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Not all programs are created equal.  In this course, we'll focus on writing quality code that runs correctly and efficiently.  We'll design, code and validate our programs and learn how to compare programs that are addressing the same task....

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May 22, 2020

Great instructors, liked the way they reinforced concepts through quizzes during lecture. Also appreciated and enjoyed the content of the lectures as well as the project assignments.


Jul 09, 2018

Instructors, material and course structure were great! Only wish I could take this class with a friend to push me to work faster and smarter. Learned a lot from this class.

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교육 기관: Montse G

Feb 21, 2018

Great, concisous and practical.

교육 기관: Aditya N

Mar 06, 2019

Great course! Really loved it!

교육 기관: Aram

Aug 07, 2017

Highly recommended course

교육 기관: Prasenjit P

Jul 29, 2017

Enjoyed the teaching !!!

교육 기관: Feng H

Jun 15, 2020

It's a wonderful course

교육 기관: Muhammad A

May 16, 2020

Very well designed.

교육 기관: Dan N

Nov 05, 2018

Useful information.

교육 기관: Karthik

Feb 26, 2018

Python for starters

교육 기관: EDILSON S S O J

Aug 11, 2017

Amazing Course!!!!!

교육 기관: Mostafa B

Oct 21, 2017

Very useful course

교육 기관: Sahil K

Jun 09, 2020

Awesome course!!

교육 기관: Gagan K C

May 27, 2020

Very good course

교육 기관: Stephen R

Jan 15, 2019

I learned a lot.

교육 기관: Tomas P

Jul 12, 2017

Excellent class

교육 기관: Karan C

Jun 04, 2020

learned alot !

교육 기관: Alexander B

May 14, 2020

Great Course!

교육 기관: Nosheen A

Sep 25, 2019

very detailed

교육 기관: Nayantara M

Mar 18, 2017

Great course!

교육 기관: Dang V

May 06, 2017

Good Course

교육 기관: Thuan M

Oct 26, 2017

As a follow-up course to The University of Toronto's Fundamentals of Programming, this course is a natural progression. As a second-level course, more is expected of the learner. The challenges offered by the instructors are more rigorous than an intro course. The quizzes can be tricky as well, so for someone seeing the material for the first time, these questions will require insight and thought to come up with the solution. Jennifer Campbell and Paul Gries are good instructors who try to emphasis the importance of the process of a programmer. The course structure itself does not seem to follow one another week to week and seems to be extra topics in programming not covered in Fundamentals. The course covers doctest and unittest, classes, search and sorting algorithms, object-oriented programming, and exceptions. The topics on classes and object-oriented programming are excellent and recommended to truly have a grasp of Python.

교육 기관: Abhishek S

Jul 02, 2017

This course primarily focuses on best practices for writing programs(in python). One also gets to learn basic sorting and searching algorithms. It briefly touches upon the concepts of classes, exceptions etc. Along the journey you'll also learn some tricks with python. Overall it was a fantastic experience. I hope UofT comes out with a third course in this series - Learn to Program which will go into much more detail especially in concepts such as object oriented programming, exception handling etc.

교육 기관: Ard S

Mar 15, 2019

This strengths of this course were also it weaknesses; while I enjoyed this course more than the first one due to the introduction of a wider variety of topics (basic algorithms, OOP, etcetera) it also felt less coherent in its approach in the sense that I missed an overarching concept or arc that tied all the modules together, which IMO is where the first module shined. Interesting and educative nevertheless.

교육 기관: Oliver F

Sep 20, 2017

It's a nice course with good videos. Since it's very basic, anyone with little programming experience should be able to pass this course. Even without any knowledge of Python, the course is manageable.

To improve the videos, I'd recommend to adjust the audio levels, since some parts are spoken louder than others. Nevertheless, I've been able to understand everything.

교육 기관: Ikseon K

Feb 01, 2018

Thanks to lecturer's clear and easy explanation, I completed this coursework after LTP1, Learn to Program: Fundamentals. I really appreciate it for two great teachers' enthusiasm and kindness. Throughout this coursework, I can find the big picture of Python programming world. Thanks! Also, hope anybody else will enjoy the programming through this great coursework!

교육 기관: Zzm S

Sep 28, 2018

Topics are well chosen. I think the content is practical and not superficial for work. I appreciate the instructors' work. They are very clear and logic is easy to follow. I would suggest there to be more code assignment for practice. I personally think the content is good but not enough. This course is more like a 3 -week course.