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The data science revolution has produced reams of new data from a wide variety of new sources. These new datasets are being used to answer new questions in way never before conceived. Visualization remains one of the most powerful ways draw conclusions from data, but the influx of new data types requires the development of new visualization techniques and building blocks. This course provides you with the skills for creating those new visualization building blocks. We focus on the ggplot2 framework and describe how to use and extend the system to suit the specific needs of your organization or team. Upon completing this course, learners will be able to build the tools needed to visualize a wide variety of data types and will have the fundamentals needed to address new data types as they come about....

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2021년 6월 18일

Great course - learned a lot. Excellent instruction

One downside.. Peer review can be a blocking issue to moving forward. If no one is around to peer review, you wait, and pay while you wait.


2022년 7월 19일

Coding project was quite useful. Got my submission peer-graded much sooner than I had expected (in about a week).

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교육 기관: Zdenek K

2017년 1월 9일

So first of all, the material for this course in the bookdown document are very good - well structured, with good sources. My concern is that the Coursera course does not go a lot beyond, basically just referring to the document and adding quizzes + graded assignment in the last week. The assignment, however, is nice and challenging and requires people to understand the materials.

Also, the course covers other great packages than ggplot2, e.g. plotly and leaflet and methods for handling spatial data. I think it would be very nice if the students were challenged in these topics as well and evaluate them in a better way than just a quiz (programming assignment for instance).

I liked the course though and I believe it can be prepared even better.

교육 기관: Chao G

2019년 7월 10일

This course is not as satisfactory as the second one, "Advanced R Programming". You spend most of the time reading the book they wrote. There is no video lecture or interactive quiz. The most annoying part is the peer-reviewed assignment part. This is a coding project where you need to create your own geom. I understand that building your own geom is an advanced topic in visualization using R. However, at least for me, I rarely have this need in my work. The example and the dataset they use for the project isn't very interesting neither. Overall, I think this course should not be included in the specialization.

교육 기관: Shengdi W

2019년 1월 23일

Content on ggplot2 framework is solid. However, no video or explanation to complement the textbook, students are expected to learn by reading solely.

Final assignment requires prior R programming knowledge, which is not taught in this course. This can lead to frustration in the end. Probably those who are enrolled in the entire specialization will find this assignment more manageable. I personally had to spend more than 20 hours on this supposedly 4-hour assignment.

교육 기관: Kevin D

2017년 7월 16일

You'll learn how to make a custom geom, and apply what you learned to an interesting dataset.

This course has though an insane difficulty level, mostly because you don't have the information you'd need to succeed easily. I'd only recommand this course to people following the entire R specialization: if your goal is to learn how to make a custom ggplot, follow an external tutorial, you'll avoid being frustrated.

교육 기관: Ben S

2020년 5월 1일

This course was a massive struggle. I gave up on it for two months as I just found the package development for the geom to be way over my head. Definitely learning a lot, but

교육 기관: Stephen E

2018년 8월 2일

I wish there were videos and not just reading a website but the content is really top notch. I will definitely be using what I've learned in the future.

교육 기관: Niklaas B v G

2017년 10월 14일

The way last exam is presented makes student lean towards unconcise programming

교육 기관: Ankai X

2019년 3월 5일

The peer-reviewed assign

교육 기관: Min P

2020년 6월 13일

This course was the reason why I started learning other courses in this specialization.

The reading material covers basic ggplot2 and ggmap elements, which would be empirically helpful. However, final assignment was not to my expectation. (Though understandable)

Hope the team would change the assignment to non-peer-grading one. Getting it reviewed seems pretty harsh.

교육 기관: Georgios P

2017년 3월 3일

Apart from the book the courses does not offer me anything. No videos, no active forum, no explanation. Also the assessment is not interesting and there is no much information in the teaching material in order to be able to do the assessment.

I am very disappointed with this Specialization.

교육 기관: Ben S

2017년 6월 5일

The designers of this course designed a final assignment that is way beyond the curriculum leading up to it, and judging from the discussion forums it gives everyone severe headaches to deal with it. They know of the situation, but rather than alter the assignment they just added new "lessons" that boil down to "Why don't you go read some more material in this other person's book about creating graphical elements? You'll be fine!" I am paying to take this course so I'm more than a little ticked off about this. Until they fix the situation you should take some other series of courses to learn about R programming.

교육 기관: Youdinghuan C

2017년 1월 7일

The first three weeks of this course is ok. The last assignment is very poorly structured with uninformative instructions.

교육 기관: Savvas S

2017년 8월 28일

just links to a webpage... no support from the mentors no support form coursera... you can use your money more wisely..

교육 기관: Christopher M P

2020년 2월 10일

Some useful stuff, but you could be waiting weeks if not months to have your final assignment graded.

교육 기관: Arthur G

2017년 8월 29일

Obtuse and doesn't give enough practice opportunities