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This course introduces you to sampling and exploring data, as well as basic probability theory and Bayes' rule. You will examine various types of sampling methods, and discuss how such methods can impact the scope of inference. A variety of exploratory data analysis techniques will be covered, including numeric summary statistics and basic data visualization. You will be guided through installing and using R and RStudio (free statistical software), and will use this software for lab exercises and a final project. The concepts and techniques in this course will serve as building blocks for the inference and modeling courses in the Specialization....

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2021년 2월 24일

I always wanted to learn statistics from scratch, but I never had a good university teacher. Here I found a good teacher and also the opportunity to learn whenever I want ( and skipping parts I knew!)


2021년 2월 7일

After trying several courses to get me started with R programming, this one came to the rescue and had all the info I wanted. It also provides a great way to practice through labs and a final project!

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Introduction to Probability and Data with R의 1,237개 리뷰 중 1026~1050

교육 기관: Krishna L

2020년 5월 26일

The course content on statistics is great But they could've done better in R

The skills in R required for the final project were not covered in this course.

교육 기관: Masa

2020년 5월 3일

There could be more clear instructions and completed tasks for R exercises. For beginners it does get too complex too fast without a resource to turn to.

교육 기관: Raenish

2018년 11월 11일

Hi.I had a wonderful time with this course.Thanks to Instructor Dr Mine Rundel. I am a beginner and new to stats,still i got clarity on base statistics .

교육 기관: Kaley H

2020년 6월 25일

Great course! Really great prof, who does a good job explaining the concepts. I am completely new to R and the course really helped develop my skills.

교육 기관: Robert H

2017년 8월 12일

I appreciated most of the course. I thought that the final assignment did not fully represent the course as a whole, though otherwise I appreciate it.

교육 기관: Smaran R

2022년 2월 19일

The course is good for beginners. It would have been better if more codes were taught that covered the statistical concepts learnt in the lectures.

교육 기관: guanglingxu

2018년 9월 10일

The R practice is really useful,however,you need to pay more effort on final project by learning more knowledge than what was offered by this cours

교육 기관: José L E N

2016년 8월 15일

Fantastic course. Both the lessons and materials were very educational. Besides it constitutes a very didactic introduction to ggplot2 and dplyr.

교육 기관: Mark T

2016년 7월 28일

Great introductory course in statistics. The lectures are not about R per se, but you learn R by applying the statistics that you have learned.

교육 기관: Yao H

2017년 11월 5일

Very informative, the project might be a bit difficult for R starters like me since the introduction to R in this class is not very systematic.

교육 기관: Murray S

2017년 1월 2일

Does a good job of covering the basics. In my case, I'm looking for more of a refresher rather than learning the concepts for the first time.

교육 기관: Johannes J V

2020년 11월 10일

Good course for statistics. However, it would be great if instructor explained some of the R tools used in the labs in her lecture videos.

교육 기관: Saurav G

2017년 12월 28일

This was one of the great course available and the first one I have completed.

Thank you mentors for your hard work in making this course.

교육 기관: Betül F Y

2022년 2월 8일

I think the r part of the course is too hard for the people who do not know r programming. Some videos about using r should be included.

교육 기관: 李晓蕾

2018년 3월 17일

statistics are quite adequately illustrated; however, the R skiils teaching is not efficient. i encounter alot of probelems of graphing.

교육 기관: Alessio B

2017년 6월 1일

Very good course. A bit basic for my background, but useful anyway to refresh concepts and look at them from a different point of view.

교육 기관: Miguel A B

2020년 6월 8일

Cheatsheets should be provided for beginners in using the RStudio. In that way, graphs and plots can be easily understand by the user.

교육 기관: Chee C H

2019년 8월 9일

This is a good course for learning basic statistics, and then learning how to use some of those ideas with the R programming language.

교육 기관: mnavidad

2018년 5월 3일

This course was well structured and provided the right information, the lectures give a beginners understanding of statistics and more

교육 기관: Hung Q P

2018년 11월 15일

The course material covers the concepts of probability quite well. However, the course should go deeper in R programming techniques.

교육 기관: Melissa S

2017년 7월 13일

The coursework is manageable and well taught but I think there is a disconnect between the first few weeks and the capstone project.

교육 기관: Laura B

2022년 5월 11일

This course provids a good overview of basic statistic concepts and basic probablyity. Also, the R practice exercises are useful.

교육 기관: Shiyue L

2019년 11월 3일

The data material choose is not good enough, there various of the problem in the process of draw graph, due to the data quality.

교육 기관: Tomás S S

2021년 6월 16일

This is a good course to learn the basics of statistics, probability and R. However, it should be more intensive in R coding.

교육 기관: Tasmeem J M

2020년 5월 23일

The theoretical part was really very useful, the R sessions could be a bit more descriptive to make the conceptions clearer.