management and HRM, in particular. The only issue I faced was that I have waited for weeks to get my final grade; and when I got it, there was no sufficient feedback on my peer-reviewed assignment.

교육 기관: Genevieve N

2022년 5월 10일

Overall a helpful and interesting course, however I do wish that since we spend so much time in the forums answering questions and reading other's posts that there was some oversight from an actual expert to make sure our thinking was on track, rather than just having the occassional peer review. Just some more assurance that I am fully understanding the material!

교육 기관: Preeti M

2020년 1월 24일

This course was excellent and i enjoyed learning it since it was a blend of videos and case studies. Every video and reading material was very informative.

It would be nice if we could incorporate 1 master reviewer ( a highly experience personnel in this subject ) to assess the final assessment in lieu of 2 peer assessors.

Overall a good program.

교육 기관: Muhammad M H

2020년 6월 22일

This course is well enriched to know about organizational structure, culture, and behavior. I am very pleased to do this course. Thanks to the honorable instructor and faculties of Macquarie University.

교육 기관: Shalini J

2021년 1월 29일

Course is super amazing and its very helpful when your working on identifying key improvement and doing some change in culture

교육 기관: Khyam G

2020년 12월 19일

It's great I enjoyed with this course gain lots of new knowledge with good examples.

교육 기관: ARTURO V V V

2022년 4월 17일

Muy buen curso, pero puede mejorar la traducción al español

교육 기관: Constantin W

2020년 7월 28일

Well structured and good examples!

교육 기관: Domenica P

2021년 11월 27일

Muy buen curso

교육 기관: thao

2021년 5월 29일

pretty good

교육 기관: Monowar H

2020년 6월 15일


교육 기관: Johny W C V

2021년 8월 22일


교육 기관: HENRY L M

2022년 5월 25일


교육 기관: Nguyen T L ( H

2021년 5월 21일


교육 기관: Ngo T C ( H

2020년 12월 23일


교육 기관: Tran D M K H

2022년 6월 27일


교육 기관: Chu D A ( H

2021년 5월 19일


교육 기관: Joshua G

2020년 3월 7일

It'll be nice if someone could uptade certain parts of the lectures like really old articles, dead links or links that lead to pages that require a paid subscription in order to see the content. Also in weeks one and two the tasks are related to Wework as a good example of a successful organization, however this company has been under fire for months because of a possible fraud to their investors.

교육 기관: Jessica P

2020년 4월 21일

Most examples involve men in successful roles. It would be good to include more women. thanks.

교육 기관: Le Y N _ K F C

2020년 12월 2일

The course is quite helpful

교육 기관: Nicholas W

2021년 4월 7일

first 2 weeks were super interesting, then 3/4 kinda got boring, final 2 weeks were just annoying for me.