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This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. Anyone with moderate computer experience should be able to master the materials in this course. This course will cover Chapters 1-5 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. Once a student completes this course, they will be ready to take more advanced programming courses. This course covers Python 3....
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Introductory course

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2021년 2월 9일

This course more than met my expectations! In his online videos Charles Severance explains the basic concepts of programming in an easily understandable way.Abig thank you and hope to 'see' you again!


2019년 8월 24일

Great introduction to Python and programming as a whole. Everything is broken down making it easy to understand. Had zero programming experience before and this class made it easy and fun to get into.

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2020년 9월 6일

A very interesting and useful online course for begginers. I think it's a great opportunity for everyone to spend some time with this course, as you can learn the basics about Python programming and more. Thanks Charles Severance for this amazing online course!

I'm looking forward to attend the next courses of this specialization!

교육 기관: Luke M

2021년 4월 16일

I found the course excellent in introducing and getting a person excited about programming. The course explained the topics well and very understandable. The one thing I have against the course was the final project. I found its difficulty didn't correlate with the difficulty of the assignments one the previous chapters.

교육 기관: Lorilyn M

2019년 3월 8일

I love the teaching style of Dr. Severance!! I've tried so many other tutorials online but his class is by far my favorite. He helps cement connections by use of metaphors and visual aids and as a student who has traditionally favored subjects such as language arts, it has been invaluable to my learning experience!!

교육 기관: Manuel A

2020년 11월 9일

I never expected to start learning "on my own" something a little bit "technical" like this. But everything in this course is really well thought and done. It's great, motivating and I could see myself getting hooked into learning more Python or more curious about programming by this positive experience.

교육 기관: Nikhitha N B

2019년 10월 17일

I have gone through plenty of materials for python and also did few data science courses.But I regret taking this course at the first place.Dr Severance’s lectures are very neat and easy to understand.I never understood basics so well before :)

I am very grateful to be a part of this specialisation

교육 기관: Alto P

2020년 6월 29일

I struggled, had to watch most of the videos 2 or even 4 times, but I have completed it.

The instructor is highly professional, a true teacher. I started with the Python course by Google and it was poorly explained. The instructor here knows exactly what beginners' learning process is like.

교육 기관: Arjun B

2020년 4월 3일

The best online course I have taken so far. Charles Sir used a very simple way to convey his knowledge with his best efforts. You will learn every python basics. The topic I liked most is except and try and Functions. I am grateful to Coursera for providing such a great platform for us.

교육 기관: Yvonne V

2019년 3월 6일

I am an absolute beginner to programming. I find this course a clearly instructed one for beginners. The course design is pragmatically useful because you need to practice by yourself, going through videos and books, in order to pass all the assignments. It is worth it in the end!

교육 기관: Karunesh p

2020년 7월 12일

This is the course from which i came to know as a first time , how does the python looks like?

I got amazed every time when i was writing my code due to its simplicity and readability.

NO doubt Chuck sir plays a very crucial role.

I am very eager and excited to go for part two.

교육 기관: Erica C

2021년 3월 5일

Great course! I started with zero experience in programming and feel like it was broken down enough for me to keep up and get a good understanding of each concept. Dr. Chuck is engaging and makes it fun to learn these very basics. Looking forward to more courses!

교육 기관: Sergio P

2020년 3월 24일

I had not programmed in years. I took this course and in less than a week, I was reliving my youth in my programming years. I guess it's kind of like riding a bike. You never forget. But having a good class like this one as a refresher sure makes it easier.

교육 기관: Miranda E

2019년 3월 8일

I really liked Dr Severance. He kept my interest and didn't drone on about things....had a great personality and didn't assume you knew everything he has learned throughout his entire career. He has made me want to take the entire specialization. Great Job!

교육 기관: Андрей П

2020년 2월 3일

Hi, sorry for my English. I'm learner from Russia and i'm already know python basics so i want to learn english programming stuff. It's very interesting and simple to understand for beginners, but for me i want more complex task. Thanks for course.

교육 기관: Maruf I

2020년 4월 2일

It was an amazing experience with Dr. Chuck. Thanks, Sir, for your amazing teaching and help me to learn a new language. Anybody who's looking for a perfect start in the kingdom of Python can take this course without thinking twice. Happy Coding!!

교육 기관: Diana M

2020년 9월 2일

Regardless of its simplicity, caused by nothing else but the fact that this is a course meant to build a fundamental knowledge of the language, the course never gets boring. This is by virtue of Dr Chuck's immense talent and skill for teaching.

교육 기관: Samantha R

2019년 3월 7일

Excellent course! The videos are great and the exercises push you. Very good course to get into the basics. The material is made available which is great to use as a reference for afterward. By far the best online course for beginners.

교육 기관: Ying

2020년 4월 9일

Great project! Great Lesson! Thank you Prof. Charles, your lesson helps many many people! Your lecture is fun and practical! And thank all the team working for this project! Thank coursera! This is a great platform! I love you all!

교육 기관: Nishani K

2020년 7월 15일

It was so easy to engage in the assignments after the awesome video tutorials.The discussion forum is wonderful so that doubts can be cleared by your peers.It builds a social connection amidst this corona pandemic situation.

교육 기관: Demetrius l

2019년 3월 7일

Course explains everything in a well defined manner and it's so easy to understand but challenging enough to have you think on your own. Very impressive. Hope there are more courses like this for more advanced subjects.

교육 기관: Иван О

2022년 3월 29일

A great course to start learning the Python programming language ! I recommend it to anyone who wants to start learning programming. And most importantly - do not give up if it is difficult. And then you will succeed.

교육 기관: Aditya K

2019년 11월 13일

It is a well-paced course that is enticing for those who are just delving into programming as a subject and to the veterans out there looking for a quick introduction to Python and its coherent simplicity and power.

교육 기관: Ajay K

2021년 3월 4일

This course is good for beginners who want to learn python in an interactive way. The initial weeks are just to get familiar and installation but exercise in week 5,6,7 will really help to get initial confidence.

교육 기관: krishna p p

2020년 6월 29일

Amma baboi...

Dr.chuck you are really awesome

The way u teach and crack jokes in between are simply awesome.

and coming to the course I improved my skills in python from Zero knowledge to complete grip on python.


교육 기관: Sanjay B

2021년 5월 24일

I feel this Python for Everybody course from Coursera was well organized and well-paced course, with sufficient examples and enough timelines for assignments. Loved the way Dr. Chuck explains the concepts.

교육 기관: Alexander L

2018년 10월 22일

Very good course that does a great job introducing programming concepts to a person that has no prior knowledge in this field from the ground up. Enforces good programming habits and fundamentals.