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In this course, we will explore MongoDB, a very popular NoSQL database and Web Services concepts and integrate them both with Ruby on Rails. MongoDB is a used to handle documents with a pre-defined schema which will give the developers an ability to store, process and use data using it’s rich API. The modules will go in-depth from installation to CRUD operations, aggregation, indexing, GridFS and various other topics where we continuously integrate MongoDB with RailsRuby. We will be covering the interface to MongoDB using the Mongo Ruby API and the Mongoid ORM framework (the MongoDB access counterpart to RDBMS/ActiveRecord within Rails). The last portion of the course will focus on Web Services with emphasis on REST, its architectural style and integration of Web Services with Rails. Core concepts of Web Services like request/response, filters, data representation (XML/JSON), web linking and best practices will covered in depth. This course is ideal for students and professionals who have some programming experience and a working knowledge of databases....

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Feb 17, 2016

This is definitely one of the best courses I have taken online.\n\nIf you are interested in learning Rub on Rials with MongoDB,\n\nstop reading this comment and sign-up.


Nov 22, 2016

Love this course. Helped me understand angular 1 concepts very well and with great explanations and coding examples. Keep it up and keep eating those cookies :)

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Ruby on Rails Web Services and Integration with MongoDB의 77개 리뷰 중 51~75

교육 기관: Kamal H

Nov 08, 2019

Great course, but the lectures could be more helpful, i.e. more detailed!

교육 기관: Qun X L

Jun 05, 2017

Good course, learn a lot. but a little hard for new comer for MongoDB

교육 기관: Humberto C

Jul 17, 2018

I think this course is more difficult than it's presented.

교육 기관: jiajun

Feb 20, 2016

This class is very demanding but fun to learn!

교육 기관: Vinay J

Aug 02, 2017

Very interesting course.

교육 기관: Elias O C

Feb 23, 2016

Muy buen contendio

교육 기관: Gennadiy R

Jan 31, 2016

Thank you!

교육 기관: Chris B

May 09, 2016

This course was a challenge. Mostly because some core requirements of the assignments were not explained in the lectures. I spent more time searching google for information than I did the lecture videos because A. the lecture videos are not named or indexed in such a way as to make it easy to figure out which video to rewatch and B. in many cases the particular thing I was trying to do wasn't covered at all. It may be the instructors teaching style to get you to research yourself but I could have done that without paying for the course.

교육 기관: Vadim D

Jun 17, 2016

Overall good course with a lot of examples. Though, some important steps seems to be missing, so could not follow along with all the demos. Had to spend some unpredictable amount of time digging into some questions (probably, it is fine, but the difference between 2 previous courses and this one in the program is vivid). I had a problem installing 'doorkeeper-mongodb' and it does not seem that this problem for a number of users. Good that it was not in the final project.

교육 기관: Carlos A R G

Apr 10, 2016

The course's assignments (3 so far) are not very well designed.

It takes me more time to search online and on the lecture's videos for information than to actually write and come to a solution. The lecture's videos show very little coding and they're more focused on explaining (redundantly) a key concept.

I believe it would be much more easier for other people taking this course later on if the videos were more code-oriented.


교육 기관: Joseph M M

Aug 09, 2016

Good course about NoSQL MongoDB. I learned a lot about the course but it would have been better if the instructor would have given some emphasis on programming with Unix machines like Macs. He used windows and in many cases I would run into problems like running Mongoid by including Gem files that he provided. I had to downgrade from rails 4 to 3 and then to 5, etc hitting StackOverflow every time to sort out technical issues.

교육 기관: Lucas d C O

Jul 10, 2017

This course is really great. Gives you a nice introduction on MongoDB and pushes you to the limit on how to write very powerful queries. A suggestion I would give though to make this course even better is by exploring even more about Mongoid(since this course is part of a Rails specialization). Also, the I think that the web services coverage is very poor and needs to be improved.

교육 기관: Nikola Đ

Mar 04, 2016

Not such a great course. Lectures don't cover what is needed in some assignments. Week 3 assignment was the hardest I ever took. Just plenty of work to be done and small amount of that work is going to stay with you. There is a lot of space to improve this course.

교육 기관: Alejandro E

Dec 16, 2017

I didn't find it helpful that all the code was simply given to us and we kind of had to figure out what it did. I prefer that we're walked through the creation process, that way I understand not only how the code works, but how to build it myself.

교육 기관: Alberto C

Oct 11, 2016

Very long assignment

교육 기관: Alexander T

Feb 12, 2016

An unexpectedly disappointing, and in fact, downright awful course. The lectures waste a good share of time as in places they barely scratch the surface of what is further required to be implemented in the assignments. The assignments themselves inherit the nice modular spec-test driven spirit of the first two classes. However, the instructions are mostly quite vague or even misleading, occasionally dropping some “hints”, which are often either not helpful, or just offer to copy-paste a quarter page of code. The tasks are very (and by “very" I mean EXTREMELY) long, tedious, boring to tears and to the point when you start to wonder if the authors are trolling the students. How about a 53 (yes, that is fifty three!) pages of assignment for the 3d week? To be fair, not all of this is the task statement, there is a lot of test code as well, but you know.. even one third of 53 is an impressive volume for a 4 weeks course (you get re-enrolled if you fail to be fair). Took me 44 hours of pure coding time (according to WakaTime) to finish the course. I have passed tens of courses on Coursera, and this one is by far the worst. That is taking into consideration that I would not rather call any other course (of those I have taken) “a bad one”. I suggest saving time and money by buying a book on Mongo and another one on Rails instead. I do believe though that the course is very green and certainly has to undergo some refinements and I will be happy to see future reviews shadow this one as obsolete.

