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Mastering Software Development in R Capstone, 존스홉킨스대학교

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R Programming Capstone...
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대학: Sandjaja Budiman

Jul 06, 2018

The exercise really summarizes pretty much what we have learned in the past 4 courses. It's justly designed to be challenging enough, but not too burdensome. This certification provides all the building blocks of data analysis and software development in R, data presentation and packaging for distribution and collaborative works. If combined with another certification in data science and machine learning, they would make a formidable offering to any candidate who wish to try a career in data science/data analysis field. Thank you Coursera, Roger and Brooke.

대학: Aditya Gupta

Mar 17, 2018

Exceptional Course ! :)

대학: Tim Sperzel

Feb 28, 2018

It really sucks to wait that long for grades.

대학: Maurizio Clemente

Oct 12, 2017

Great gap between teaching and what is required to pass the course. Unnecessarily difficult. Not recommended.

대학: Garvish

May 01, 2017

Good Course.