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Roman Architecture is a course for people who love to travel and want to discover the power of architecture to shape politics, society, and culture....

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2020년 7월 1일

Professor Kleiner has been an amazing guide. There is nothing that she dint teach us with all her heart. She had put in extra efforts in shaping this course very well.. Glad to be your student.


2020년 6월 2일

An engaging and very interesting course, great for learners or people familiar with Roman architecture. Presented very clearly and in an easy way to understand. I highly recommend this course.

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Roman Architecture의 185개 리뷰 중 76~100

교육 기관: Camila V

2020년 6월 1일

It was a very great experience, I decited to take the course to make the lock down more fun, It was more than I expected, I'm an architect and I feel I've learned much more than I saw in university. Thanks!

교육 기관: Andrew M

2019년 4월 24일

Very good information about ancient Rome and the architecture. There were things I've learned that I didn't know before, and I lived in Rome , for one semester, while studying for a degree in Architecture.

교육 기관: Ruby s a

2020년 8월 18일

I want to start thanking the teacher for her clasess whith deep and enriching content. It has been very gratifying to participate in this course. I hope to continue learning about architecture.

교육 기관: PIETRO D S

2021년 1월 5일

Il corso è uno stato davvero interessante, favorevole, fantastico, strano e strano. Mi ha lasciato tantissime informazioni in ambito sull'architettura romana che rispetto a prima non sapevo

교육 기관: Victoria D L

2017년 4월 17일

Excelente Curso!! El contenido y la forma de explicar de la maestra Diana lo hace más interesante. Excelente profesora, me transmite ese amor por Roma y sobretodo por ir a visitar Pompeya.

교육 기관: alicia g

2020년 11월 22일

Excellent course, it is entertaining, it is very interesting, there were things that I really did not know and now I am fascinated with the whole historical architectural process of Rome

교육 기관: Gloria C A d O

2017년 11월 3일

The course is wonderful! Professor Kleiner can take us on a journey into the past and teach beautifully about the fascinating history of Roman Architecture. I recommend it to everyone!

교육 기관: Sebastian N A

2020년 6월 5일

Un curso increíble con el contenido muy completo y fácil de entender por el gran ingenio y sabiduría de la profesora Diana, además los trabajos y evaluaciones son bastante claros.

교육 기관: Juan C g V

2020년 6월 17일

Great course!!!!!!! loved teacher's Diana methodology for every class. She kept always the timeline just right to explain each building with its correspondent period. Love it.

교육 기관: Deleted A

2020년 12월 28일

me gusto mucho el curso uno aprende mucho la maestra se explica muy bien y es muy interesante todos los temas que menciona me encantooooo mucho mucho es muy buen cursoo

교육 기관: Kevin A J

2020년 9월 7일

Este curso me sirvio mucho, para poder seguir estudiando mi carrera y ver otro punto de vista de la arquitectura Romana. Gracias a la UNIVESIDAD de YALE, gracias COURSERA.

교육 기관: carlos a t

2020년 6월 15일

Curso entretenido, dinámico, ideal para comprender e interpretar la evolución de la Arquitectura Romana. Recomendado para quién desee aprovechar un viaje al mundo Romano.

교육 기관: pall t

2021년 12월 27일

excellent course, very thorough overview of Roman architecture and lots of history

I strongly recomment this course to everyone interested in architecture and History.

교육 기관: Prudence W

2021년 2월 4일

Absolutely one of the best courses I have taken! It provides such an opportunity to go on a virtual tour of Roman architecture during the year of the COVID pandemic.

교육 기관: Kajol M

2020년 9월 7일

a very good course if you're interested in history and theory of architecture. helps in understanding and appreciating the philosophies used in roman architecture!

교육 기관: Iryna D

2020년 5월 29일

This is fantastic course. Very interesting, a lot of information. It was great pleasure to participate in this course! Many thanks to professor Diana E.E. Kleiner

교육 기관: Juan A

2020년 5월 24일

This is an excellent lecture. But I would love the lecture more if the journey continued to Eastern Roman Empire's architecture instead of ending at Constantine

교육 기관: manulukas

2020년 10월 1일

es de lo mejor en arquitectura romana he estudiado. es entretenido, exhaustivo, preciso y muy entretenido. magnífico. explicado de una manera clara y amena.

교육 기관: Annisa M A

2021년 4월 3일

Thank you for the experience of this course, I learned so much about Roman Architecture, and I became interested in learning more about Roman Architecture.

교육 기관: Grażyna R

2022년 1월 28일

Bardzo ciekawy kurs prowadzony przez prof. Kleinera, który zainteresuje Cię tematem. Polecam wszystkim zainteresowanym kulturą i sztuką rzymską.

교육 기관: Francisco H

2020년 6월 4일


교육 기관: Kate S

2017년 12월 10일

Wonderful course! Great delivery of detailed information with personal travel tidbits. Good preparation for my first trip to Rome!

교육 기관: DIANA L M

2021년 1월 19일

Un corso interessante, molto documentato, è soprattutto ben introdotto, e fondamentale per il mio piano di studio universitario

교육 기관: Laura

2021년 3월 7일

Amazing instructor! She is an engaging presenter and delivers the information in such a way that I want to learn even more.

교육 기관: Jelena V

2020년 5월 31일

Excellent professor! Really enjoyed her lectures! The course is immaculately structured. Both educational and entertaining!