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캘리포니아 대학교 어바인 캠퍼스의 Perfect Tenses and Modals 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This is the first course in the Learn English: Intermediate Grammar specialization. In this course, you will learn about important intermediate verb tenses, including present perfect, present perfect progressive, past perfect, and past perfect progressive. You will also learn about common modal verbs used in English. This course is designed for learners who have a basic understanding of English grammar but who want to learn more and improve their skills for everyday speaking or writing, as well as for academics. It will be a fun class with lots of entertaining and informative video lectures....

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2021년 10월 11일

The classes are very good, everything is well-explained. I learned a lot from this course. The experience was that good I will continue at finishing UCI online courses. UCI got my heart from now on.


2016년 10월 6일

I loved this course. I am pretty good at grammar, but it was good to review some rules. I took it in four days, each day I completed one week. Every day I spent on average two hours on the course.

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Perfect Tenses and Modals의 1,001개 리뷰 중 176~200

교육 기관: Nilofer A a

2021년 4월 11일

thank you so much i achieve and most of grammar now clear form me but i need to speak and use it in my daily to improve

thanks again

교육 기관: DORCOUS A M

2020년 10월 22일

it has been a tremendous experience learning via this online course, made my English much more perfect and CORRECT. THANK YOU SO MUCH

교육 기관: SILVIA R A

2020년 10월 7일

Este curso ha sido muy útil para mi proceso de aprendizaje de la lengua inglesa, me ayudó a comprender mejor la gramática y sus usos.

교육 기관: Eireen A G

2020년 8월 22일

Its a good refresher course, enough exercises. On the exercises, they should further explain the answer whether its correct or wrong.

교육 기관: Faisal O M A

2017년 9월 25일

Its really very useful course, lots of grammar basics has been added to me, I am really feel confidence when i am talking in English.

교육 기관: Phan T B F C

2020년 9월 14일

This course is very helpful. It provides useful knowledge. I really like the videos. They are clear and easy for learners to follow.

교육 기관: Norma A M R

2019년 10월 22일

Me encanto la forma de explicar , simple y sencilla muy facil de comprender.

I loved this course because is very easy for understand

교육 기관: Sumera R

2020년 3월 6일

Excellent course. I would like to recommend this course for those who want to excel theirs basics including Tenses and Modal Verbs.

교육 기관: Nelson A H H

2021년 8월 16일

It seems a lit bit lame at the beginning, but it works, is different and it will help you to clarify and recognize English tenses.

교육 기관: Juan E A R

2019년 8월 19일

Es un curso donde nos ayuda a no perder los pequeños detalles. Saber la gramática de un idioma permite conocer las mismas raíces.

교육 기관: June T L

2020년 11월 14일

This course is very supportive for me. What is more, I have learned more knowledge about perfect tenses and modals. Thanks a lot!

교육 기관: LIM J W

2020년 4월 20일

lecture video is easy to be understand. this course can be done within 3 days for student during their break. highly recommended.

교육 기관: Vionita S

2017년 7월 3일

I would like to say thank you so much for this course and all of people who supported me to join this course. Thank you so much !

교육 기관: Daniela G G

2020년 7월 6일

Thanks, I learn more about english, I need improve my level english

Is very well the techniques for learn, and help the students.

교육 기관: Perle P

2021년 8월 31일

T​his course allowed to go deeper into the understanding of the grammar. There were a lot a subtilities I was glad to encounter

교육 기관: MOHAMED K I

2020년 7월 13일

So good course, after you finish this course i think you can understand so much things.

the teachers are good and well prepared.

교육 기관: SAJJAD A

2020년 6월 12일

course was very amazing and i have enjoyed a lot learning here and also the way of course instructors was very good i loved it


2020년 5월 21일

This course is really great. Teaching with simulation makes me understand the usage of each topic very well . Thank you so much

교육 기관: Susmita

2018년 11월 11일

way of teaching in course era is so simple and interesting. anybody could understand.

Lots of thanks to course era and its team.

교육 기관: Ana G V F

2021년 12월 24일

A wonderful course that definitely helped me practice and improve my English writing and grammar skills! Highly recommended!

교육 기관: Alain M

2020년 12월 6일

Very good, clear, and simple explanations. Except the peer review I find totally useless, the course is useful and pleasant.

교육 기관: Javiera M M

2020년 8월 23일

I liked so much this course, It will be a really great help to develop my speech, and talk English correctly. I am grateful.

교육 기관: Saket A J

2020년 6월 21일

It was my first experience on the Coursera platform and I'm fully satisfied with it.

Thanks, University of California, Irvine

교육 기관: Nancy M

2016년 10월 12일

Muy fácil de entender, gracias a las practicas los conceptos y nuevos conocimientos se pueden memorizar de una buena manera.

교육 기관: Alvaro A B R

2022년 4월 18일

A well-structured course with practical examples, I thank UCI for this course that help us to improve our English skills.