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Sensation seeking is a trait we all have and includes the search for complex and new experiences. Thrill Seekers, people with high-sensation seeking personalities, crave exotic and intense experiences even when physical or social risks are involved. This course helps learners examine the remarkable world of the high-sensation seeking personality and explores the lifestyle, psychology, and neuroscience behind thrill seekers....

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교육 기관: Caroline B

Jun 04, 2018

I was just curious when I signed up for this course and it became one of my favourites. Thank you Dr Carter for this interesting trip in the mind of HSS ! I am myself a psychologist and a low sensation seeker... now I understand all those fascinating differences between low and sensation seekers ! And just as you I will keep admiring HSS for their abilities. The course was really lively, engaging, clear and well structured. The interviews and the funny jelly bean contest were a great addition to the course, as were the readings and additional links.

교육 기관: Geeta R

Jun 24, 2019

The course has relevant scientific, crisp and quality material. There are interesting articles and links which are helpful. The course also has an inclusive assessment which is helpful. It explains all aspects of thrill seekers

교육 기관: Jaison C

Mar 15, 2020

My taking the course was complicated by the lack of peer review available. The course is surely not designed by a thrill seeker. Still, it was informative and allowed for a broader perspective of understanding.

교육 기관: Supantha R

Jul 26, 2020

The course was very good for learning and I enjoyed it.

교육 기관: yaroslav

Feb 11, 2018

Quite interesting course with nice test of whether you are an adventure seeker or not (put on different scales and aspects). Biological and environmental effects are given. As a downside - I didn't find it very practical for myself except for that test.

교육 기관: Joy S

Jun 07, 2018

Pretty interesting. The science of assessing one's own thrill-seeking potential is quite fascinating. Also enjoyed the info about base jumping off the bridge in Idaho as I have been there and seen that deep canyon.

교육 기관: ajinkya k

Oct 31, 2018

great interesting course. Gives you insight into a different personality type.

교육 기관: Donald L G

Apr 03, 2018

Phenomenal. Professor Carter is great. I wish the lectures were longer.

교육 기관: AKHILA A

Aug 11, 2020

Quite insightful classes, with vivid videos focused on interviews

교육 기관: MANAN S

Jul 08, 2020

The peer review system is irritating because people are not doing course and I had problems with the certificate. However, the course content is very good so , thank you.

교육 기관: Dean M

Feb 24, 2020

very entertaining and educational