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Do you have to give presentations in school or at your work? Is it nerve-racking? Then you've come to the right place. Everyone gets a little nervous when they think about having to stand in front of other people and speak intelligently. This course will give you helpful tips for making effective speeches and delivering them well in typical American settings. You'll learn how to organize a presentation, how to make it memorable, and how to communicate clearly. In the course, you'll have several opportunities to demonstrate the presentation skills that you learn. This will help you gain the experience you need to be more confident when you give a speech in an American classroom or on the job. Learners will record several videos of themselves giving assigned presentations and upload the videos for peer feedback. Please note that the free version of this class gives you access to all of the instructional videos and handouts. The peer feedback and quizzes are only available in the paid version....

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2020년 5월 6일

It is an excellent course which teaches you how to give good presentation or how to make a presentation which are easy to understand by the audience


2017년 2월 6일

In this course I have lot of learning like in how to overcome stage fright, in introduction what is the best you do, and more than that.

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Presentations: Speaking so that People Listen의 96개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Huma S

2019년 9월 1일

No doubt Coursera has provided an excellent learning plat form to sharpen oour skills and open new horizons of knowledge for me.

교육 기관: Romeo J M O

2016년 12월 8일

i learned a lot hope I can use it effectively every time I speak in the public so that people listen and not be bored

교육 기관: Maria A A

2018년 12월 4일

Everything was great except the peer review. It is very subjective and non-constructive. Peers feedback is practically null.

I would recommend that some specialized people grade the assignments each course and give a proper feedback.

교육 기관: 周到底

2019년 10월 6일

this is the first course I took on Coursera. It really impressed me at the first moment I watch. Now I finish this course.The tips and skills of presentation i learn from it is so amazingly useful. thanks a lot

교육 기관: Petrov A Y

2017년 6월 24일

It's a perfect course with plenty additional links to useful materials. Everyone finds something good for him. Thanks to instructors.

교육 기관: Jobert D E

2016년 12월 17일

It's very nice to enroll in this course, because you will be becoming more expert in public speaking. Thank you

교육 기관: Mark C L

2016년 10월 4일

Its good since you can learn about how to speak clearly and confidently in front of many people.

교육 기관: Shirley K

2016년 11월 7일

I enjoyed it very much! I've learned so much about presentation, eg. how to make an effective poster,PPT and handout for the talk, and how to use appropriate non-verbal techniques, etc. I gained a lot from the process of accomplishing assignments, and it really illustrate the saying "Learning by doing".

교육 기관: ANDREA T

2020년 8월 19일

Amazing course!.For months I was trying to study something new and interesting.This course really helped me to improve my skills at speaking English.Moreover, I could share all my presentations with other classmates worldwide.Thanks Coursera and University of California!

교육 기관: Vivian L

2021년 1월 4일

Not only does the content of this course cover the organization of presentation and verbal, non-verbal, as well as visual tips but also gives us the chance to put these into practice to make our presentation become perfect .

교육 기관: Вострикова М В

2020년 7월 24일

If you want to speak as eloquent speakers on TED Talks do, you definitely should study this course on coursera! Brilliant, a lot of effective tips and useful assignments to practice.

교육 기관: Mohd J M

2020년 5월 7일

It is an excellent course which teaches you how to give good presentation or how to make a presentation which are easy to understand by the audience

교육 기관: Jawed M O

2022년 2월 19일

I learned how to give an effective presentation and what are the flaws I usually do in my academic presentation

교육 기관: Kayra V L G

2021년 7월 10일

I liked very much this course, it allowed me to be more talkative and more confidence in front of the camera.

교육 기관: Zakaria A

2022년 5월 28일



교육 기관: Daniela G d S

2017년 11월 2일

This course have helped me to improve my presentation skills and practices. I strongly recommend it.

교육 기관: Cjay M

2016년 11월 23일

It teaches us what we need to do so people will listen to us in our speeches or in a discussion

교육 기관: Force L N

2020년 5월 23일

Thank you so much Coursera for this course, It really an informative course on presentation.

교육 기관: Freddy G

2016년 10월 27일

It's better than teachers in my own college. Congratulations! 5/5 recommended to everyone.

교육 기관: Abdulmaged K B g

2020년 3월 23일

Amazing class. recommend it for everyone who wants to improve his presentation skills

교육 기관: Juan C M G

2021년 8월 7일

It was an interesting course and I learned some techniques that I did not know.

교육 기관: ImadEddine S

2018년 9월 28일

It's very helpful course especially for those that has doubt public speaking

교육 기관: Mariauxiliadora C P

2021년 9월 25일

Excellent course! I learned a lot and enhace my Listening English skills.

교육 기관: Karla G

2022년 3월 25일

​For me it has been a great experience. Excellent content and teachers

교육 기관: Alicia R B

2022년 3월 16일

The course is very useful. It makes me confident about presentations.