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Portfolio Selection and Risk Management, 라이스 대학교

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About this Course

When an investor is faced with a portfolio choice problem, the number of possible assets and the various combinations and proportions in which each can be held can seem overwhelming. In this course, you’ll learn the basic principles underlying optimal portfolio construction, diversification, and risk management. You’ll start by acquiring the tools to characterize an investor’s risk and return trade-off. You will next analyze how a portfolio choice problem can be structured and learn how to solve for and implement the optimal portfolio solution. Finally, you will learn about the main pricing models for equilibrium asset prices. Learners will: • Develop risk and return measures for portfolio of assets • Understand the main insights from modern portfolio theory based on diversification • Describe and identify efficient portfolios that manage risk effectively • Solve for portfolio with the best risk-return trade-offs • Understand how risk preference drive optimal asset allocation decisions • Describe and use equilibrium asset pricing models....

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대학: AH

Dec 17, 2016

I really enjoyed this course. Sometimes it required a lot of discipline to analyse investigate, but at the end I've learn a lot.

대학: AA

Nov 11, 2018

This is the most informative in depth short course i ever across. Learned a lot!

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대학: David Garcia Hernandez

May 14, 2019

excelent course for understanding modern portfolio construction and more practical than I expected.

대학: Abdullah ÇİFTÇİ

May 09, 2019

An excellent course for understanding the portfolio theory

대학: Париков Игорь

May 02, 2019


대학: Katie NGUYEN

May 02, 2019

J'aime bien ce cours. C'est vraiment utile pour ma carrière! Merci Doctor O.

대학: Edgar Raul Ciau Ku

Feb 23, 2019


대학: Nazih Fattal

Jan 23, 2019

Great Course. I learned a lot.

Thank you!

대학: Lautaro Parada

Nov 27, 2018

great course!

대학: Abdullah

Nov 11, 2018

This is the most informative in depth short course i ever across. Learned a lot!

대학: 杜睿

Oct 28, 2018

I have learned a lot, but I want to learn more

대학: Carlo Segantini

Oct 22, 2018

I will fail because, despite submitting all my assignments on time and obtaining excellent grades on all of them, one of them was not reviewed and graded by my peers on time. Quizzes and Assignments should be graded by professors and Teaching assistants, not students. I pay I fee and and I expect more. The entire process was a fraud.