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자막: 영어, 프랑스어

100% 온라인

지금 바로 시작해 나만의 일정에 따라 학습을 진행하세요.

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자막: 영어, 프랑스어

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Satellites at our service

This module provides an introduction to satellite communications. Why using satellites ? What sort of communication services ? How much does it cost ?

27 videos (Total 94 min), 4 readings, 8 quizzes
27개의 동영상
The conquest4m
The challenges2m
Going further: the Van Allen belt2m
The first steps3m
Communications capacity2m
Communications satellites today3m
Going further: communications capacity (the return)4m
Introduction & strengths of satellites3m
A variety of services10m
Going further: positioning in networks2m
Introduction & navigation5m
Going further: space exploration4m
Introduction & the market players6m
Economic elements8m
Nathalie Font - marketing2m
Remi Lapeyre - spacecraft operations2m
Common thread: Internet by satellite4m
4개의 읽기 자료
Let's start!10m
The course contents in the blink of an eye10m
Getting the most from diverse contents10m
Practicing with the LabVIEW(tm) educational programs10m
8개 연습문제
Warm up quiz6m
Practice quiz, PQ1-14m
Practice quiz, PQ1-24m
Practice quiz, PQ1-34m
Practice quiz, PQ1-46m
Practice quiz, PQ1-54m
Practice quiz, PQ1-66m
Weekly quiz, WQ120m
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Satellite and communications

This module describes the overall architecture of a satellite communications system, discusses the concept of orbit and what are the typical sub-systems of a satellite

21 videos (Total 92 min), 2 readings, 7 quizzes
21개의 동영상
Laws of a space communication system6m
Going further: managing multiple access by terminals5m
Various types of orbit3m
Relationship between orbit and service9m
Going further: Kepler lays down the law4m
The platform and its subsystems8m
Payload: antennas5m
Payload: repeater4m
Going further: repeater for mesh architecture2m
Patricia Iñigo Martinez - system engineering2m
Nicolas Jacquey - payload engineering1m
Common thread: Internet by satellite5m
2개의 읽기 자료
LabVIEW educational program: orbits10m
LabVIEW educational program: satellite position10m
7개 연습문제
Practice quiz, PQ2-16m
Practice quiz, PQ2-26m
Practice quiz, PQ2-36m
Practice quiz, PQ2-46m
Practice quiz, PQ2-56m
Practice quiz, PQ2-66m
Weekly quiz, WQ220m
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Digital communications

This module discusses the basics of information transmission

18 videos (Total 56 min), 4 readings, 4 quizzes
18개의 동영상
Bit rate / symbol rate2m
Concept of frequency1m
Bandwidth occupied by the signal3m
Bandwidth / rate relation3m
Carrier transmission2m
Free space propagation6m
Limited bandwidth3m
Mohamed Benseddik - regulatory affairs3m
Common thread: Internet by satellite6m
4개의 읽기 자료
Going further: signal digitization10m
Going further: signal shaping10m
LabVIEW educational program: simple signals10m
LabVIEW educational program: baseband modulation10m
4개 연습문제
Practice quiz, PQ3-14m
Practice quiz, PQ3-24m
Practice quiz, PQ3-34m
Weekly quiz, WQ320m
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Communication techniques

This module covers advanced transmission concepts such as modulation and coding. These operations are the core of a communications system impacting the service performance.

17 videos (Total 85 min), 4 readings, 6 quizzes
17개의 동영상
QAM modulation9m
PSK modulation5m
Bit error rate (BER)6m
Repetition Codes9m
Binary block codes4m
The coding gain2m
The impact of the code efficiency on the BER3m
Bouchra Benammar - research and development2m
Mathieu Dervin - research and development2m
Common thread: Internet by satellite8m
4개의 읽기 자료
Going further : I/Q demodulator10m
Going further : APSK modulations10m
LabVIEW educational program: DVB-S2 carrier modulation10m
LabVIEW educational program: signal amplification10m
6개 연습문제
Practice quiz, PQ4-16m
Practice quiz, PQ4-210m
Practice quizz, PQ4-34m
Practice quiz, PQ4-48m
Practice quiz, PQ4-54m
Weekly quiz, WQ420m
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Introduction to Satellite Communications의 최상위 리뷰

대학: NGMay 3rd 2017

It is an excellent course, very systematically presented. I am hard of hearing but thanks to the subtitles I managed to follow the course. Thank you for making this course available.

대학: SDJun 3rd 2017

Ultimate course ... it will help you to clear your basic level concept in satcom. Thanks to faculty of Institute Mines-Telecom . I am looking forward this course in english language.



Laurent Franck

IMT Atlantique, on leave to Airbus Defence & Space as of September 1st, 2017

Tarik Benaddi

Associate Professor
IMT Atlantique

Julien Fasson

Associate Professor

Nathalie Thomas

Associate professor

Marie-Laure Boucheret


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