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Finding and hiring the right people is often cited as the number one concern of businesses today. It seems we are all competing for the best and brightest workers. As you will see in our time together in the second course, a critical component of the People Manager Value Proposition is to hire talented people who enable the organization to achieve its strategic goals. This course is an introduction into the topic of recruitment, selection and onboarding. At the outset of the course we will explore the importance of linking recruitment goals with overall company strategy. We then look at a number of options to recruit and select employees both effectively and legally. Throughout the course we will examine current issues in talent acquisition, such as how companies are now leveraging social media and hiring analytics to ensure better quality hires. At the conclusion of the course, we look at how to onboard employees to promote employee commitment and engagement....

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2020년 11월 25일

Great course to learn the theoretical background of HR management through practical applications. I highly recommend this course. Thank you all for the immense support provided throughout the course.


2017년 9월 7일

It was amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed the entire bit of this course. Very interactive. Took a lot from this course. Very happy. Hoping to enroll for more courses in future. Thanks once again Coursera.

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Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees의 848개 리뷰 중 801~825

교육 기관: Masoud H A

2020년 3월 25일

I have liked the course, some of the videos, however, were not streamed well. There was, on some occasions, an abrupt ending or other sorts of interruptions in some of the videos. In the Recruiting and Hiring video sessions, At times, the teacher's voice was hardly heard when talking one to one, this was followed by a sudden volume upsurge once the lecture started. The contents, however, valuable and informative.

교육 기관: Gillian G

2016년 4월 29일

This course was a bit mediocre. The videos were often choppy, awkward, and cut off in the middle of sentences. The quiz questions were unclear and generally poorly written, and didn't make me think enough. I did enjoy the onboarding special topic section, and the quality was higher there. But the first 3 weeks need quite a bit of revision and fine-tuning.

교육 기관: Haris H

2020년 3월 28일

This course was a very basic level course, more so than I had expected. Also, the only perspective that was presented was that of the US employer. A more international inclusion would have been great and helpful. Also, there could have been more targeted reading material covering specifics like the types of interviews (behavioral. situational etc.)

교육 기관: Alessandra G

2017년 5월 4일

It was interesting, but sometimes confusing (i.e. I experienced more than one that questions posed would not find answers in the videos, or they were not well phrased).

The notes approach (hand writing on the tablet?) was not the best choice maybe, the other courses on the specialization were more schematic and clear.

교육 기관: Shawna H

2021년 10월 13일

The content was interesting and good... the execution of the course was problematic. Awkward edits and pauses, questions on the quiz that weren't accurate (and often unclear) in regards to the information presented. The formatting of some of the quizzes were problematic. The execution of the course was sloppy.

교육 기관: Jacqueline L

2022년 5월 24일

Good content overall and I enjoyed the 2nd lecturers presentation style and assignment. With the first lecturer, I felt like it was harder to appreciate what the important concepts were from her presentations and her quizes did not seem to reflect the content that was covered in the lectures.

교육 기관: Troy H

2021년 10월 27일

The course was filled with great basic material, it only lacked greater specifics regarding the topic. I also noticed that this course was possibly created in 2016. If this is correct, it would be rather engaging for a discussion with you to date emphasis where applicable

교육 기관: Maher A M

2019년 3월 30일

The course is great, gave me a great knowledge about the selecting process, but only onboarding part was kind of boring since i felt i am listening to radio and was not really engaged enough but still i have got very useful info.

교육 기관: Pedro C C

2019년 4월 29일

The quality of the videos and the sound is really not good. Comparing to the other courses in the series this one really puts the bar down. When the instructor starts the videos is basically impossible to hear her.


2020년 11월 22일

The first teacher didn't like very much. Some of her questions in the quizzes were not so important to make them countable. Her presentations were not so good.

The second teacher was ok.

교육 기관: Arinze-Oforka A C

2022년 5월 22일

please why am i still getting 60% in my graded after several attempt. I think there is a problem somewhere. Please help me rectify it so i can continue with my learning speed. clease

교육 기관: Avradip S

2016년 8월 9일

On later parts the videos are poorly edited and less interactive. In one place practice quiz has wrong answer marked as right. (Whether it's a situational question or behavioral).

교육 기관: SHERY T A

2016년 11월 22일

Good course.However the initial part ,that is recruiting hiring portion could have been conducted in a better manner.It felt as if the lecturer was reading out from a text book.

교육 기관: Rita A F C

2020년 4월 8일

It was good, particularly when it came to onboarding. However, the course is from 2016 so some examples, particularly when it comes to technology are a bit outdated.

교육 기관: ABHAY R

2020년 12월 20일

It was not as good as the first module. The presentation did not have the graphics as it was in the first course. However, the content of the course was amazing!

교육 기관: Nayeli H P

2016년 9월 26일

It is a good general overview about recruiting, but I would like more information about staff planning as well, how to forecast the workforce needs.

교육 기관: Ezza T K

2020년 2월 17일

It is a good course and gives a detailed view. But I feel it would be better if more practical examples are shared with scenarios

교육 기관: Sophia G

2022년 5월 15일

Please, a more size-bite lessons! Overall it was a fun course, very informative & the instructor was good! Thanks!

교육 기관: Jennifer H

2020년 3월 31일

Interesting course. However, have to say that the course content and presentation is slightly on the dry side....

교육 기관: iolanda m

2020년 3월 26일

Not very useful,

if you have two years on the job experience even in small retail company you don't need it.

교육 기관: Mário B

2021년 1월 25일

The knowledge behind and the teachers were very compreensive but the videos were badly edited and cropped.

교육 기관: Liujin Y

2020년 2월 19일

I really disliked this course, especially the way she teaches, suffering when I'm studying!!!!!!

교육 기관: Leo S

2019년 5월 9일

Production and audio/video quality is not as good as the first course in this specialization.

교육 기관: Tabita I

2019년 12월 2일

Not as good as I have expected, not as much information, a little superficial.