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Welcome to the course where you learn to launch a new business in the energy, finance, real estate, design, engineering, or environmental sectors, while also helping you create positive environmental and human health impacts around the world. We will integrate tools, trends, and tips from the field of entrepreneurship as a career path for making a difference and generating wealth in the renewable energy and green building sectors. This is not a course about theory. Instead, we focus on real world application, step-by-step advice, and case studies. After completing this course, students will be able to: - Define key business opportunities, challenges, and potential solutions in the renewable energy and green building sectors. - Analyze a successful business in renewable energy or green building. - Identify 2 to 3 problems you might solve with either renewable energy or green building products or services. - Plan for engaging with investors who might finance a new business. - Take real world first steps towards launching a new business or corporate initiative, by applying the 1-page business idea summary template and the Business Model Canvas to generating and refining your own new business ideas....

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2020년 12월 5일

Pretty high level and focus mostly on entrepreneurship rather than renewable energy as a topic, but a good place to start if you want to be an entrepreneur in this space and don't know where to start!


2021년 9월 23일

I would really recommend this course for budding Civil Engineers as it will create more awareness about Green Building and Renewable energy. We got to see more sustainable structures in the future

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교육 기관: Karandip S

2018년 2월 1일

The course gave me an overview of the opportunity in Renewable Energy and Green Building as well as inspired me to start up my own enterprise.

The videos are highly informative and makes learning very easy. The readings and other resources offered compliment the lesson and the learning.

I am really happy to have taken this course and completed it.

교육 기관: Ahmad A

2020년 1월 13일

Nice course for me to get knowledge about green building, this course will help you to get information about /Renewable Energy, Green building, Creating new idea/, also It will give you more examples for each part,those example will help you to understand more about each topic, and start thinking to create your ideas .

by the end of each video there is key conclusion and questions for you .

if you are interesting to learn about Energy and Green building, please go to this course .

All the best

교육 기관: Neev D

2020년 4월 24일

Phenomenal experience. Loved the entire thing, this course really helped me find my foundation and will to pursue environmentally friendly business and realize all the problems that have yet to be solved.

교육 기관: Anne W

2020년 8월 16일

Easy to follow - valuable resources and interesting reading material. As the title of the course suggests, the emphasis is on researching the renewable and green building industry, and instruction on developing your own business plan in that field. Some of the links to the reading materials were 3 years old, but it is easy to find the updated versions if you are inclined. Chris Wedding is an enthusiastic and passionate advocate for this topic and his video presentations are well paced, easy to follow and packed with good info.

교육 기관: Niklas T

2017년 8월 5일

I like the easy way of the instructor to approach the taught themes. Very interesting and important theme for the future of our world. The readings are sometimes a lil too long.

교육 기관: Blessing A

2019년 1월 21일

A very Interesting and Insightful engagement. Kudos to the lecturer.

교육 기관: Dvr M

2020년 7월 16일

This course has really helped me to rejuvenate myself, and discover the lucrative deals and the sanguinity that Renewable and Green Building Entrepreneurship can offer, erstwhile exploring the roots and problem-solving capabilities of entrepreneurship and the credence of success, all in all, backed up by Dr. Chris Wedding's aesthetic approach towards building a business from scratch. I really enjoyed this course and I wish you all the best of wishes for your future endeavours

교육 기관: Brook K

2019년 5월 9일

Excellent course content and lecturer. I've taken number of online courses, and this is one of the better ones on entrepreneurship. Chris strikes a strikes a greta balance between proving enough information to garner insight on each topic, without overwhelming the learner, providing a fantastic introduction to the topic and sector. I'd happily recommend the course to anyone who's considering starting their own business or wanting to launch an idea.

교육 기관: Niyati n

2017년 10월 27일

This is a 1st class course. It coerces us to take action. It makes us find out more about the business idea in our minds and forces us to put it on paper. The quizzes can be made a bit tougher but they manage to drive many points home - like what problems entrepreneurs should try to solve and why businesses are focusing on renewable energy. Also, the instructor should be appreciated for the course material which is precise & nicely arranged.

교육 기관: Fazla Z A

2020년 7월 26일

This has been the best and most helpful course for me on the Coursera platform. Our professor Chris Wedding has taught a lot of small details and key points about the Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship industry. The honors peer review assignments have been very dynamic, educative and informative to build business ideas in these two green business fields. Overall it is a recommendable and top notch course to attend.

