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Positioning is the heart of any Marketing Strategy, the core that you must get right. It does not matter whether you start with a clearly defined target group or with a differential value proposition: you will need end up with a clear segment or segments upon which we build our Marketing Plan. In this course - the second in our Marketing Strategy Specialization - IE professor Ignacio Gafo will guide you through the essential stages of this key marketing process, starting with the basic elements that you will require and deciding on the market segmentation and marketing. The course progresses to examine the key market trends that you will encounter and will provide you with a handy practical toolbox of skills. The course features interviews with industry professionals as well as on location videos where we quiz members of the public on their attitude towards this key concept. After this course you will be in no doubt of where to position your product and which segment you are going to attempt to attract....

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Dec 21, 2016

Professor Ignacio elaborated the concept of positioning in a detailed manner. 5C's are very nicely explained. The videos are short and engaging which helped in increasing concentration.


Feb 08, 2018

It has been very instrumental in my case as i redefine the strategy for my organization. Simple and easy to understand with very good case study literature provided. Thanks guys

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교육 기관: Juan I V U

May 14, 2017

Ok, so the thing is this...

The course is awesome! And really i mean it, because it teaches you the basis to start doing things yourself and it motivates you a lot, but:

1) There is to bad grammar on the essays and documents they give to us.

2) The page from WARC seems to be hacked because everything is a mess.

3) In some videos, the audio is awful

5) Ignacio needs to practice on his speach, because he seems very nervous on every filming

6) Quizes are to tricky. Also, there's to many ambiguous questions that, even for people that works hard to get so much more information from the outside, there is no way we can prove what is wrong or right.

But also i want to say thinks to all the staff that made this course possible, i appreciate a lot the effort you are comiting in making knowledge accesible.

Kind regards!

교육 기관: Lydia D

Dec 28, 2016

I'm learning A LOT! I have a background in marketing strategy, but covering the basics 7 laters in my career I am becoming more up-to-date and remembering things that have been shifted to the back of my head. I recommend this course to beginners as well as people already practicing. Also, I highly recommend taking the entire specialization to get the most out of the new knowledge you will learn as well as a refresher. Who knows, those who are studies and practiced you may learning new things like I have been. Also hearing the things you already know may clarify things you learned a little more as I am experiencing.

교육 기관: Melanie W

Feb 09, 2019

I really enjoyed this course! As someone from the science field without any marketing background, I especially like Professor Gafo's systematic and organized breakdown of the marketing process. It serves as a great framework for me to understand positioning. Thank you Professor for all the tools you provided. Learning about what positioning is NOT has been equally helpful. From the reading materials, I appreciated the real life examples of good marketing strategies practiced in different countries. Thank you again!


Mar 23, 2019

I am very glad to share that I got opportunity to complete e-learning course on marketing strategy from world class university & very informative lecture on each topic. Entire course content was very exciting & engaging. Now I can make business strategy in more effective way & clearly forecast how this learning can be used to ensure Product marketing & Market share.

교육 기관: Małgorzata M

Jun 06, 2017

Thank you. Everything was presented in a very good way. A lot of new topics for me. All tests were not so easy. What made me think and review notes, that was great.

I think in the last test, in question nr 4 was a mistake or bug. As I checked all possibilities, all was negative.

Thank you


교육 기관: William A

Apr 02, 2017

Professor Gafo did a great job establishing the importance of positioning and how it is fundamental to the success of a marketing strategy. I feel much more confident about implementing a positioning assessment or shift for my organization's products and services.

교육 기관: Shaurya s

Apr 15, 2020

Thank you for the valuable insight and clarification of core concepts related to positioning.

extremely overwhelming and happy professor, gives a sense of happiness and lightness while doing a course, in other words, he's very comforting.

교육 기관: Pablo J G G

Jun 18, 2020

Excelente, it contains a lot of examples and interview with leader of Marketing in Spain. I would improve trying to get interview with Marketing leaders of other part of the world (Asia, Africa, Latin América, América, Oceania)

교육 기관: shakshi s

Jun 02, 2020

Amazing course, Great reading materials, Slides were awesome. Give a very clear picture of Marketing strategy and help in understanding what are the common mistakes we could have done in building marketing strategies

교육 기관: Shubham S

Jan 03, 2018

It is the best course I have came so far, So much of learning. I really admire the great work of the IE business school and the faculty and thank all the members associated for coming up with this amazing course.

교육 기관: Panagiotis N

Nov 13, 2016

The best course I had so far. Very thorough with examples to make it easier to understand basic principles. After completing the course, you will know the basis of successful marketing and commercial plan.

교육 기관: Ibrahim Z S H

Aug 10, 2019

So informative and useful with practical tools, well-defined steps for applying the information & great case studies in the readings section.

Highly recommended for any marketing learner or professional.

교육 기관: Naveen K

Dec 21, 2016

Professor Ignacio elaborated the concept of positioning in a detailed manner. 5C's are very nicely explained. The videos are short and engaging which helped in increasing concentration.

교육 기관: Bernat R

Dec 12, 2017

Very clear and straightforward, although some of the tests mere messy, some of the answers were dubious or interpretable. But the course itself was very instructive and useful. Thanks

교육 기관: Linda W O

Feb 08, 2018

It has been very instrumental in my case as i redefine the strategy for my organization. Simple and easy to understand with very good case study literature provided. Thanks guys

교육 기관: Shiref a m

Aug 25, 2017

a real valuable source of learning positioning and really talented and well educated instructors , my only concern is that Citroen case study that there was no eng subs at all

교육 기관: Valeria M G

Feb 19, 2020

Excelent course, very well explained, really liked the examples and journals! Would definitely recommend it and Professor Gafo is a great teacher! Congrats!

교육 기관: Julien H

Jan 12, 2020

Great teacher, loved the many examples that were given.

The only problem I had was with the audio quality when the video was recorded in public.

Thank you !

교육 기관: Mohammad M

Jul 08, 2016

If you want to have a clear map about marketing proccess especially marketing strategy, this MOOC is a must-have course.

교육 기관: Karthik P R

Jun 03, 2020

It was a great refresher to my Marketing Management classes in MBA. Thanks to IE for putting up this great stuff here!

교육 기관: Manikandan K

Sep 25, 2018

it was a great experience and modular course for to under stand market and sell the products in difference environment

교육 기관: Edgar

Nov 09, 2016

Es un curso que me ayudó a entender mejor como posicionar un producto y marca en el mercado. Es un curso muy retador.

교육 기관: Alejandra S

Nov 14, 2016

I like how the teacher explain the topics and the resources that he used to explain them such as the interviews

교육 기관: Reynaldo V

Oct 19, 2017

This was both highly educational and a great source for practical ideas that I'm already using at work.

교육 기관: Priyesh R

May 31, 2020

Very nicely done. Learned a lot about positioning. It gave me new insights to be tried in my startup.