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In this course you will be introduced to the basic ideas behind the qualitative research in social science. You will learn about data collection, description, analysis and interpretation in qualitative research. Qualitative research often involves an iterative process. We will focus on the ingredients required for this process: data collection and analysis. You won't learn how to use qualitative methods by just watching video's, so we put much stress on collecting data through observation and interviewing and on analysing and interpreting the collected data in other assignments. Obviously, the most important concepts in qualitative research will be discussed, just as we will discuss quality criteria, good practices, ethics, writing some methods of analysis, and mixing methods. We hope to take away some prejudice, and enthuse many students for qualitative research....

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2018년 12월 20일

I found this a very useful way of getting a basic introduction to qualitative research methods, without just sitting down with some text books. The content was engaging and at the right level for me.

2020년 8월 8일

Best course on Qualitative Research.Improved knowledge about the concepts and its application in different steps of research.Thanks to Dr.Gerben Moerman for his matchless delivering of concepts.

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Qualitative Research Methods의 370개 리뷰 중 351~370

교육 기관: Bartosz K

2015년 12월 10일

Good, but it lacks proper materials to come back to - slides are very heavy and not clear and transcript is missing connections to slides.

교육 기관: tengson p

2016년 10월 12일

I found this course very useful and would recommend it to friends if they are interested

교육 기관: Fabian G

2015년 12월 5일

Very convoluted; examples not so clear; still interesting and well produced.

교육 기관: Wendy

2020년 9월 3일

very vague questions in the tests

교육 기관: Mark C

2016년 3월 13일

Dr Moerman is passionate about qualitative research and does use some interesting examples to illustrate his ideas, some of which are drawn from his own research experiences. Do note that if you were to take this course, you need time because the assignments are time consuming and the videos are (I think) a little longer than they really need to be. Also, some of the assignments are designed in a pretty strange way (e.g. one week's assignment requires a shocking 10 peer reviews to pass but when I took the course, there were only a few submissions). This probably means I can't get my cert until the next session starts - if I'm lucky!

교육 기관: Tomoe I

2020년 5월 16일

The professor was very powerful, however this course is very academic and not the best if you are looking for hands-on qualitative research methods. Although I learned a lot of methods, unfortunately I could not understand each of them since they are just explained, not showing the informative examples.

교육 기관: Jeanson-Jian W G L

2018년 1월 8일

Content of the lesson marred by extremely poor presentation. This is particularly egregious in regards to the assignments, and Quizzes, as a lack of fluency from the content writers makes the experience of knowing what precisely is being asked an unnecessarily frustrating process.

교육 기관: Karina Z

2016년 5월 22일

I had done ALL the tasks in February-March - I don't remember exactly when, but I received my certificate in May. The course was interesting, but I needed the certificate for my application to university. Now I'm so dissapointed.

교육 기관: Mateja K

2016년 3월 13일

The instructor's presentations are so irritating due to him acting in a jumpy, nervous, and hyper-excited manner that I could not stand watching the lectures. If you don't mind that, it's probably not a bad course.

교육 기관: Lucy B

2017년 1월 2일

A very enthusiastic teacher, but the information was difficult to follow and some of the assessments took over 4 hours to complete. This made it hard to get the work done.

교육 기관: Raju G

2016년 11월 14일

Very vague, abstract ideas in the lectures. Would be much better if more real-life examples and scenarios were used in the lectures to convey those abstract ideas.

교육 기관: Monica A

2020년 7월 29일

As a humanities student, I find this module not challenging and boring. The videos are way too long and hard to follow.

교육 기관: Olalowo I

2020년 11월 20일

Please , the style of power reviewing assignment isn't encouraging. It's delaying my completion for over 3 months

교육 기관: Abigail B

2016년 2월 13일

Video's were great but some of the assignments were unpractical and the tests were based on minuscule details.

교육 기관: K

2016년 6월 19일

content is not good, too scattered content, cannot find focus.

assignments are meaningless.

교육 기관: Anthony J M

2016년 6월 28일

Scattered lectures that are hard to follow and choppy

교육 기관: Radu V

2020년 7월 7일

the course is locked and i cant review or submit

교육 기관: ARUN P A

2015년 12월 5일

Too abstract and unroganized

교육 기관: Susie P

2016년 10월 2일

Not recommended.

교육 기관: omar

2019년 12월 23일

very bad