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This course covers techniques for monitoring your projects in order to align client needs, project plans, and software production. It focuses on metrics and reviews to track and improve project progress and software quality....

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2020년 6월 2일

Does let you know practices that help in making the right product that is managed right and done right, with retrospective techniques that can be implemented after the project is completed.


2020년 5월 5일

In this course, I lean a lot of things based on review and metrics for software, such as sprint iteration, project iteration, daily scrum, project perspective, and many more.

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교육 기관: Bobby S

2020년 5월 17일

I think the lesson about Project Retrospective is too "theoretical" instead of applicable. I don't known n the real world industry outside my country (Indonesia), I have been in few companies and discussing about project retrospective with my colleague in the same fields, this is quite "awkward" to be done.

And I think you should also include more examples of business metrics that widely used for software product like CVR (conversion rate), TPV (total purchase volume), Chunk Rate, etc

교육 기관: Oleksandr K

2018년 4월 25일

I feel the information given in this course would have been better served in parts of other courses. Comparing to other courses in this specialization, this one felt very dull and not useful on its own.

교육 기관: Karin K

2021년 7월 30일

It felt like less effort was put into this course when comparing to courses 1-4. Sound quality was not consistent

교육 기관: Han Y W

2016년 3월 20일

Should include recent material. A reference book from 2001 is very out of date, especially in the software world.

교육 기관: Abdullah S

2020년 6월 20일

Needs improvement. All previous courses are excellent. Not this one, however.

교육 기관: Hugo A C G d S A

2017년 2월 25일

There was some nice content, but not practical enoough

교육 기관: Hussein H

2016년 3월 7일

More assignments would help reinforce learning

교육 기관: Medhat M

2018년 8월 14일

Too boring course...

교육 기관: Mostafa I

2018년 3월 27일

ambiguity language

교육 기관: alex b

2021년 3월 13일

Interesting at times, but the course content itself had some issues in terms of presentation, particularly with the way questions were asked about visualizations but the image couldn't be viewed while answering the question. Would have been nice to see some other tools e.g. "burn-up charts" as well.

교육 기관: Alberto C

2018년 8월 27일

A course rich of concepts but slightly too flat compared to the previous courses. I found it difficult to remember so many notions without actual exercises except the final quizzes

교육 기관: Mylène R

2016년 3월 2일

Way too shallow and way too english :(

교육 기관: Mathieu

2018년 4월 4일

Repetitive and too basic

교육 기관: Dionysia A

2019년 5월 19일

It's a boring lesson, only for beginners. You don't learn something new if you have been working at least 1 year in product management.