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This course will introduce the learner to text mining and text manipulation basics. The course begins with an understanding of how text is handled by python, the structure of text both to the machine and to humans, and an overview of the nltk framework for manipulating text. The second week focuses on common manipulation needs, including regular expressions (searching for text), cleaning text, and preparing text for use by machine learning processes. The third week will apply basic natural language processing methods to text, and demonstrate how text classification is accomplished. The final week will explore more advanced methods for detecting the topics in documents and grouping them by similarity (topic modelling). This course should be taken after: Introduction to Data Science in Python, Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python, and Applied Machine Learning in Python....

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Aug 27, 2017

Quite challenging but also quite a sense of accomplishment when you finish the course. I learned a lot and think this was the course I preferred of the entire specialization. I highly recommend it!


May 04, 2019

Lectures are very good with a perfect explanation. More than lectures I liked the assignment questions. They are worth doing. You will get to know the basic foundation of text mining. :-)

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Applied Text Mining in Python의 566개 리뷰 중 126~150

교육 기관: Atilio T

Mar 09, 2020

Excellent course as an introduction to text processing using Python.

교육 기관: Jan P

Jul 24, 2018

Nice course - but I found the assignment of week 1 a little to hard

교육 기관: Dr S K

Jan 08, 2019

Interesting course, nicely delivered with a lot of key information

교육 기관: Tatek K

Mar 23, 2020

Excellent presentation, exercise and reading materials. Thank you

교육 기관: Aashima B

May 07, 2019

Got to learn a lot. Would recommend it to others for text mining.

교육 기관: Bingqing L

May 04, 2020

The course is very helpful and the instruction is really good!

교육 기관: Vinit K

May 13, 2020

Great learning experience! Nice lectures and assignments.....

교육 기관: Muhammad A K

Nov 05, 2018

Content is very well managed , self explanatory and relevant.

교육 기관: Jun W

Aug 12, 2018

V. G. is a good instructor. His course is very interesting.

교육 기관: Joe

Sep 25, 2019

Really good overview, with just the right amount of detail

교육 기관: Santoshi K

Mar 05, 2020

very good course to learn text mining basics using python

교육 기관: Nimesh S

Jul 28, 2020

It explained many of the difficult concepts very easily.

교육 기관: Bilal M

Mar 27, 2018

Easy to understand and instructor clearing the concepts

교육 기관: S. R K

Jan 18, 2018

Really Nice and very helpful course..................

교육 기관: Apurv A S

Apr 26, 2020

This is a very good course for introduction to NLP.

교육 기관: Shanaka C

Dec 27, 2019

Learned lot of text mining by studying this course

교육 기관: SUBBA R D

Jun 11, 2020

Very useful course especially for the beginners .

교육 기관: Ravishankar

May 12, 2020

Good Insights on Text Mining and its application.

교육 기관: Dibyendu C

Oct 18, 2018

Well structured and quality lectures and content.

교육 기관: Chanaka S

Jul 25, 2020

Thank you sir am step by step closer to mu dream

교육 기관: Dewan M R

Apr 16, 2018

Its awesome as a fresh learner data science era.

교육 기관: Bhima R G

May 03, 2019

Nice content and good explanation with examples

교육 기관: Monika G

May 28, 2020

Really informative and well structured course.

교육 기관: Hai Q P

Jun 22, 2019

Good for real researchers. I highly recommend.

교육 기관: Pratama A A

Aug 02, 2020

You guys need more effort to done this course