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This course is an introduction to the notion of risk, its relation to return, and the valuation of projects and companies. This is a capstone course to help you value projects and companies by applying your understanding of time value of money (TVM) and cash flows developed in the first three courses of this specialization. This course is part of a specialization titled “Foundational Finance for Strategic Decision Making” and is helpful if you are interested in applying to an MBA degree program or learning the foundations of finance to be more effective in your career. The pedagogy of the course is applied and problem-based with assignments covering every part of the course that each contain multiple problems that, by design, are introductory and simpler than the more real-world applications you will confront in the real world and more advanced courses. The assignments are all designed by the faculty lead and machine graded....
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교육 기관: ARVIND K S

Apr 25, 2019

Loved the way in which key concepts regarding risk statistics and decision-making were taught. I gained a lot even though I've got a background in finance.. Concepts were taught lucidly making them firmly etched in my mind. Thanks a lot!