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This course provides the essential mathematics required to succeed in the finance and economics related modules of the Global MBA, including equations, functions, derivatives, and matrices. You can test your understanding with quizzes and worksheets, while more advanced content will be available if you want to push yourself. This course forms part of a specialisation from the University of London designed to help you develop and build the essential business, academic, and cultural skills necessary to succeed in international business, or in further study. If completed successfully, your certificate from this specialisation can also be used as part of the application process for the University of London Global MBA programme, particularly for early career applicants. If you would like more information about the Global MBA, please visit This course is endorsed by CMI...

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2020년 5월 25일

It was interesting course and i really enjoyed a lot. Thanks to all professor to deliver the great lectures and thanks to University of London to organized such a great course.


2020년 8월 31일

This course was really good because I remembered all the maths I learned during my career and now I understand why these mathematical operations are so important in Business.

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Quantitative Foundations for International Business의 106개 리뷰 중 51~75

교육 기관: Mohsin K

2017년 6월 13일

A good review of basic quantitative learning! thank you!

교육 기관: Luis R N

2017년 7월 3일

Great course!! I totally recommend for all students!

교육 기관: Deleted A

2017년 6월 4일

Somewhat hard, but very informative

교육 기관: Aruna B

2021년 4월 10일

great skills, love it

교육 기관: Narasimhan S

2020년 5월 2일

Excellent explanation

교육 기관: Dr. R K S

2020년 9월 13일

Very good knowledge

교육 기관: Prasad N

2019년 6월 27일

Informative course.

교육 기관: Dhiraj M

2017년 5월 31일

basic level course

교육 기관: Punitha M

2021년 5월 2일

Nicely explained

교육 기관: Mr A N

2021년 7월 23일

great learning


2020년 7월 23일

Really Excited

교육 기관: santisteban h

2017년 11월 1일

Interesting !

교육 기관: Alvaro C

2017년 10월 8일

great course!

교육 기관: Abhishek

2017년 9월 30일

good course.

교육 기관: PREM S

2021년 8월 27일


교육 기관: Bryan A U T

2020년 9월 27일

good job

교육 기관: ayllin m u t

2020년 9월 27일

good job

교육 기관: Yang T

2021년 8월 26일


교육 기관: ROHIN S

2021년 8월 27일


교육 기관: Mr S B

2021년 7월 28일


교육 기관: Arjun R

2020년 6월 24일


교육 기관: AASTHA

2021년 8월 6일


교육 기관: Mason E H

2017년 2월 17일

A great refresher course for math. Depending on which way you look at the course it is either 4 or 5 stars, I wish I could give 4.5 for this reason! I'm not sure if it would be wholly sufficient for people new to mathematics trying to get into business/MBA as there needs to be more examples and problem sets. There could also be some PDFs added to further reinforce learning. However I still rate this course highly because I had no experience with matrices but through the videos as a sole resource I got a perfect score on the quiz on the first time. If you have a maths background you'll find this course the perfect refresher for exploring your MBA options.

교육 기관: Alexander M

2020년 2월 16일

A real challenge for me but well worth the effort. There is a language issue as the presenters are not native English speakers. I got around that by taking careful notes. If you follow the lessons the concepts are easily learned. Just stick with it and don't get frustrated like I almost did when I started Functions!

교육 기관: Federico F

2021년 1월 25일

Sufficiently clear even for people without mathematics education, would have liked more business-world examples but it makes sense as part of a longer course.