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This mini-course is intended to for you to demonstrate foundational Python skills for working with data. The completion of this course involves working on a hands-on project where you will develop a simple dashboard using Python. This course is part of the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate and the IBM Data Analytics Professional Certificate. PRE-REQUISITE: **Python for Data Science, AI and Development** course from IBM is a pre-requisite for this project course. Please ensure that before taking this course you have either completed the Python for Data Science, AI and Development course from IBM or have equivalent proficiency in working with Python and data. NOTE: This course is not intended to teach you Python and does not have too much instructional content. It is intended for you to apply prior Python knowledge....

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2021년 8월 17일

It was an awesome and very hard experience. I struggled a lot with the final assignments, which led to me learning a lot of new things and learning them good. I am giving this project/course 10/10.

2021년 10월 5일

Best course so far, under the IBM Data Science professional certificate program. It is heavy on the practical side, which is a good thing as it gives the person a more hands-on experience.

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교육 기관: Maria S

2021년 2월 20일

[[suggestions for improvements included]]

As a teacher, I understand that trying new materials means experimenting and fixing as you go, but there should be a disclaimer for the students switching from the previous version. Students encouraged to switch to newer version were promised a better experience with updated materials and that is not what I got.

Instruction and Hands on Activity are not properly set-up to help students succeed in the final project. The hands on activities don't have solutions so one can't check if they are understanding. The final project took hours to complete because their was not enough guidance. Please include the following in your directions or hands on activities:

1) How to reset the index without deleting a column

2) How to change the types of a column in a dataframe

3) what it means it means to "save" the reset_index (b/c the term "save" wasn't used in the previous version or hands on Activity)

4) A sample code on how to make a dataframe using a loop while webscraping

5) A intro and example on how to use BeautifulSoup

Ps. Using the forum to read how other students bypassed their issues was helpful!

교육 기관: Shaun D

2021년 2월 21일

This course is:

a) Poorly explained. There are literally zero 'lessons' or accompanying videos. Also, the vast bulk of the content is completely new - as far as I'm aware 'web scraping' was not been covered by any previous course. There really should be some supporting video material from an instructor - I have found myself searching on forums and google for explanations - a strong sign that the course content did not prepare or teach me very well at all.

b) Too hard! I spent far too long on small steps in the labs because had no idea how to do something that seems like it should be trivial. These steps blocked me from completing the questions. I eventually got there through dumb luck and referring to other students help in the forums. I still don't understand what it is I am supposed to have actually done as no advice or example solution is given for that step.

c) Very frustrating for anyone like myself who has nearly completely the specialisation. After months of following a scheduled course structure then to be thrown into a new topic with minimal / no lessons and then tested feels unfair and completely unnecessary for anyone who paid to start the specialisation when it was not part of the overall syllabus.

Overall I wouldn't mind about the new course if I felt like I had actually learnt something useful. Instead, this course has been very frustrating throughout and largely forgettable.

교육 기관: Samuel H

2021년 2월 22일

This course is basically the equivalent of someone being told theoretically how to swim. And then being thrown directly into the deep end, and told to learn as they go.

It's also the perfect example of someone (course designer) who knows their topic well, but fails to explain it at a level that beginners to the topic can easily understand and absorb.

Please redesign the entire course.

교육 기관: Jason W

2021년 2월 18일

This course feels like it was rushed. It is full of grammatical errors and inconstancies. I don't exactly understand what value it adds to the certificates and specializations. I would not recommend it to anyone.

교육 기관: Maserati R

2021년 2월 21일

This course is frustrating!

1) there are no videos or examples to obtain answers for the videos... it is not beginner-friendly!

2) Did so much research on the internet and I still have no idea what is going on! I am completely confused about how to complete the final assignment !! YouTube videos are too advance for my level! (I HATE THIS!)

3) This is delaying my progress and I was almost done with the data science course

교육 기관: JUNQIU G

2021년 2월 19일

so little material to review. basically google everything and search discussion forums to get the answer. it is really frustrated and it wastes my time to do that. :(

교육 기관: Sally C

2021년 2월 21일

This course does not have the quality I expect compare to other courses in the certificate program I have taken. This is a self-learning class to work on a Python project. There are typos and unclear instructions. The ungraded exercise for web scraping seems corrupted in my first downloaded but works fine the second time. The final assignment took longer than 30min because you must find and learn the new codes required to complete the project yourself, there were no teaching in the class! The submission and grading are being changed during the weeklong course. I am glad there were help from Discussion Forum contributors/volunteers who is also taking the class, seems everyone is struggling on similar topics. IBM Cloud / Watson Studio also has a time limit on a free account, so you may need to upgrade and paid if you spent too much time on the project. I hope the new version of this course is much improved.

