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In this course you will learn how to evaluate recommender systems. You will gain familiarity with several families of metrics, including ones to measure prediction accuracy, rank accuracy, decision-support, and other factors such as diversity, product coverage, and serendipity. You will learn how different metrics relate to different user goals and business goals. You will also learn how to rigorously conduct offline evaluations (i.e., how to prepare and sample data, and how to aggregate results). And you will learn about online (experimental) evaluation. At the completion of this course you will have the tools you need to compare different recommender system alternatives for a wide variety of uses....

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2019년 12월 13일

Wonderful course provide realtime examples of the pros and cons of each approach and metric, very useful and enjoyable


2017년 7월 18일

wonderful!!! They teach a lot what I did not expect!

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Recommender Systems: Evaluation and Metrics의 30개 리뷰 중 26~30

교육 기관: llraphael

2018년 6월 16일

The computer assignment is lack of explanation.

교육 기관: LU W

2018년 8월 23일

Confused about some metrics.

교육 기관: Maxwell's D

2018년 1월 15일

In addition to the normal number of small errors here and there, the course has too many big errors in the honors track assignments, and no help in the forums. The course appears abandoned.

The videos don't appear to be completely edited, with places where the lecturer says "rewind, I'll start over" or "edit this part out." Also one lecturer in particular will stop mid-sentence as if he has lost the thread of what he was saying, and then finish the sentence with a non-sequitur.

I'm sure they understand the material, but the execution of the presentation is very rough, too rough to continue. I'm bailing out of the specialization after passing 3 courses 100% with honors.

교육 기관: Daniel P

2017년 12월 23일

The content is good, interesting but too short for 4 weeks course. Too little new information. The honor assignment was so far the worse. The documentation contain a lot of errors, the description was incomplete.

교육 기관: Siwei Y

2017년 7월 3일

这么点内容撑起四周的课程。我不知道课程组织者是怎么想的。Honor assigment 的说明里充斥着巨量的错误。 怀疑其内容没有更新, 依旧是那个旧版本。

Content is not enough for a 4-week course.

Honor assignment need to be updated. There are too many errors in the instruction .