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Python Programming: A Concise Introduction, 웨슬리언 대학교

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About this Course

The goal of the course is to introduce students to Python Version 3.x programming using hands on instruction. It will show how to install Python and use the Spyder IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for writing and debugging programs. The approach will be to present an example followed by a small exercise where the learner tries something similar to solidify a concept. At the end of each module there will be an exercise where the student is required to write simple programs and submit them for grading. It is intended for students with little or no programming background, although students with such a background should be able to move forward at their preferred pace. The course is four modules long and is designed to be completed in four weeks....

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대학: LR

Jan 04, 2017

Quite interesting introduction to Python, focusing on the most important components of the language. Looking forward to other courses using the same format. Thank you Bill and team for your hard work.

대학: SA

Dec 31, 2017

It is well done but it is very basic. The method is good since we get the basic programs to work with them and follow the lectures. The instructor explains things in a detailed and clear manner.

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대학: Kiran Kurade

May 23, 2019

Simple tutorial for introduction to Python.

대학: Donald Walko

May 21, 2019

A nice, compact introduction to an important programming language.

대학: Tom Edwards

May 19, 2019

Decent introduction course, not too taxing.

대학: Marcos Vinicius Oliveira de Assis

May 14, 2019

It is a basic course, the videos follows the .py file, so you can use both or only the text file to guide yourself. I really enjoyed this course and recommend to anyone starting on python.

대학: MaxThePeppermintAddict

May 10, 2019

I feel like I've built a good foundation to learn further about programming in python. Thank you!

대학: Ahine Terhumba Peter

May 08, 2019

This is simply awesome.

대학: Manohar Kuppala

May 07, 2019

This course really helped me to practice hands on all the important topics which are essential for beginners to understand Python

대학: Agustin Doña

May 05, 2019

This is a very good initial course. It gives a good approach in order to learn the first working posibilities in Python language.

대학: smartmousejs

May 04, 2019

short and precise course , good for beginner and refreshing skills, great for people who are busy at work

대학: Diego Nunes Botelho

May 03, 2019

Both the material and the teacher are excellent. Thank you, Bill Boyd!!!