교육 기관: Kaan B

2021년 3월 3일

It was a really nice project to work on. I see some people are complaining about the lack of information in order to solve the problems. But before taking this project, you should have finished the previous courses and even then you still need to use Google in order find solutions to questions. This is part of programming you need use Google and several coding sites in order to solve your problems. This project forces you to do that cuz in real life you will have to use Google very often to solve your problems. There is no one book covers everything or every solution to your problem. You gotta dig into it and that is that. I am excited more to come keep looking and good luck!

교육 기관: Jacob M M

2021년 2월 17일

Does not provide the nesseccary resources to achieve a high grade. Students must use each other as well as the internet to find out how to complete the project.

교육 기관: Rafael M F

2021년 2월 24일

Excellent! I´m reading some bad reviews and I feel the need to share my thoughts. I was very surprised that the final assignment was not explicitly demonstrated on the classes. And that is awesome! IBM really put effort on building the students skills for a professional certificate. To show knowledge in Pandas and BeautifulSoup we must read documentation and search for ourselfs. The course was great, if you really want to become a Data Scientist dive on it!

교육 기관: Zeeshaan M

2021년 2월 21일

The labs and readings did not provide an adequate background for the final assignment.

교육 기관: Cindy H

2021년 2월 24일

I enjoyed this class. It has less lecture and more figuring things out. It was not in my original certificate program, and I decided to go upgrade and pick it up. Glad I did.

교육 기관: Yogi W

2021년 3월 9일

As I'm writing this, I am going through the IBM Data Analyst Professional Certification program and this was course number 5 out of 9. I had anticipated that the final project would be somewhat more difficult than I had expected since the previous course "Python for Data Science, AI, and Development" covered a lot of materials and I have no Python background previously. It turned out that if you have completed that course and did all the Hands-on Lab sessions, willing to Google, and look around in the discussion forum, you will be able to pass this course easily just like I did.

교육 기관: Marcus D P I

2021년 2월 20일

Much to be desired had to search internet for most of the learning material for projects.

교육 기관: Bernardo V R

2021년 2월 28일

I appreciated the more hands approach of the course. I would just help guide the students a bit better i. e. some things weren't fully explained such as resetting the index or finding the max value of a particular column, etc., which in turn lead to Google searching and using stackoverflow for answers.

All in all not a great course but not a bad one either. If they tweak it a bit in order to clarify some of the confusion, I think it has potential, especially for hands on learners such as myself.

교육 기관: Huzaifa M A W

2021년 2월 20일

A very unnecessary course included at the middle of the specialization. It does not illustrate the knowledge of plotly as mentioned and even there is no explanation of dashboard. It must be included either at the end or after the data visualization course with more knowledge on how to make visualization or dashboard in plotly. Thank You.

교육 기관: Stanislav

2021년 2월 23일

The course itself is nice and the material presented in the course is useful: you will learn how to obtain information from the websites directly with pything and will learn the very basics of the BeautifulSoup library.

But please, add more explainations about what the students are working with. I expect the course I paid for to actually teach me new features about the new (for me) python library, but not only force me to read the documentation on the internet and hectically look for answers on StackOverflow. It's good that a course should encourage such self-learning, but if it's only self-learning, then the course should be free.

교육 기관: Emily E P

2021년 2월 19일

Would be nice if they added some video tutorials on how to web-scrape, Previous courses did not teach you how to do this.

교육 기관: Nawaf A

2021년 3월 4일

This is my first time reviewing a course on Coursera since have already taken the first 5 courses in this specialization (excluding this, because they added it recently). This course is the worse by far. The material is very poor to the point where I literally googled everything. I hope someone from IBM read this to avoid such materials in the future.

교육 기관: Crysthian M

2021년 2월 20일

The IBM team writes me to include me in the new version of the course, but it does not give the option to ask for help, they are all pre-established aids, it is incredible that I have to cancel the course for lack of personalized help. I want to finish it

교육 기관: Chris H

2021년 2월 21일

The assigned project change the questions but the system doesn't update the answer accordingly.

This makes my submit project lost 2 points.

교육 기관: Martha C

2021년 2월 26일

This was one of my favorite courses of the IBM Data Science certificate. Not only did I feel like I was doing something practical, but the assignment made me apply concepts I learned in previous courses and it didn't give me the solutions. It gave me the confidence that I am really learning this stuff.

교육 기관: Daniel L

2021년 3월 23일

Feels like the class isn't done real instruction is given. Wouldn't mind if this was a free resource perhaps but if I am paying to take this I would at least expect some semblance of organization.

교육 기관: Abdul A M R

2021년 6월 6일

T​he course actually is quite tough for a beginner like me. I had to google a lot since the materials in the course do not really help to answer the questions (especially the final assignment). But the course instructors are very, very helpful and responsive. I did not personally asked them but they answered to many other students' questions and I can just refer those in the discussion whenever I'm stuck. Overall, the course is still great for learners, gotta put some effort to understand the coding but definitely worth it for your growth! Totally recommend it!

교육 기관: Jatin P

2021년 2월 24일

It is a very nice experience when you complete something new and interesting topics.

Python projects are always good this course is all about the analysis of stock data which itself an interesting one.