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Linear models, as their name implies, relates an outcome to a set of predictors of interest using linear assumptions. Regression models, a subset of linear models, are the most important statistical analysis tool in a data scientist’s toolkit. This course covers regression analysis, least squares and inference using regression models. Special cases of the regression model, ANOVA and ANCOVA will be covered as well. Analysis of residuals and variability will be investigated. The course will cover modern thinking on model selection and novel uses of regression models including scatterplot smoothing....

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2017년 12월 16일

Excellent course that is jam-packed with useful material! It is quite challenging and gives a thorough grounding in how to approach the process of selecting a linear regression model for a data set.


2019년 3월 10일

This module was the maximum. I learned how powerful the use of Regression Models techniques in Data Science analysis is. I thank Professor Brian Caffo for sharing his knowledge with us. Thank you!

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회귀 모델의 548개 리뷰 중 151~175

교육 기관: Sergio A

2017년 12월 31일

We learn some basic econometrics in this class and how to do basic regression mdels

교육 기관: Sandhya A

2018년 6월 2일

Learned a lot about various regression model, concept like fitting and overfitting

교육 기관: Christian H

2017년 8월 22일

Great course; practical introduction to regression models at the university level.

교육 기관: Roberto D

2017년 6월 21일

Concepts explained and illustrated very well to understand how variables differ.

교육 기관: Harris P

2016년 12월 19일

Was tough but thoroughly had fun completing it. Its a cleverly designed course.

교육 기관: Erich F G

2018년 3월 20일

Challenging course. Brought back memories of graduate school in the early 90s

교육 기관: Carlos A C Z

2018년 1월 15일

This was a good course. I learn a lot making the final Project of the course

교육 기관: Raunak S

2018년 11월 10일

a very good course before digging deeper into Data Science advanced topics.

교육 기관: Zhiming

2017년 9월 26일

This course is not as tough as the statistics class. Easier to understand.


2017년 9월 10일

Very good for anyone wanting to get into the field of Data Science using R

교육 기관: Vitalii S

2017년 7월 20일

I liked this course, but I would like that last task be more complicated.

교육 기관: Joe B

2016년 1월 30일

Great course with a thorough introduction to regression and linear model.

교육 기관: Jay S

2016년 7월 29일

Very informative and detailed explanation of how regression model works!

교육 기관: Mayank C

2016년 2월 25일

Very comprehensive course for developing the basics of regression models

교육 기관: Mateo C T

2021년 2월 11일

Excellent course, gives the necessary inputs to start in this matter.

교육 기관: Shubham S Y

2017년 6월 26일

Good for clearing out your basic Regression doubts and that too in R!

교육 기관: Kyle H

2018년 4월 2일

A great, quick treatment of the major touch points of linear models.

교육 기관: N S N

2018년 1월 2일

Very Exciting Journey of learning and thoroughly enjoyed the course.

교육 기관: Sabawoon S

2017년 9월 12일

Excellent course, it could be improved with more practical examples.

교육 기관: Rodrigo P

2017년 8월 3일

Very interesting topics and discussions, but not easy to understand.

교육 기관: Bojan B

2018년 10월 14일

Great course with great materials. Easy to understand and to learn.

교육 기관: 陈颐欢

2018년 6월 29일

Basic idea about regression , it's very useful for beginner like me

교육 기관: Wesley E

2016년 2월 15일

Great introduction and plenty of resources for more in depth study.

교육 기관: Ayushmaan D V

2020년 8월 4일

This course serves as a great introduction to regression modelling

교육 기관: Amanyiraho R

2020년 1월 13일

Gives you the best understanding of the roots of regression models