교육 기관: Sean P G

Dec 31, 2019

I enjoy learning through Coursera as I tend to come away with a confident understanding of the coursework. That was not the case here, unfortunately.

1. I found the instruction to be discursive, and often coasting the surface

* Lots of topics brought up to be "discussed later." When that later discussion happens, there is no connective tissue binding it to previous examples.

* Balance between light instruction and heavy assignments is unexpected -- the README for Module 3 is 85 pages long!

* Obvious comparisons that could be made between MongoDB macros and ActiveRecord associations are left to die on the vine

* Examples are presented by pasting pre-written code chunks into the file or console, making it difficult to follow along when an error occurs locally

2. Dependency issues all but derailed my progress

* I spent too much time resolving dependencies. Gem versions that worked for me: Ruby 2.4.3, Rails 4.2.8, SQLite3 1.3.6. I also had some trouble with Bundler, which was resolved via 1.17.2. Note that Mongoid 5.0.0 did not work for Module 3 (which only tested successful via 5.4.0), whereas Module 4 would only test successfully when using 5.0.0.

* This issue also impacted rspec testing that governs assignments. In particular, a few tests in the final project would not pass in my local machine yet were accepted by the grader.

교육 기관: John P

Jul 08, 2017

This course made me lose interest in the Ruby specialization. The first two courses were great, but this one goes too far into the inner workings of MongoDB which is something I have no interest in. The first two weeks were fairly boring as they are all about MongoDB. In the third week you finally get to use a Ruby ORM for MongoDB as you would normally if you were only interested in the Ruby integration. The assignments are long, overly repetitive, and require no conscious thought; they are more along the lines of busy work. This course should have been integrated into one of the previous Ruby courses as its own week where you learn about the ORM.

교육 기관: Christiane H

Sep 12, 2016

The material was was too much for the estimated time given to spend on the course per week. The assignments are very lengthy and the grading doesn't always conform to what would be intuitive.

Some gems used in the course material are also old versions. There are entries in the db seed data that cause trouble, leading to intensive debugging and modification of given files that require a much more experienced programmer to figure out.

교육 기관: Scott B

Jan 03, 2017

I was excited to learn a bit about using document-based databases and JSON parsing and transport. However, for me the approach in this course was very dry and I found the material, goals, and teaching style to be a confusing jumble. It seemed like each section/module did not feel like a cohesive package, with each one building upon the last.

교육 기관: Mykhailo D

Apr 02, 2016

Good contents but a bit over-complicated assignments.

교육 기관: Serjey G I

Feb 17, 2016

Too raw.

교육 기관: Fareed K

Apr 06, 2016

I would give this course 0 stars if possible.

I am amazed that anyone rated this course better than 1 or 2 stars!

The lectures are not focused on the information that is necessary for the obnoxiously long and tedious assignments.

The assignments are poorly written and demand too much Ruby expertise for a course meant for Ruby novices. I spent over 15 hrs trying to complete week 2's assignment and still could not finish. I became so frustrated and actually angry at how difficult this course is designed I decided to quit. Coursera should not allow there to be courses that evoke such frustration and emotion. John Hopkins should be embarrassed that their name is associated with the pedagogical malpractice that is this specialization series.

Foolishly, I paid for the entire specialization up front and Coursera refuses to refund me for the remaining two courses. (which I have not even taken)

교육 기관: Ildar S

Jun 13, 2018

The Modules are too long, the application takes instead of 6 hours up to 20-30The instructions are not en ought clear, most of things must be googled or even looked how it's done by another students ex. Module 2, Photos, 5 contentType vs. content_typeSome tests are passed even if program written wrong ex. find_nearest_place_id max_meters, i have returned place[:id] instead of place[:_id] and test passed. and this error made a lot of problems in further testsFor Module 3 it's written that app will take 12 hours I even afraid to start it. It could take up to 1 month of work, if do it 2 hours each day. Take it to attention, please. Usually this activity is should not take such long type. Make a splitting with GridFS, and Indexes to 2 weeks

교육 기관: Georgios P

Feb 15, 2016

Unacceptable assignments length! The reason somebody would enroll to distance programme is due to personal high workload. It took me 2 weeks (not 6 hours as tutor mentions) to complete half of the second assignment and I am about to tell that I learnt nothing about MongoDB. The videos cover the very basics and in order somebody to complete the assignments needs searching in the internet. The videos must change to include more details about the presented topic.

I am about to drop out of the specialization only because the specific course.