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This course will survey the music of the Rolling Stones, beginning with the roots and first formation of the band in the early 1960s, and following the group through the release of It's Only Rock 'n' Roll in late 1974....

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2021년 4월 6일

Brilliant!! Professor Covach is very knowledgable & enthusiastic. I’ve done four of his online music courses and thoroughly enjoyed every one. I’m 72 & live in the UK. Keep on rockin on!!


2017년 8월 9일

I have completed every last one of John Covach's courses and he has inspired my way of playing my own music and the way I hear new music. He is, by far, the best teacher on Coursera.

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The Music of the Rolling Stones, 1962-1974의 47개 리뷰 중 26~47

교육 기관: Luis C P D l R

2015년 8월 13일

Great curse! Good information for lovers of rock 'n roll and fans of the world's greatest rock band!

교육 기관: Anna F

2015년 8월 22일

Thank you for this course. The Rolling Stones is not very famous band in my country (Russia)

교육 기관: M W

2020년 12월 16일

Professor Covach is a inspiring instructor. I have taken three of his courses.

교육 기관: Scott Z

2021년 7월 23일

John rules and the course is a slew of information for any true Stones fan.

교육 기관: gerardo d m n

2016년 1월 12일

Gran curso, aprendí mucho de la historia de los Rolling

교육 기관: John C

2019년 10월 20일

Very informative and entertaining. Love these courses.

교육 기관: Alex M

2020년 8월 17일

Great instructor and very well presented information.

교육 기관: Cuauhtémoc C E

2019년 4월 25일

a very complete study of the Rolpimg Stones case.

교육 기관: John R P

2017년 11월 22일

Great and challenging course. thnk you, Professor

교육 기관: David M

2016년 4월 24일

Excellent teacher very expert in the matter

교육 기관: Debra J

2015년 9월 1일

I learned so much! Excellent professor!

교육 기관: James S

2020년 5월 31일

Just awesome---rock-n-roll

교육 기관: Juan C A E

2020년 11월 30일

Great! Excellent teacher.

교육 기관: enrique b r

2017년 7월 16일

It was a great course!

교육 기관: António M d S A

2017년 1월 26일

Thank you very much.

교육 기관: JOHN Q

2016년 2월 6일

interesting and fun

교육 기관: Richard A R

2017년 3월 30일

Good Course!

교육 기관: Nick d U

2015년 9월 30일

Lots of fun.

교육 기관: mansi g

2018년 10월 1일

its easy

교육 기관: Deleted A

2017년 9월 23일

Great intro to a music powerhouse of the 20th century, which provides further opportunities for research after the course's conclusion. Simultaneously musicological and historical, which is nice. Those looking for a social/cultural class will find some relevance, but it mostly examines the growth of the band as a musical entity, taking into account some of the current society's influence and noting the Band's role in anti-establishment attitudes, but not really delving into the larger reaction (try History of Rock 1 and 2 if you have the chance)! Dr. Covach is a perfect instructor for this course.

A good parallel/companion study for the other course from the same institution/professor, Music of the Beatles, but in that light, a tad more complex to follow along--although I've gotten into the swing of things, note taking (following the lectures) is much more consonant in the Beatles class and initially hectic here, so just between the two is my tiny complaint.

Also, a fairly challenging course to fit in to a regular school schedule (odd but true for me at least) the lectures are about an hour to an hour and thirty minutes, I usually take time out to search & listen to excerpts of the songs on spotify which probably takes maybe thirty minutes to an hour depending on how many releases are talked about in lecture and how many of those are covers (which adds searching for original versions)--and with the special features, it's a solid three-credit-hour class, despite its half-term length. Definitely for anyone (fans and newbies alike) to take, but be ready!

교육 기관: Stacie M S

2015년 9월 27일

There is a glitch in the week 2 quiz but otherwise I am very much enjoying the course.

교육 기관: Colm F

2016년 12월 20일

Great delivery!