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This course is intended for the Master's student and computer engineer who likes practical programming and problem-solving! After completing this course, you will have the knowledge to plan and set up a real-time system both on paper and in practice. The course centers around the problem of achieving timing correctness in embedded systems, which means to guarantee that the system reacts within the real-time requirements. Examples of such systems include airbags, emergency breaks, avionics, and also multi-media systems like video playback and QoS in web servers. The course teaches how to plan real-time systems, in theory, using established mathematical proofs and how to implement them in practice by using the most common scheduling methods. We also learn and how to program the system in the C language using the FreeRTOS real-time kernel. Finally, we have a look at the future of real-time systems namely multi-core real-time systems! This course focus on the learn-by-doing approach with many examples and real-world programming assignments. We have 5 modules, each with a gentle graded quiz in the end and one peer-reviewed programming assignment. In case you have no experience with C programming, please check you a practical course like: The course is actually quite fun! -Simon Holmbacka / Åbo Akademi University Check out our whole curriculum:

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2021년 2월 18일

That course is really helpful for intermediate embedded systems students who already know about microcontrollers but wants to take his skills to the next level. I really recommend such a course!


2017년 7월 11일

Real-Time systems are very demanded nowadays. Excellent course to review some aspects in this field or to learn everything from the beginning.

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Development of Real-Time Systems의 111개 리뷰 중 101~111

교육 기관: Harshita T

2018년 10월 28일

Too goooood!!

교육 기관: sumanasvi

2021년 4월 30일


교육 기관: esha p

2019년 3월 25일


교육 기관: Mohammed E

2021년 8월 5일

Very useful information but it was difficult to follow at times. Simple things like the use of pointers/markers on the slides while lecturing could have gone a long way.

The material and the way of teaching also was too dry. The language used was far from 'easy to understand' and doesn't deliver the information easily.

교육 기관: Dale M

2016년 11월 7일

Very useful course with good information. Current iteration is a little rough as an online course, could use a little thought into the peer-review process works specifically around how to distribute the code.

교육 기관: Ricardo C

2016년 11월 6일

The contents of the course are interesting, but it feels too short, and the assignments trend to let you down (the scoring system is sometimes a bit brainless)

교육 기관: Bill L

2017년 10월 9일

Assignments are quite vague in instructions and more in depth coverage on RTOS application in assignments would be more helpful.

교육 기관: Aditya M

2017년 10월 19일

No guidance for a FreeRtos and this makes programming assignment too tough for a newbie

교육 기관: Momen M

2017년 6월 15일

Good structure but poor contents.

교육 기관: Guillermo H M

2018년 3월 22일

The assignments are quite poor. They need to improve that.

교육 기관: Jean A

2016년 10월 25일

This course assumes that you are familiar with freeRTOS.