교육 기관: Aleksandr S

2020년 9월 6일

Many thanks for this amazing journey to Professor Wedding and Duke University as well as to all those to have taken part in preparation of yhis course! For any urban developer, entrepreneur, ecologist and others this course is going to be useful and interesting, giving the new floors for thinking, opening new perspectives and prospects. Also it is necessary to mention the quality of lectures, which really inspire.

교육 기관: Burcu I

2020년 8월 15일

It is a good course to be able to gain insights into the entrepreneurship and renewable energy. I liked so much videos and reading materials about renewable energy and green building and I could complete the course quickly. But I thought that it would be more emphasis on renewable energy instead of entrepreneurship. The course still did not waste any time, listening the lecturer was enjoyable. Thank you coursera!

교육 기관: Rahid A

2020년 4월 17일

Gained some information but not exactly the things you need for actually starting a business. it was trying to educate more on what renewable energy/green building is rather than how to start a renewable energy/green building company. though the course could be more precise and go into different models and how to start them. but for the price I paid, cant really complain.

교육 기관: Muhammad A K

2020년 7월 9일

I'm honored to have been bestowed with a certificate in Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship from Duke University. The course provided a thorough understanding of why Renewable Energy is crucial for the control of climate change and how people can it can also be transformed into an Entrepreneurial venture.

교육 기관: Yash M

2020년 6월 11일

The course is the perfect blend between understanding the concepts of Green Building along with the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The content is amazing the reading material provided by the professor is excellent and helpful. I would recommend this course to everyone who has inclination towards entrepreneurship.

교육 기관: Tofopefun N O

2020년 4월 6일

This courses opened my eyes to Entrepreneurship opportunities in Renewable Energy. I always wanted to create a business for myself in this field. This course opened my eyes and built a very strong foundation for me as an entrepreneur.

교육 기관: Greg Z

2020년 12월 5일

Pretty high level and focus mostly on entrepreneurship rather than renewable energy as a topic, but a good place to start if you want to be an entrepreneur in this space and don't know where to start!

교육 기관: decibel R

2021년 9월 24일

I would really recommend this course for budding Civil Engineers as it will create more awareness about Green Building and Renewable energy. We got to see more sustainable structures in the future

교육 기관: Bhuvaneshwaran B

2020년 4월 4일

This course is very helpful for all the beginners and gained a huge amount knowledge which was not thought any where. By this course we can make use of renewable energy in day to day life.

교육 기관: Nandan V

2020년 7월 17일

This course taught me many things like Concept and Opportunities available in the field of Green Building Entrepreneurship . How can we turn these opportunities into a business . It also taught me how important Renewable energy will play a role in the upcoming future . I got so many new ideas from which I can apply these ideas and concepts at various village areas in my country. It also taught me how to setup business and what things to put into consideration while setting up a team and business . I am grateful to the course coordinator Chris Wedding for teaching me this course which makes me realize about opportunities that are near me and are coming soon in nearby future .

교육 기관: Lorenza F

2019년 8월 3일

Good overview on the topic of Green Building and Renewable Energy. Very well structured lessons, especially the part regarding the Entrepreneurship. However, I would have liked to have more information on possibilities in biomasses and bioproducts, here renewable energy only covered wind and solar power, so it was not very exhaustive.

교육 기관: Gen o E

2020년 4월 26일

I didn't think there was enough content on Renewable Energy. Pretty disappointing

교육 기관: Carlos M

2020년 4월 22일

Many links are broken. Source citations not available for all the data presented.

교육 기관: Philip H

2020년 7월 29일

Is this a course on sustainable energy or simple self-promotion? I don't need someone to tell that I can be an 'intrapreneur-' I came in wanting to know how to sell renewable energy and the technology behind it.

교육 기관: Salman A

2020년 8월 5일

This particular course really affected in terms of successful entrepreneurs in the field of energy or any other field other than energy and green buildings. It established me a little insight of startups, companies, and of a corporate initiative. I must say that a particular course would definitely give an upper hand to someone who is looking to be a man in the field of energy transitioning. tools like business canvas and how to pitch the business opportunity were useful for me.